17 End User Domain Name Sales

ccTLD owners, a bank and plastic company all make purchases at Sedo.

Sedo handled 674 domain name transactions last week for $1.2 million in sales. 56% of sales were buy-now prices, which is a bit higher than usual.

There were a number of good sales, including a handful of ccTLD owners that bought the matching .com domain name. A real estate investor who also invests in domain names was responsible for the top purchase of BuyMyHouse.com. Click to see the list…

Goldman Sachs and other end user domain name buys

A Goldman Sachs company was among those buying domain names at Sedo last week.

Sedo handled 675 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million. The top sale was TheRecRoom.com for $89,888. This was clearly an end user purchase, but the domain name’s whois record is protected by privacy.

As for the ones that appear with open whois records…Goldman Sachs bought one of the domain names for its AYCO company. Other buyers include a dog breeder, an RV seller, and a storage company. Click to see the list…

Froyo and sandwiches starting conversations about new TLDs at SXSW

Free food with a sales pitch.


Sedo’s Solomon Amoako (left) and Jeremiah Johnston enjoy some domain-filled frozen yogurt.

Spreading awareness of choice in top level domain names isn’t easy. One-on-one conversations might be the best way to explain what they are and why you might want one.

That’s the idea behind promotions by Sedo and Radix at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin.

Sedo set up a food truck in a downtown area with high foot traffic and is offering free frozen yogurt. People have to order toppings corresponding to a particular domain, such as .sexy sprinkles.

As of last night, this promotion has led to 2,000 conversations about top level domain options. Click here to continue reading…

18 End User Domain Name Sales

Wyndham Hotels, Business Insider and 23 and Me buy domain names.

Sedo handled 602 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.4 million in sales. Among the purchases were some typos and famous brands, but also companies buying up great generics for their industries.

Writer wanted: Joseph Peterson has been writing the end user sales lists for the past month, but the weekly expired domain reports alone are taking up enough of his time. I’m looking for a writer to handle this weekly post. The writer needs to be able to quickly scan data with an eye for end-user domain name sales, and must be able to create the post within 24-48 hours of receiving the data each week. WordPress experience is a plus but not required. Contact me at editor (at) domainnamewire dot com.

Enjoy.wales 795 EUR – UK digital marketing expert Craig Johnson bought this domain name, perhaps for a client.

ImageRights.co.uk 1,500 GBP – ImageRights International, a company that uncovers unlicensed use of photos. It uses the matching .com domain name. Click here to see more end user domain name sales…

Mega List: 67 end user domain name sales

Joseph Peterson tracks down 67 recent end user domain name sales.

During the previous week, Sedo’s network handled 581 domain transactions┬átotaling $1.4 million. Compared to last week, whose top 3 public sales at Sedo added up to $500k, a high of $14.5k seems pitifully small. But the total volume is up 56%.

This time, I tracked down end users for 67 domains. As usual, I’m mixing domains that just sold with others that closed earlier but just emerged from escrow. Click here to see the list!