16 End User Domain Name Sales

A look at 16 domain names sold on Sedo last week that were purchased by end users.

Sedo handled about a million dollars worth of domain name transactions last week with 499 domains. Many of the biggest sales — such as Frank Schilling’s $66,000 sale of newy.com — are still in the transfer process. At that price, it’s surely an end user purchase.

Still, there are some notable sales to report. A three letter .org domain sold for $7,500 and a dermatology company bought a domain matching one of its brands for £9,500.

Here’s a look at 16 domain names purchased by end users over the past week:

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Sedo makes improvements to Direct Auctions

Auctions will now trigger alerts to people who previously placed offers on the domain.

SedoSedo has made a couple improvements to to its Direct Auction service, a recent option that lets customers start an auction for their domain name whenever they’d like for a $59 fee.

One of the changes should be appealing to anyone who has received lots of previous offers on a domain name. If the domain name is placed in auction with the Direct Auction service, all people who have previously placed an offer on the domain name will receive a notice.

Also, the reserve price range will now be displayed on both the search results page and the auction page.

Sedo launched the Direct Auction service at the end of April and 150 auctions were purchased on the first day. As of early June, the top sale using a Direct Auction was $26,500 for 8255.com.

20 End User Domain Name Purchases

A custom tea machine maker, video game company and swimsuit seller buy domain names.

Sedo rebounded from the slow holiday week with good sales results, handling $1.5 million in domain name transactions. It made some good four figure sales to end users, including MyHappy.com, Smartel.com and Clone.org.

Here’s a look at 20 domain names purchased by end users over the past week:

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A Dozen end user domain name sales

Newell Rubbermaid among end user domain name buyers.

The holiday week slowed sales at Sedo, with the company handling 501 transactions for about $1 million last week.

I had difficulty finding the usual number of end user sales, but there are some goods ones in here. Newell Rubbermaid got a steal on KnifeSkills.com, a machinery company bought the .com to match its .us, and Orange County’s bus system got OCBus.com.

Here’s the list:

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Filament.com for $89,000 and 18 other end user domain name sales

Company buys Filament.com for new product line.

Sedo’s top public end user sale for the past week was Filament.com, which was purchased by a company changing its name and introducing a new product line called Filament Network.

The company had some other notable end user sales, including an IOT domain name purchased by a company that’s not an Internet of Things company. They paid a premium because IOT is now a popular acronym.

One sale that didn’t make the list, because I can’t confirm it’s an end user purchase: ButtBras.com for $899. Did you know this is a thing? OK, let’s get to the list:

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