150 Sedo Direct Auctions started on first day

Domain name owners jump on Sedo’s new Direct Auction option.

Apparently there’s quite a bit of demand to start an auction on the Sedo marketplace.

Sedo’s new Direct Auction, which lets anyone start a domain name auction, had 150 orders on launch day yesterday.

You can see many of the domains on Sedo’s Marketplace Auctions page. There’s no clear delineation between Direct auctions and others, but the scheduled auctions and some of the auctions with six days left include many owner-initiated auctions.

Now the challenge is for the added exposure and auction format to result in sales. Given the $59 listing fee, I suspect that quality and sell-through rates will be self-correcting. If people list poor quality domains that don’t sell, they’ll stop paying $59 to list their domains. Only better domains at better prices will be listed in the long run. I’m not sure how long that is, though.

This is an interesting new offering and I will keep a close eye on it.

24 End User Domain Name Sales

End user sales including a couple new TLDs.

Sedo handled 569 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million, a pretty solid week for the domain name marketplace.

A number of German companies bought domain names, sometimes finding shorter alternatives to their hyphenated domains. A popular golf equipment company picked up a descriptive domain for used golf clubs, a bath products company bought a creative domain, and the company behind Twix candy bars bought a brand-related domain. A couple new top level domain names were picked up by end users as well.

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Sedo now lets clients start their own domain name auctions

Domainers can start their own reserve auctions…for a fee.

Sedo is offering domain name sellers a new option to start an auction on its domain name marketplace.

Called Direct Auction, clients can now select domain names to be auctioned, when they start and a reserve price. It costs $59 to start a Direct Auction.

Previously, sellers could start an auction in response to an offer on their domain (aka “push to auction”) or by submitting it through Great Domains. They could also work with an account manager to auction some domains, but control was limited. Getting a domain name to Sedo’s auction page gives it a lot more exposure.

To start a Direct Auction, you click the “promote” link below the domain list in the account manager and then complete the auction information:

direct auction

Reserves must be $10,000 or less.

Marketplaces run the risk of a bunch of low quality auctions if they give too much control to users. Low quality auctions turn people off from reviewing listings, which hurts everyone. In this case, I think Sedo has smartly priced the service to avoid this problem. I’ll keep an eye on it.

15 end user domain name buyers including Univision

Univision buys a domain name and a lighting company pays big bucks for a co.uk domain.

Sedo handled 568 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million in sales. The company turned in some solid sales to end users, including Spanish-language broadcasting company Univision. The most impressive sale for the TLD was Lights.co.uk, which a German lighting company paid £25,000.

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20 End User Domain Name Sales

Here are 20 end user domain name sales that took place over the past week.

Sedo handled 593 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million in sales. End user buyers include a webhosting company that created a shorter domain with .ch, an air conditioning company in Arizona, and a bail bond seller.

A whopping 57% of domains that sold at Sedo last week had “buy now” prices.

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