for $89,000 and 18 other end user domain name sales

Company buys for new product line.

Sedo’s top public end user sale for the past week was, which was purchased by a company changing its name and introducing a new product line called Filament Network.

The company had some other notable end user sales, including an IOT domain name purchased by a company that’s not an Internet of Things company. They paid a premium because IOT is now a popular acronym.

One sale that didn’t make the list, because I can’t confirm it’s an end user purchase: for $899. Did you know this is a thing? OK, let’s get to the list:

Click here to see this week’s End User list…

Sedo responds about sale

Company explains why the customer ended up paying a marketplace commission rather than for escrow.

Earlier this week Sedo announced that it handled a $100,000 transaction for

It’s a big price for a domain under a new top level domain name. Both the buyer and seller are involved with advocacy for people with autism.

It was made more interesting by the seller’s allegation that Sedo steered him to a full transaction at a 15% commission rather than just an escrow at 3%. You can read about the seller’s concerns here.

Sedo looked into the matter. Luckily for the company, it seems that the initial communications between the seller and Sedo were over the company’s chat tool. Here’s what Sedo says: Click here to continue reading…

End user domain name sales including a new TLD for $100k

$100,000 domain name sale rocks domain investing world.

The number of domain names on my weekly Sedo End User sales lists are not always proportional to the number of domain names that sold in the week, nor proportional to the number of end user sales. Some weeks have a lot of domains likely sold to end users that are still in escrow. Other weeks, it’s hard to connect the dots directly between the buyer and the domain.

This week is a case in point. Sedo handled 545 transactions, which is in line with previous weeks. But I wasn’t able to uncover as many end user sales in my scan.

Still, this past week had a huge .rocks new domain sale and big names like AMC. Let’s take a look… Click here to continue reading…

Another sign of the three letter .com domain name boom…

Sedo Great Domains mailer shows only three letter .com domain names.

DNJournal’s sales charts have been dominated by three letter domain names lately. The domain names are hot, and they’re very liquid. As an owner of a three letter .com, I get up to a half dozen emails on some days asking if it’s for sale. People have resorted to including a price in the subject line (most recently hitting $35,000).

Domain marketplaces are trying to capitalize on this as well, and this ensures that DNJournal’s sales charts will continue to have three letter domain sales on them in the future.

I just received an email from Sedo announcing the start of this month’s GreatDomains auction. Take a look at the highlighted domain names: Click here to continue reading…

Monsanto buys domain name for a new brand (and other end user purchases)

Monsanto buys a new brand name .com and a handful of new TLDs are snapped up by end users.

Monsanto recently applied for a trademark on Trecepta, and this past week it bought the matching .com domain name for just $850. Even more peculiar, the domain name was registered last month. Did someone spot the trademark application and register the domain name? Was there some sort of threat that limited the purchase price to $850?

The Monsanto purchase was just one of many end user sales at Sedo, which turned in an unusually high $2.2 million sales number. Its volume was similar to previous week’s, so there are likely one or two big undisclosed sales this week. A number of new TLDs, including .bike, .lighting, .guru and .club, made the list.

Here are some of the end user domain name sales I identified: Click here to continue reading…