16 end user domain name sales

A debt management company, fabric seller and modeling company bought domain names last week.

Sedo handled $1.3 million of domain name transactions last week, and the .TV domain name Astrology.tv led the way at $25,000 for public sales. That domain name is protected by whois privacy and currently lands on a GoDaddy placeholder page, so we’ll have to wait to see who the buyer is.

Below are 16 end user domain name sales at Sedo from the past week that were purchased by end users. Click here to see this week’s End User list…

Qualcomm, Express and other End User Domain Name Buyers

Qualcomm and Express among end user domain name buyers last week.

The top sale on Sedo’s weekly transaction list for the past week was Same.com, which I wrote about here.

Although that sale dwarfed the other public sales, some big companies were buyers. Qualcomm, Express and Choice hotels all made purchases. Also take a look at the €7,949 price paid for a hyphenated new top level domain name!

Here’s a look at end user domain name sales at Sedo from the past week: Click here to continue reading…

20 End User Domain Name Sales

Startups, real estate agents and others buy domain name at Sedo.

One thing that’s interesting about watching the domain name aftermarket is seeing sales for startups that haven’t launched yet. Consider this week’s sale of LegalRobot.com to Agnito Labs, a company that hasn’t revealed its plans yet (at least not on its website). The company says it’s building products “that apply machine intelligence to real-world problems”. Presumably, one of those problems is law.

In addition to this purchase, two separate buyers purchased Houston real estate domain names, a conglomerate paid a nice sum for its name in .biz and a music label shortened its domain name.

Here’s a look at end user domain name sales at Sedo from the past week: Click here to continue reading…

150 Sedo Direct Auctions started on first day

Domain name owners jump on Sedo’s new Direct Auction option.

Apparently there’s quite a bit of demand to start an auction on the Sedo marketplace.

Sedo’s new Direct Auction, which lets anyone start a domain name auction, had 150 orders on launch day yesterday.

You can see many of the domains on Sedo’s Marketplace Auctions page. There’s no clear delineation between Direct auctions and others, but the scheduled auctions and some of the auctions with six days left include many owner-initiated auctions.

Now the challenge is for the added exposure and auction format to result in sales. Given the $59 listing fee, I suspect that quality and sell-through rates will be self-correcting. If people list poor quality domains that don’t sell, they’ll stop paying $59 to list their domains. Only better domains at better prices will be listed in the long run. I’m not sure how long that is, though.

This is an interesting new offering and I will keep a close eye on it.

24 End User Domain Name Sales

End user sales including a couple new TLDs.

Sedo handled 569 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million, a pretty solid week for the domain name marketplace.

A number of German companies bought domain names, sometimes finding shorter alternatives to their hyphenated domains. A popular golf equipment company picked up a descriptive domain for used golf clubs, a bath products company bought a creative domain, and the company behind Twix candy bars bought a brand-related domain. A couple new top level domain names were picked up by end users as well.

Here’s a look at end user domain name sales at Sedo from the past week: Click here to continue reading…