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  • Bitcoin company among end user buyers at Sedo last week

    1. BY - Apr 18, 2014
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    A bitcoin company bought a domain at Sedo last week.

    Sedo had a solid sales week last week with $1.3 million worth of sales. Here are ten that were purchased by end users. You can view previous end user sales lists here. $10,000 – BitCoin Nordi, a bitcoin seller. $1,900 – FootballAddicts AB, creator of Forza Football app with soccer scores and highlights. $800 – the owner of, a presentation design service. $2,000 – Fashion company STYLIGHT GmbH, owner of the matching .com. $5,000 – Adventist Media Network $3,140 – Auction Nation. I imagine the domain stands for ‘Real Estate Nation’. $13,000 – Shoe company Greats, which has been using $3,995 – Optimal Medicine Ltd in London $777 – Rockville Bank in South Windsor, Connecticut, which is merging with United. $1,495 – Coxco general contractors in Garland, Texas.

  • 18 end user domain name sales

    1. BY - Apr 16, 2014
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    3D printing company among end user domain name buyers last week.

    Afternic and GoDaddy combined to sell over $2 million worth of domain names last week. Here are some that were sold to end users.

    You can view previous end user sales lists here. $14,000 – BinMadi Watches. As best I can tell this is the name/brand of a watch. $11,000 – a CSC client, most likely a law firm. $2,000 – Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited in Hyderabad, India. It uses $6,000 – 3D printing company 3D Systems. $1,288 – Plastics industry trade association Society of the Plastics Industry $2,850 – Heritage Wealth Management Group, Ltd. in Norfolk, Virginia. $1,877 – Security company Kastle Systems. $1,500 – James Wreck, the Hot Sauce Boss outside of Houston. $3,388 – Home Solutions Property Management Inc. in Fort Lauderdale. $1,488 – Creekside Cancer Care LLC in Lafayette, Colorado. $1,500 – IT services company Sterling Rose, which has been using $1,000 – iTMethods Inc. in Toronto. $1,149 – Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana $4,000 – Roman and Williams, an interior design and building firm. $1,300 – Cong ty Co phan Vietcorp, which owns the matching .VN domain name. $1,000 – New York ad firm Bunker. $1,750 – The Mutual Fund Store $1,000 – Wet Okole, manufacturer of seat covers.

  • Sedo hacked over the weekend

    1. BY - Apr 14, 2014
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    Intrusion resulted in confirmation emails sent to a “small number” of customers.

    SedoSedo was compromised over the weekend due to a security hole.

    This resulted in a number of registered Sedo users, including myself, receiving an email asking them to confirm their account. The confirmation email started:

    Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for becoming a Sedo member!

    In order to submit your offer for you must first verify that the email you provided is a valid email address.

    Sedo sent the following email to affected members today:

    Dear Andrew Allemann,

    We wish to inform you that on Saturday, 12th April, the Sedo website was compromised by an unknown intruder through a previously unknown security loophole. This resulted in an unauthorized email with the subject “Confirm your Sedo Account” being sent to a small number of our customers.

    Our immediate investigation into the matter has shown that your email address was unfortunately one of those affected. That means that the intruder has got your email address only. NO other data has been compromised, i.e. no passwords or other account information was obtained. The security vulnerability was closed as soon as it was detected and any further unauthorized access was successfully prevented. This means that your Sedo account is safe, and you do not need to take any action to safeguard data stored in your account. Clicking on the link in the unauthorized email has no adverse effects.
    If you have any questions we will be happy to help you. Please contact your account manager or visit our customer support center at

    We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may has caused.

  • 17 end user domain sales up to $24,000

    1. BY - Apr 08, 2014
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    Kim DotCom’s Mega among end user domain name buyers.

    I’m still playing catch-up, so these are end user sales from the list Sedo sent last week. You can view previous end user sales lists here. $24,000 – HomeVista Decor and Furnishings in Bangalore. $10,000 – Kim DotCom’s Mega $1,495 – Crux Subsurface, Inc. 7,500 GBP – Blue Speck Financial Ltd in the UK. $1,500 – Neo Technology, a graph database company. $3,300 – Warshawsky Seltzer, PLLC in Scottsdale. They own the matching .co. $5,000 – Kimpton Hotels bought this for its latest Seattle hotel. 1,500 GBP – Audio Logic Ltd in the UK $788 – Logistics company Lanter Delivery Systems. 2,000 EUR – Cellvital GmbH in Germany. $750 – Used car data service Car-Bio. They use the matching .net. $1,595 – J&J Snack Food $2,500 – $1,350 – Massive Consulting in Geneva. They have been using the inferior domain $799 – New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. They run the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). $1,075 – CAD Professor in Bangalore. $700 – File syncing product company Acrosync LLC

  • Sedo domain names get kicked off GoDaddy on Monday

    1. BY - Mar 27, 2014
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    Domain sales partnership comes to an end next week.

    GoDaddy AfternicLast November GoDaddy announced it was ending its syndication agreement with Sedo effective the end of March 2014. That date is just around the corner: Monday.

    Domain names listed with SedoMLS will no longer show up on GoDaddy Auctions and, more importantly, in the registration path at

    The move comes in the wake of GoDaddy’s acquisition of rival domain marketplace Afternic last September. GoDaddy is encouraging customers to add their domain names to Afternic if they want continued exposure on GoDaddy’s sites.

    It will be interesting to see what this does to sales numbers for both Afternic and Sedo. I understand that Sedo’s sales through GoDaddy are meaningful. So in the short run this move might hurt both GoDaddy’s and Sedo’s domain sales.

    In the long run, of course, GoDaddy hopes the move will pay off by converting Sedo customers to Afternic.

    There’s some good news for domain name sellers. The next step in GoDaddy’s integration of Afternic is to enable “fast transfer” for domains listed on Afternic. That should increase sales volume for domain owners that list their domains at Afternic’s premium level.