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  • Salesforce launches

    1. BY - Apr 23, 2013
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    Almost two years after buying domain, Salesforce launches

    Social.comLast week Salesforce started forwarding its domain to one of its sites, but today it formerly announced its new service. offers services to advertise on Facebook and Twitter more effectively. It automates how companies find potential customers and market to them via social media.

    It’s a good use of an expensive domain name.

    Moniker brokered the sale of in 2011 for $2.6 million. Salesforce has been one of the biggest buyers of premium domains from Moniker auctions in recent years: it has also purchased and for $4.5 million. is the new name for Rypple, which Salesforce bought in 2011. encompasses the service formerly known as

  • Salesforce finally puts to work

    1. BY - Sep 20, 2012
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    Salesforce is now using, a domain name it bought earlier this year.

    Work.comEarlier this year I discovered that Salesforce had purchased

    It has now put the domain name to work.

    The company is using the domain name for Rypple, a “social performance” platform it acquired last year.

    Salesforce has a habit of buying companies and then relaunching them on great domain names. For example, which was already a good domain name, is now It purchased for $4.5 million in a deal brokered by Moniker.

    I suspect was also brokered through Moniker as it was in one of their auctions. Word on the street was the asking price was just over $1 million.