This week’s new TLDs: .Golf, .Gold and .Date

Famous Four Media releases three domain names this week and Donuts sends four to Early Access.

Famous Four Media launches three top level domain names in general availability on Wednesday. All of the domain names can be registered for about $25-$30.

.Date: This domain name will compete with two from Donuts: .Dating (3,000 registrations) and .Singles (6,000 registrations).

.Faith: KeepThe.Faith? Donuts has had success with .Church with over 11,000 registrations. Faith is broader, but .Church has direct appeal to churches.

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33 of the best new .Porn websites

A look at some of the more interesting .porn web addresses that have been registered.

The .Porn top level domain name came out yesterday, and already over 10,000 domain names have been registered.

I sifted through the list of .porn domain name registrations to find the best ones. Here’s what I envision each website featuring in the near future. (Yes, all of these .porn domain names were actually registered.) – this tantric love site features lowly Cubs fans who have waited over 100 years to win the World Series. Steve Bartman, largely credited with prolonging the Cubs’ drought, is the site’s first subscriber. – Hogwarts students set up a webcam in the Room of Requirement. – Subscribe today and eavesdrop on millions of phone sex conversations. – Watch porn stars try to film an underwater video while being chased by sharks. I’m sure there’s a market for this. – Chicken porn lovers are disappointed to find a site discussing the ills of gay porn.

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ICANN survey: .Com still king, but new TLDs have a chance (especially outside U.S.)

ICANN survey shows that acceptance of domain name extension options is higher outside of the U.S. and Europe.

ICANN has released results of the first phase of a multi-year consumer study on the domain name landscape.

The survey of over 6,000 people who use the internet 5+ hours a week was conducted in February. Here are some of the notable findings around awareness and trust of top level domain names.


Unsurprisingly, awareness in legacy domain names such as .com is much higher than new TLDs.

.Com dominated across all five regions — North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. At least 88% of survey-takers were aware of .com. .Net and .org were also strong.

Other legacy TLDs, such as .info and .biz, had 18% to 50% awareness depending on the country. .Mobi, .Pro, .Tel, .Asia and .Coop had single digit awareness for the most part. (An outlier was .mobi in Africa, which has 40% awareness.) Click here to continue reading…

Awareness still a challenge for new top level domain names

Even at a webhosting conference…

Leaders from five domain name companies took the stage at yesterday’s WorldHostingDays conference in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

The most interesting moment was during Q&A. Someone in the back of the room said he’d never heard of .Club before, and registered a few domains during the session. He had a question about an error message he got from a registrar about not being able to register a domain name — it sounded a lot like this 1&1 “illegal” message. Click here to continue reading…

How .Realtor quickly became one of the most used new TLDs

Easy-to-create starter sites fuel early usage of domain names for Realtors.

.RealtorAbout four weeks ago, the National Association of Realtors released the .realtor domain name. Ahead of the launch, I called it one of the most important launches in the nascent new top level domain name program.

.Realtor has quickly shot up to the #4 spot of new top level domain names with about 85,000 domain names in the zone file.

Much like #1 (.xyz) and #2 (.berlin), its success has a lot to do with giving domain names away for free. National Association of Realtors (NAR) is giving up to 500,000 addresses away for free for the first year; others cost $40.

But there are some key differences with .realtor, and why I think it has done a lot to move new TLDs forward as a whole.

First, although most of the registrations were free, Realtors had to actually register them and were limited to just one for free. This means that 80,000 people are now more aware of what’s right of the dot. In other words, they understand a bit more about what a new TLD is.

Second, .realtor has quickly become one of the most “used” top level domain names.

I spot checked a random group of 50 .realtor domain names in the zone file. 46% of them resolved to a website, including forwards. The rest were parked. That’s a pretty good number.

.Realtor achieved this by making it really simple to set up a starter site. Through a partnership with, agents could click a few buttons to set up a basic page with their contact info, bio, and listings. Here’s an example.

True websites? Maybe not. But it’s a step toward getting indexed. It’s also a web address that a Realtor could give to a client or put on their business card.

That moves new top level domain names forward…one impression at a time.