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  • Donuts: 775,000 domain names served

    1. BY - Jul 31, 2014
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    Donuts’ domain name registration base keeps growing.


    They keep stacking up.

    Donuts sent out a newsletter today that announced it is up to 775,000 domain name registrations.

    The mega-registry has released 111 top level domain names in general availability, so that’s an average of roughly 7,000 registrations per TLD.

    Frankly, this shows that the “portfolio” registry business is quite good. Scoff all you want at its TLDs with fewer than 5,000 registrations, but this is already a nice little business.

    111 released. Let’s say donuts ends up releasing another 111 into GA (which might be a bit high). Double the current number and you get 1.55 million domains. Assume the low end of their wholesale pricing on all domains, around $15 per year. That’s $23.25 million in annual revenue.

    Remember that .Co sold for over $100 million with just over 1.55 million domains. An exit like that probably wouldn’t create a return for shareholders, so the company needs to do much better than 1.55 million registrations.

    Also note that the numbers above ignore Domain Protected Marks, sunrise, landrush, premium pricing, etc.

    Donuts is banking on growing demand over time. Whether that’s from a slow trickle of registrations or a second wind, it’s likely that its numbers will continue to move upward as these TLDs are on market.

    Of course, the elephant in the room is what renewal rates are over the next couple years.

  • German domain name .Reisen tops Donuts’ launches with 2,262 registrations

    1. BY - Jul 31, 2014
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    Domain buyers go traveling with .Reisen.

    Donuts launched another four domain names into regularly-priced general availability yesterday.

    Based on overnight zone files, which don’t include a full day, .Reisen was the most successful launch.

    .Reisen, German for travel, got 2,262 registrations. That brings its total with sunrise and early access to 2,262.

    .University and .Toys received about the same number of first day registrations. .University added 1,136 to reach 1,340 and .Toys added 1,125 to reach 1,320.

    I suspect university will take off over time as universities learn about it. There’s also broad appeal to corporate training programs, online courses, etc. However, its market will always be smaller than .college.

    .Town (unsurprisingly) lagged the others, getting just 516 registrations. It now has 589 domain names in the zone file.

  • .XXX worth more with .Sex in the bag?

    1. BY - Jul 30, 2014
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    Owners of .xxx domain names will get matching adult-themed web addresses.

    Kevin Murphy at Domain Incite reports this morning that ICM Registry, the company behind .xxx, has settled the contention set for .sex.

    That means ICM is the only remaining applicant for .sex, .porn and .adult.

    This may be good news for .xxx domain name holders. The company proposes a Domain Matching program in which owners of .xxx domains will also get the matching domains in the other adult domain names it operates.

    It could take longer than previously expected for these new adult domains to come out thanks to a last minute curveball from ICANN. But knowing ICM Registry, it will eventually get ICANN to come around.

  • .XYZ now has over 400,000 domain name registrations

    1. BY - Jul 29, 2014
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    Freebies and deep discounts add up to a big figure.

    .XYZ domain nameThe .XYZ domain name now has over 400,000 registrations, according to zone file reports.

    Of course, the majority of these registrations were given away free to Network Solutions customers on an opt-out basis. shows that about 353,000 .xyz domain names were registered at Network Solutions. If it charged full price, then you’d expect it to have maybe 1,000 registrations.

    The second place registrar for .xyz is GMO Internet, Inc. aka It is offering .xyz domain names for about $1.75 USD.

    Taking a look at other registrars, it appears about 25,000 registrations are regular-price (or at least higher-priced) registrations. That’s not bad by any means; that would place the extension among the top 15 new TLDs released so far.

  • Celebrate Broadway celebrates .Broadway win

    1. BY - Jul 29, 2014
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    Contention set for .broadway top level domain name won by trade association.

    Celebrate Broadway, Inc., a subsidiary of The Broadway League Inc., has won the contention set for the .Broadway top level domain name.

    Other applicants included Donuts and Key GTLD Holding Inc.

    One of the larger shareholders in Celebrate Broadway is a subsidiary of the same company that owns

    The Broadway League Inc. is a non-profit that bills itself as the national trade association for the Broadway industry.

    .Broadway will be a restricted domain name. The company plans to give domain names away for free or at a low cost to members of The Broadway League. Other entities that are connected to “legitimate Broadway theatre” may be able to register domain names for a fee.

    Celebrate Broadway is a Minds + Machines client.