.XYZ seeks to dismiss Verisign’s expert testimony

New TLD company claims some expert testimony should not be allowed.

.XYZ is asking the court to dismiss expert testimony from four expert witnesses in Verisign’s false advertising lawsuit against the new top level domain company.

Some of the court filings are heavily redacted, leaving out the juicy details many in the domain name want to know. All expert witness reports were filed under seal.

For example, just what kind of deal did .XYZ have with Network Solutions when the latter gave away hundreds of thousands of .xyz domain names? Click here to continue reading…

Giving .Love to new TLDs with Christa Taylor – DNW Podcast #48

New domain name consultant Christa Taylor discusses the current state of new top level domains.

Domain Name Wire podcastChrista Taylor runs new top level domain name consulting firm Dot TBA, which has assisted a number of new TLD applicants with their financial projections. She’s also currently involved with the launch of the .Love top level domain. Christa discusses the current state of new TLDs, how this will likely shake out in the next few years, and what’s .love got to do with it.

Also: GoDaddy two-factor authentication now available for international customers, .Online’s big launch, and RetailMe…not!

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This week: .Amsterdam, .Fans, .FYI and .MBA

New domain names become available Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

A handful of new domain names are hitting domain registrars’ shelves this week.

On Tuesday, .Amsterdam enters general availability. There is a fairly limited list of domain name registrars on nic.amsterdam, but 101Domain is offering them for $41.99. Click here to continue reading…

.Online domain name registrations by the numbers

A look inside .Online’s strong debut.

By all accounts, .Online had a great first day yesterday. It got over 30,000 registrations. Its overnight zone file now sits at about 35,000 names.

I dug through the zone file to look for patterns. Here’s what I found…

Here are three companies that registered a lot of domains. There might be others, but these companies pointed the names to their corporate nameservers: Click to continue reading…

Cha-ching: Minds + Machines picks up another $3.5 million from losing auctions

New TLD company reaps millions from losing .art and .data auctions.

Minds + MachinesNew top level domain name company Minds + Machines has padded its bank account with another $3.5 million as a result of losing two more top level domain auctions.

The company got the money from losing private auctions for .art and .data.

Minds + Machines still has an interest in 7 contested strings, so it might pick up even more cash from losing auctions in the future.

With about $50 million in its bank account, the company is considering the best way to return excess cash to shareholders. It is considering a special dividend or share buybacks. One of its board members, Elliot Noss, has done significant share buybacks at Tucows.

Despite the big cash hoard, the company is tightening its belt for the long run. This is a mature decision that bodes well for the company’s future.

In other Minds + Machines news, former board member and co-founder Frederick Krueger sold another 20 million shares. He only has 21.5 million left.