.Club domain names by the numbers

A view of how .Club domain names are being used one year after the TLD launched.

.Club celebrates the first anniversary of its general availability tomorrow. The top level domain name has eclipsed 200,000 domain names, making it one of the most-registered new top level domain names.

What are people doing with these domain names? I once again turned to dataprovider.com to take a look underneath the hood.

In a recent crawl, dataprovider was able to reach about three-quarters of the registered .Club domain names.

The majority of sites have registrar placeholder pages, but a solid 37% have content: Click here to continue reading…

Which new TLDs I’m renewing (and not)

I’ve renewed most of my new TLDs so far, but that might change.

New top level domain names have been out for over a year now, and that means those of us who registered them are facing renewal decisions.

We already know early renewal results, at least from the biggest registry: for Donuts, early renewal rates ranged from 55%-72% per top level domain.

I haven’t gone big on new top level domain names. I have about 60 in my portfolio and I’ve mostly registered domains in generic extensions. Some have already come up for renewal and some will again soon.

It’s only been a year, and I rarely let a domain go the first year. I’ve received a few purchase inquiries on domains, but not many (and apparently no one serious). So, do I keep them with a longer time horizon or let them go? Here’s what I’ve done so far: Click here to continue reading…

New TLDs (.XYZ?) boost Web.com’s bookings

“Very aggressive” new TLD promotions paying off for Web.com.

Web.comMany in the domain name community blasted Web.com and .xyz for the hundreds of thousands of free domain names Web.com gave away last year through Network Solutions. Was it, perhaps, a brilliant business move?

Web.com reported a bookings boost this past quarter, and the company says this is due to higher-than-expected renewal rates on new TLDs.

Here’s Web.com CEO David Brown on last week’s conference call: Click here to continue reading…

.Porn and .Adult domain names break sunrise records

Provocative domains, low pricing, marketing and promotion with Trademark Clearinghouse boost early numbers for new adult domains.

ICM Registry domainsICM Registry announced today that its .Porn and .Adult domain names each received about 4,000 registrations during the sunrise trademark period. That’s more than any other new top level domain names to date.

The strong interest was certainly fueled by the nature of the domains and news about Taylor Swift buying her name, but it went beyond that.

ICM Registry offered the domain names at normal registration fees instead of higher sunrise fees (or premiums). It also had a discount program with the Trademark Clearinghouse in which brand owners could get a one year Trademark Clearinghouse registration along with their domains in .adult and .porn at a reduced price. Click here to continue reading…

A look at Neustar’s domain name base

Company is counting on new TLDs for growth in domain name business, but it’s slow.

Neustar reported earnings yesterday and released updated information on its base of domain names registered.

.Co continues to perform well for the company, adding $5.2 million revenue in the first quarter. Additionally, the company has operating agreements with 122 new top level domains that have signed agreements with ICANN. 43 are already in market.

This chart shows how many domain names Neustar is managing, both as the registry operator as well as the backend service provider for others’ TLDs: Click here to continue reading…