This week’s new TLDs: .Design and four Early Access

.Design enters GA and Donuts releases four more domain names.

Top Level DesignOnly one top level domain name enters true general availability this week: .Design went live this morning U.S. time.

The domain name is being offered (fittingly) by Top Level Design. You can read more about the hotly contest auction for this top level domain, and listen to Top Level Design founder Ray King discuss why he thinks this domain offers so much opportunity.

GoDaddy is offering .Design domains with a first year price of $29.99, but many of the good domains come with higher annual fees.

Donuts is also back in the game this week with four domain names entering Early Access on Wednesday: .Bingo, .Chat, .Tennis and .Style. These were all contested domain names and should do fairly well. I’m particularly interested in which types of registrations .Tennis gets to consider the future potential of other sports domain names.

Despite political domain name news, political new TLDs not taking off

Political new top level domain names are not getting much attention.

With all of the news recently about presidential candidates not registering relevant domain names, you’d think political new top level domain names would see a boost. Yet, they continue to struggle.

Consider Rightside’s .democrat and .republican. The former has about 1,300 registrations and the latter just 800.

.Vote also has fewer than 1,000 names in the zone file (and .voto is about 250) despite the registry striking deals with states.

.GOP has about 3,000, but it’s being offered by a party itself.

If there ever were an example of lack of awareness in new TLDs, I’d say this is it. I doubt many of the managers for these politicians have any idea these names are out there.

I checked some of the candidates names in these extensions. Someone had already snapped up the big ones in .democrat and .republican. Afilias seems to have registry reserved popular candidate names in .Vote, likely with a goal of getting them to use them. (Which is pretty smart.)

Perhaps politicians are just throwing in the towel. Between first names, last names, name2016…it’s hard to cover all your bases.

3D.Software domain name sells for $100,000+

Big sale illustrates value of premium strategy for new TLD operators.

Rightside has sold the domain name for a six figure sum, CEO Taryn Naidu revealed on the company’s quarterly financial results call yesterday.

The domain name was purchased by Visual Dynamics, a company that creates 3D software used for design. resolves to a site similar to Visual Dynamics’ original site,

According to DomainTools’ historical whois records, the domain name was transferred in early March. Rightside began selling two character (but not two letter) domain names from its new TLD portfolio that month.

Naidu also mentioned a six figure sale of, but that sale happened last year.

New TLD Premium sales have accounted for just 5% of Rightside’s volume but 30% of revenue share. Assuming Rightside keeps 100% of a $100,000 sale, they’d need to sell about 5,000 regularly priced .software domains to equal one big sale like this. (This assumes a $20 wholesale price. If it’s less, then it would need to sell even more domains.)

This week’s new TLDs (retroactive edition)

Recapping this week’s domain name launches.

It’s been a busy week and I missed doing my weekly new top level domain name preview. A number of interesting domain names launched this week, so I’ll recap what came out and how they did.

Top Level Design’s .Design entered early access on May 5. You can pick up the domain names now at a premium, or wait for regular pricing general availability on May 12. Regular pricing seems to be about $50-$70, but some registrars are offering first year discounts.

Public Interest Registry, the company that runs .ORG, launched .NGO and .ONG yesterday. It stands for “non-governmental organization”. The domains come as a bundle, so if you pick up .NGO you get .ONG for free. Registrants must validate that they’re an NGO within a year of registering the domains. So far about 500 domains have been registered; the company has a goal of one million.

Rightside’s .Video and .Sale exited Early Access and entered general availability yesterday as well. .Video appears to have about 3,000 registrations and .Sale has roughly 2,000. Rightside also owns .ForSale, which has about 5,500 registrations.