This week’s new TLDs: .Golf, .Gold and .Date

Famous Four Media releases three domain names this week and Donuts sends four to Early Access.

Famous Four Media launches three top level domain names in general availability on Wednesday. All of the domain names can be registered for about $25-$30.

.Date: This domain name will compete with two from Donuts: .Dating (3,000 registrations) and .Singles (6,000 registrations).

.Faith: KeepThe.Faith? Donuts has had success with .Church with over 11,000 registrations. Faith is broader, but .Church has direct appeal to churches.

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How an Austin health group uses .Clinic

A local medical group uses a .clinic domain.

Austin Regional Clinic displays a new .clinic domain name on this promotional banner.

I was driving home from the office yesterday when I saw a huge banner on the site of an Austin Regional Clinic building. I did a double take when I noticed this domain name:

For the most part, I think this is a good use of a new top level domain name:

1. The group’s official website is, which is pretty long to put on one line in a banner like this. ( forwards to the longer domain.) Click here to continue reading…

Famous Four Speaks: cheap domains, brand protection and more

New top level domain name operator explains its cheap pricing strategy and new “brand protection” tier.

Famous Four MediaFamous Four Media’s recent top level domain name launches have quickly catapulted to the leaderboards, with domains such as .science and .party growing to hundreds of thousands of registrations.

The secret: the registry offered marketing incentives enabling registrars to price these really low, so people were able to pick the domains up anywhere from $0-$1.

I asked Andy Churley, Chief Marketing Officer for Famous Four, about this go-to-market approach. He also discusses the current state of new TLDs and the company’s new “brand protection” pricing.

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Whoa: Autism.Rocks sells for $100,000 [Updated]

A shocking sale in a new top level domain name.

The domain name Autism.Rocks has sold for a staggering $100,000. And there may be a good reason this domain name sold for so much.

The new owner is listed as Sanjay Shah in Dubai. Shah started the charity Autism Rocks, which can be found online at Shah’s young son has autism.

Based on news reports, Shah has been a very successful trader.

The seller is associated with another autism charity, We Rock for Autism. I talked to him today, and he said the very first offer the buyer made was $100,000, and it was outside of Sedo.

The seller then contacted Sedo to ask for help with the transaction. He says Sedo didn’t tell him there was an escrow option, so he ended up paying Sedo a 15% commission. He’s upset that he wasn’t aware of a 3% option, but says Sedo won’t reverse the fee. He’s hopeful Sedo will donate the 12% difference to autism charity.

Update: Sedo has responded about this issue.

To be clear: the $100,00 purchase wasn’t a direct donation. The seller said it will help his family out greatly, and a big portion of it will go toward charity.

(Thanks Joseph Peterson for initially pointing out the charity connection.)

A couple other new top level domain names, including and have sold for six figure sums.

This license plate email reminds me of new domain names

Reserved plates being released, just like reserved domains…

I received an email a few days ago from MyPlates, the company that administers the personalized (vanity) license plate program for Texas. Notice a similarity to what a lot of new top level domain name companies are doing?

Here’s what the email said:

Reserved Texas license plate messages up for grabs!

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