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  • .Space wins this week’s new TLD releases

    1. BY - Jan 29, 2015
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    .Space tops in registrations with about 1,700 on first day.

    When it comes to most registrations, .space appears to have topped the list of this week’s new top level domain name launches.

    That doesn’t come as a big surprise since it’s the most generic (and lowest priced) domain of the lot. Here’s a run down of this week’s new TLD launches, starting with the most registrations…

    1. According to namestat, .Space added 1,700 domain names in the zone yesterday, bringing its total to 1,784. Most domain name registrars were offering the domain names for about $10.

    2. Rightside’s .band found some musicians, as 720 new domains were added to the zone. That brings the total to 776.

    3. I’m a bit unclear on .我爱你, Chinese for “I Love You”. Its GA date was yesterday, but, perhaps due to time zones, it appears that the big bump came on Tuesday night’s zone files. It has 538 in the zone.

    4. Apparently, not many people died yesterday. The .RIP domain name added just 270 registrations, bringing its total to 348. A number of brands picked up .RIP domains as a protective measure.

    5. .Ryukyu, a geo domain name for Okinawa, had the slowest start of all domains released yesterday. It picked up just 84 names, bringing the total to 143.

  • Was registered for Porn or for Watches?

    1. BY - Jan 28, 2015
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    Domain name registrant came up with a creative defense in UDRP.

    Michele WatchA National Arbitration Forum panel has ordered the domain name transferred to watchmaker Fossil Group, Inc.

    I’ve got to hand it to the respondent in this case. He put up a spirited defense of his registration of

    Enadin Kucevic said he didn’t register the domain name to take advantage of Fossil’s Michele brand of watches. Instead, he registered it for use as a porn site. The idea was that visitors could “watch michele” do pole dances and such.

    He actually had me siding with him in his defense…at first. The problem is that Kucevic registered a number of other brands in .watch that would be harder to defend:,,,,,, and Oh, and he also listed and other domains for sale on Sedo.

    The rationale panelist Maninder Singh used to decide the case is rather weak and boilerplate. But the registration of other watch brands pretty much doomed the domain name owner’s argument that was created for a porn site, not because of the watch brand.

  • This week’s new TLDs: .Space, Google’s .How and .RIP

    1. BY - Jan 27, 2015
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    6 new top level domain names will be released on Wednesday.

    A number of new top level domain names are being launched in general availability this week, all on Wednesday.

    Radix’s .Space hits registrars’ shelves at a price of about $10. It’s a generic domain, but also conjures up the idea of your “space” online. Their site markets it as “A .space domain is for passionate and driven individuals and groups who want to carve out a personalized space online. It specially caters to freelancers, professionals, hobbyists and small business owners who want to showcase the panorama of their skills and commitment to their passion.”

    BusinessRalliart releases the geo domain name .ryukyu, which is related to Okinawa. Expect to pay about $15 for domains in this extension.

    Rightside releases two domain names: .band and .rip. I’m more bullish on .band, but I’m also interested in seeing the types of domains that are registered in .rip. Will they end up being mostly celebrity tribute sites? .Band domain names will cost you about $25-$30 retail, while .Rip domains are about $5 cheaper.

    Here’s an interesting Chinese IDN: Chinese for “I Love You”, .我爱你.

    Finally, Google launches the .how domain name this week. It will set you back about $30-$35 at many registrars. I don’t know how this domain will become popular, but you never know…

  • New TLDs with Donuts’ Richard Tindal – DNW Podcast #017

    1. BY - Jan 26, 2015
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    A discussion about new top level domain names with the biggest new TLD company.

    Domain Name Wire podcastDonuts Inc doesn’t sell baked goods by the dozen — it sells new domain names. But like Krispy Kreme, it sells a lot of varieties of its product. In this episode, I chat with Donuts co-founder and COO Richard Tindal.

    Donuts is the largest new TLD company with over 300 applications and nearly 200 domain names released. We discuss why Donuts thinks new TLDs are better than .com and what the company will do this year to market its new domain names to the broader public.

    Also: wild story about, reverse domain hijacking and premium new TLD transfer problems.

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  • Trademark Clearinghouse bundles Porn domains with service at discount

    1. BY - Jan 22, 2015
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    Deal with ICM Registry cuts pricing if you sign up for TMCH and protect a brand in adult domain names.

    Adult Domain NamesThe Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) will cut you a deal on its services, if you take a little T&A with it.

    On a webinar about the new ICM Registry domains .Adult and .Porn today, ICM General Counsel Sheri Falco announced it has partnered with TMCH to create special bundled pricing. She said it’s the first deal of its kind for the Trademark Clearinghouse.

    The TMCH doesn’t set pricing for domain names or what its authorized agents can charge for mark registrations, but EnCirca founder Thomas Barrett illustrated how the bundles work at his registrar.

    EnCirca will provide a bundle including a one year TMCH registration along with one year sunrise registrations in both .Adult and .Porn for $348. It usually charges $249 for a one year TMCH registration, and $99/year for an .Adult or .Porn sunrise registration (or $175 for both). That means EnCirca is discounting the bundle by a little bit less than 20%.

    Barrett noted that many TMCH agents charge $348 for a one year TMCH registration alone. (Do-it-yourselfers can get a lower price directly from TMCH. Since it’s not a registrar, you can’t get the discount directly from it.)

    The Trademark Clearinghouse, a system for brand owners to get first dibs on their marks in new top level domain names, has seen demand well below initial projections. Perhaps this discount deal will bump its numbers a bit.

    Intellectual property is quite boring, but it appears that sex sells.