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  • New TLDs this week: .Tokyo, .Moe, .Consulting and more

    1. BY - Jul 21, 2014
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    Two Japan-focused domains kick off the week.

    It’s another busy week for new top level domain names, including a big .city domain name hitting registrar’s shelves on Tuesday.


    Tuesday sees the launch of two Japan-focused domain names…in English.

    The biggie is .Tokyo, by far the most populous city TLD to enter general availability thus far.

    At least one Domain Name Wire reader thinks it will take a big shift in habits for people in Japan to promote or actually type in a .tokyo domain name…or any domain, for that matter.

    We’ll have to see.

    One thing is for sure…the price is right. has these for only $13.99 a year.

    .Moe.Moe also launches on Tuesday. It’s not a domain name for people named Moe. According to its website:

    The word “moe” (in Japanese: “萌え”; pronounced as “moh-ay”) is a slang word rooted deep in the Japanese Otaku culture. It has often been used to mean a particular type of “adorable” or “cute” towards fictional characters, people, animals, etc.

    I’ll leave it up to someone from Japan to tell me how popular this term is. Domains are about $20 retail.

    I believe that Valuetainment AG will launch .Voting on Tuesday as well. Its website is very uninformative, but shows the domain becoming available on Tuesday. It is charging $69.99 per year.


    Rightside launches two domain names on Wednesday: .Kaufen (“Buy” in German) and .consulting. The latter should do quite well over time despite its length. Lots of consulting companies use “Consulting” in their names.

    Donuts has four domain names coming off EAP and four more entering.

    .Media, .pictures, .associates and .lease all revert to regular pricing Wednesday.

    .Reisen, .toys, .university and .town enter EAP.

    I think University will be interesting. Universities rushed to protect their domain names when .xxx came out several years ago as new of the domain name made the rounds with IT administrators. Will the same thing happen with .university?

    (Thanks to Calzone for much of the information used in this post.)

  • Minds + Machines nixes Priority Reservation System after registrars complain

    1. BY - Jul 18, 2014
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    Registrars complained to ICANN’s compliance department about program.

    Minds + MachinesMinds + Machines has nixed its Priority Reservation System for new top level domain names after registrars questioned aspects of the program.

    The program allowed customers to reserve domain names ahead of launch. Unlike typical pre-registrations, customers were guaranteed they’d get the domain name after sunrise since it was a program run by the registry, not registrars.

    Some registrars cried afoul via the ICANN Registrar Stakeholder Group (RrSG). They weren’t necessarily upset about the program itself, which let registrars take priority orders as well. The problem, in the eyes of registrars, was that Minds + Machines launched the program before registrars could sign agreements with the registry. This gave M + M a head start and was unfair to registrars, they argued.

    Minds + Machines is now converting orders under the program to landrush orders. Customers can still get the domain name, assuming no one else places a landrush order on the domain name. In that case, it will go to auction.

    Antony Van Couvering, CEO of Minds + Machines, released this statement to Domain Name Wire:

    The Compliance Department at ICANN needs to look at every complaint, and so when some of our registrar competitors complained about our Priority Reservation program, they reached out to us for information, which we provided. They asked us to make some changes, which we did. We expect any inconvenience to our customers to be minimal, and to ICANN’s credit this was a major concern for them as well. We expect the vast majority of our Priority Reservation period to be allocated to the customers who applied for them, and any Priority Reservation customer who does not get the name they applied for will receive a full refund. This won’t have any impact on our business, and we are satisfied with ICANN’s assurances that they will strive to prevent the misuse of their compliance function for anti-competitive purposes.

    This shows some of the tension that can occur with vertical integration between registry and registrar.

    I suspect that the changes aren’t just in response to the RrSG complaint. ICANN has been cracking down on registries earmarking or selling domain names ahead of sunrise. ICANN has raised this issue with other registries, including .xyz and .club. Both registries canceled auctions held prior to sunrise.

  • Latest .City domain name launches with 4,000+ registrations

    1. BY - Jul 16, 2014
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    .Wien launches. .Tokyo is next week.

    .WienThe latest geo city top level domain name to launch received more than 4,000 registrations on its first partial day.

    .Wien (German for Vienna) launched yesterday and added 4,201 domain names to the zone file. That brings its total to about 4,650.

    The registrations are spread across multiple registrars, mostly focused in Europe. United Domains got about a quarter of all registrations, judging from nameservers used.

    .Wien domain names will set you back about $35-$60 per year. 1&1 is offering the domains with a $29.99 first year price and then $49.99 going forward.

    A potentially much bigger city domain name goes live next week. .Tokyo domain names enter general availability on July 22.

  • Will new TLDs get a second wind?

    1. BY - Jul 15, 2014
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    It’s likely, but when is the big question.

    Most new top level domain names are struggling to break even the 10,000 domain name barrier. Many applicants tell me they aren’t worried; it’s the long game. That’s true for many of them, especially the portfolio applicants.

    I’ve also heard the argument that new top level domains will get a “second wind” when big companies start using the domain names.

    This is a fair argument. 99.999% of people don’t know these domain names exist. What happens when they see a big brand promote a domain on a new TLD, whether a .brand or otherwise? Much like brands advertise for Facebook and Twitter every time they show the symbol on a TV or print ad, this will greatly boost awareness of new domain name options.

    The big question in my mind is when we’ll start seeing this sort of promotion. Even when it happens, it will take a couple years to be commonplace enough to actually register on the minds’ of most people.

  • Sedo does the promotion that domain registrars should do

    1. BY - Jul 15, 2014
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    Domain name registrars would see good results from a marketing push similar to this.

    Sedo just sent out a marketing pitch to people that have listed domains for sale with “club” in them in the past.

    The subject line was “Did you try selling [something] Invest in THESE names now”, with a pitch for investing in .club domains. You can see the marketing email below.

    I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more of this from domain name registrars. Registrars are doing blanket marketing of new TLDs to their entire customer base, but I haven’t seen this sort of targeted marketing.

    Why aren’t registrars emailing owners of domains with “club” in them and suggesting the matching .club domains?

    Sure, it would take a little work. They would need to scrub for availability and do some mail merging. But I suspect the sell rate would be quite high.

    Registrars may be wary of bombarding their clients, but I think they could do this is a smart and limited manner. Registrars and registries would benefit.