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  • Domain sales watch: CompUSA and CircuitCity domains, plus Moniker auction

    1. BY - Jul 23, 2013
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    These domain name sales and auctions are worth watching.

    With all of the news surrounding last week’s ICANN meeting in Durban, I’m a bit behind on a couple domain auctions and sales that are noteworthy.

    First, Hilco Streambank is offering the domain names and

    Both of the domain names are from defunct technology retailers. Systemax bought the assets of both of these companies last decade. It kept as a separate online storefront until it later just forwarded it to its own site. also now forwards to the Tiger Direct web site.

    There’s certainly value in the traffic these domain names get.

    Both assets are being sold with associated trademarks and related domain names. The deadline to submit a bid is August 15. Details are here.

    Second, Moniker’s Summer Auction ends Thursday.

    The auction features a domain and trademark bundle for Senico Labs LLC’s The reserve for the bundle is $500,000 or more.

    So far 30 of the domains have bids and 21 have met their reserve. The top domain to hit its reserve so far is at $5,250.

  • After suspicious activity yesterday, Moniker asks users to reset passwords

    1. BY - Jun 20, 2013
    2. Domain Registrars
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    Company says it has no evidence that domain names were stolen.

    MonikerDomain name registrar Moniker discovered suspicious activity on its network, and as a precaution is asking all account holders to reset their passwords today. The suspicious activity occurred yesterday.

    There’s no notice on the site about the password change requirement, and if you try to log in you’ll just get a message that your password is invalid. However, the company sent an email to all account holders informing them of the issue.

    The company states that it is unaware of any domains being lost or transferred out of Moniker by the perpetrators. There’s also no evidence that any confidential or credit card information has been compromised.

    These types of issues are becoming commonplace, and it’s one more reason for domain registrars to add additional layers of protection, such as two-factor authentication, to accounts.

  • Very active Moniker Spring Auction ends tomorrow

    1. BY - May 08, 2013
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    Domain name auction that ends tomorrow has lots of activity.

    MonikerThe Moniker Spring Auction on SnapNames doesn’t end until tomorrow, but bidding is already very active.

    The auction features 199 domain names and 33 of them already have bids. 22 have met their reserve price.

    The leader so far is, which has an $11,770 bid and has met its reserve. I’ve paid for tree stump removal so I know it’s not a cheap service. That said, an individual tree company is unlikely to pay this much for the domain – it will likely be used for a lead generation service. has a $10,250 bid but has not hit its reserve, which is under $25,000.

    Many of the domains that have met their reserves are three letter .net domains, including,, and

  • SnapNames no reserve auction ends Thursday

    1. BY - Apr 15, 2013
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    Three auctions are running on SnapNames.

    SnapNamesSnapNames has three auctions running this month, and the first one ends Thursday.

    SnapNames’ “April Deals” auction ends Thursday, April 18.

    The auction includes just 44 domains and all have no reserve (but a $199 minimum bid).

    So far three domains have bids, including,, and

    Most of the domains are brandable, such as,, and

    Next, the Doster partner auction includes 80 domain names and most of them have no reserve. The auction ends April 25.

    Two domains in the Dotster auction have bids and has been bid up to $1,000. The auction is fairly heavy with .net domains and there are a handful of four letter .com’s available.

    Finally, the Moniker Premium Spring Auction has started and runs until May 9. Top domains include,,, and

  •,, and added to Webfest live auction

    1. BY - Jan 22, 2013
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    Big names added to live Moniker domain name auction.

    The list of domains for next month’s live auction during Webfest is growing. has been added with a reserve range of $750,000 to $1,000,000.

    The site is owned by a Bali travel company. According to it’s about page, it has been operating as since 2000.

    There are two 2 letter .com domains in the auction: and The former has a reserve of $100,000-$250,000 and the latter has a reserve of $250,000 to $500,000. is listed for $250,000 to $500,000 as well. The same seller is also auctioning

    Shane Cultra is auctioning off, a domain he recently purchased.

    Tucows’ YummyNames has several domains in the auction: Jambalaya,, and

    Pre-bidding is open with 8 domains receiving bids so far.