Moniker lost over 60,000 .com domain names in October

Registrar plunges below 900,000 .com registrations mark.

MonikerVerisign’s latest .com monthly report has been published by ICANN, and Moniker’s woes from its platform switch over the summer appear to have finally caught up with it.

Moniker lost 61,191 .com domain names to transfers in October 2014. After its disastrous platform switch in June, it lost at least 17,500 .com domains to transfers each month, peaking at 26,681 in September. The October jump is huge. (ICANN publishes the reports after a three month waiting period.)

The registrar dropped below the million .com registration threshold in September. In October it dropped below 900,000.

Its October numbers were also hurt by few new registrations. Only 3,272 .com domains were registered at Moniker in October, but 19,192 were deleted. Click here to continue reading…

Oops: Moniker account balances are apparently borked

Incorrect balances shown on accounts dating back to October.

The hits keep on coming for Moniker…and its customers.

When the domain name registrar switched to a completely new registrar platform over the summer, it lost all previous invoices that customers used to be able to view within their account.

Customers got access to new invoices, and could see an up-to-date balance, but couldn’t see their transactions from before the platform switch.

Then, some time around October, it appears that customers’ balances got mucked up. Click to continue reading…

Moniker lost just 18,057 .com domains to transfers in July

Customer losses still fairly low after switch to new system.

MonikerLast month I reported that Moniker only lost 17,506 .com domain names to transfers in June after its disastrous switch to a new registrar platform. I predicted that the number would shoot up in July, since it was easier to transfer domains out at that point. (Official .com registry reports are published three months after the end of the month).

The July report is out, and Moniker’s losses in July were essentially the same as June. The register lost just 18,057 domains to transfers. Click here to continue reading…

Moniker only lost 17,506 .com domains to transfers in June

Customer losses stemming from botched transition was rather limited in first month.

ICANN has just published the monthly registry reports for June, the month that Moniker switched to an entirely new platform.

The switch caused numerous problems for Moniker and its customers. But it looks like — at least for the first month — the damage in terms of domain outflows was rather limited. Click to continue reading…

Moniker’s transition-related security holes come to light

Moniker customer explains some of the security holes that may have led to his domains being stolen, including some introduced by the transition from the old Moniker system to a new platform.

So it is sad to say goodbye to Moniker, and to witness the self-destruction of this company that played such a large role in the development of the domain industry.

MonikerSo writes Nat Cohen, long time domain name investor and owner of perhaps the best portfolio of three character domains around. He was also one of Moniker’s first customers, a customer since before the registrar was even called Moniker.

What finally prompted Cohen to move his domain names was not Moniker’s initial botched transition from the legacy Moniker system to an entirely new platform. It’s the security holes that came with it. It’s the scary fact that some of Cohen’s names were stolen. Even though he got them back, that’s certainly enough to make anyone look for a new registrar. Click here to continue reading…