Living Social finally goes after, but owner has a good defense — a typo of or short for Living SoCal?

Last year Living Social started to go after a number of typo domain names through UDRP. I expressed concern about the domain name

Unfortunately, I called this one. LivingSocial just filed a UDRP against (The complainant’s identity hasn’t been unveiled, but it’s a good bet.)

Is it a typo of Sure, it’s off by one letter.

But SoCal is also short for Southern California.

It happens that the domain owner lives in Los Angeles, so he has a legitimate interest in the domain name.

The one strike against the owner (that I know about right now) is the domain led to a parked page with links related to daily deals sites.

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

LivingSocial Discovers It Has Typosquatters

Company files several domain name disputes.

Living SocialLocal deals site LivingSocial has finally discovered that it has typosquatters — and that there’s a relatively affordable way to get its domain names back.

Earlier this month it filed its first domain name arbitration case, going against the Irish country code domain name

Now it’s ramping up its efforts by filing three cases with National Arbitration Forum this week. Each case costs about $1500 in filing fees plus legal costs.

Two of the cases deal with typosquatting including and

The third case is for three domains that tack on “instant” to LivingSocial:

There’s one other domain owner that should be careful. doesn’t have to be a typo; it could be for “Living Southern California”, kind of like But the parked page on the domain is showing ads for daily deals. They should change that as soon as possible.

LivingSocial Files Its First Domain Name Complaint

Daily deals company goes after Irish domain name.

Living SocialGroupon competitor LivingSocial has filed its first ever domain name arbitration complaint.

But it’s not for a typo of its main domain name. Instead, the company is going after the Irish domain name

The company started offering discounts for consumers in Ireland last fall using its main domain name.

Perhaps LivingSocial is following the same tact as Groupon, just a bit delayed. In March Groupon was awarded the domain name through the same World Intellectual Property Forum process that LivingSocial is going through right now. That allowed Groupon to change is Irish URL from to is registered to an individual in Ireland. So far it’s just parked with a “coming soon” page.