Facebook registers some Graph Search domains, but the exact domain doesn’t matter

Company gets FacebookGraphSearch.com; GraphSearch.com is for sale.

Yesterday Facebook registered domain names for its new Graph Search.

Specifically, it picked up FacebookGraphSearch.com and other extensions of the same domain.

It did not, however, buy GraphSearch.com.

That domain was registered in 2001 and belongs to Visicom Media Inc.

It’s listed for sale on Sedo.

And people are definitely paying attention. As of right now, the domain shows 32 offers, 132 visitors to the listing page, and nearly 1,700 visitors in the past 30 days. I bet all of that activity happened in the past 24 hours.

But here’s the thing: Facebook doesn’t need to buy this domain.

Where are you going to use graph search?

On Facebook.com.

I can see no reason why you’d go to graphsearch.com to use something that will be an integral part of the experience on Facebook.

The only “bad” thing I can see from Facebook not owning this domain is it getting into the wrong hands. Like some class action lawyer who wants to file a privacy lawsuit over the new feature.