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  • Dish DBS beats Google in .Dot auction, pays $700,000 for domain

    1. BY - Nov 19, 2014
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    Dish won a two way race to operate the top level domain name .dot.

    Dish DBS, the satellite TV company and owner of Blockbuster, has beaten Google in a public auction for the top level domain .Dot. It paid $700,000 for the rights to the domain name.

    You’re not misreading this – the domain name is .dot.

    So soon, you might be able to visit Blockbuster at Blockbuster-dot-dot.

    In its application for the domain name, Dish said it plans to use the domain name for its own businesses.

    Google considered the domain name a “pun”, according to its application:

    The purpose of the proposed gTLD, .dot, is to provide the marketplace with a creative alternative gTLD to .com. [Google] believes in the commercial viability of the proposed gTLD, .dot, given the pun of the phrase ╩║second-level domain name dot dot.”

    It’s not a very good pun, if you ask me. It’s apparently dot worth even a million bucks.

  • Google upgrades mobile-friendly sites in search results

    1. BY - Nov 18, 2014
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    Sites will get label, and might get a search benefit in the future.

    Mobile-Friendly GoogleGoogle announced today that it is adding a “mobile-friendly” label to sites in search results, and is experimenting with using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

    Over the next few weeks, Google will start adding the “mobile-friendly” identifier next to qualified sites for mobile searches (see picture).

    In a blog post about the move, Google suggested that how mobile-friendly a site is might also affect its rankings in the future.

    We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.

    It seems intuitive that Google will demote sites in mobile search if they don’t render well on a mobile browser.

    You can see if your site is eligible for the mobile-friendly label on this test page.

  • What do Amazon and Google domain name losses mean for new TLDs?

    1. BY - Nov 10, 2014
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    Neither of them won .cloud, which begs a big question.

    .Cloud is a valuable top level domain name.

    I’m basing that on the seven applications it received, and that, Google and Symantec all applied for the domain name.

    So which one of these heavyweights won the rights to .cloud? This one:


    Wait – what? That cartoonish logo doesn’t match any of the heavyweights that applied for .cloud.

    Aruba S.p.A., an Italian webhosting company, won the battle for .cloud against some of the world’s largest cloud companies. Click here to continue reading…

  • Radix gets .site as Google participates in a private auction

    1. BY - Oct 28, 2014
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    Radix tops Google and three others to win .site domain name.

    New top level domain name company Radix has secured the .site domain name, the company announced on social media this morning.

    That means the company has .website, .site and is still in the running to complete the trifecta with .web.

    Particularly interesting is that Google was in the contention set for .site. To my knowledge, the company has been a holdout for participating in private resolution of new TLD contention sets. If Google is now participating, this means many more new TLDs will be resolved without going to ICANN’s auctions of last resort.

    .Site was set to be auctioned off by ICANN next month.

    Radix competed in a five-way race for .site. In addition to knocking off Google, Radix topped Donuts, Interlink Co and Minds + Machines.

    In my opinion, .web is better than .site, which is better than .website. However, it will be a while before .site comes out. And I bet we’re a good year or two from .web coming out, which gives the others a head start.

  • This week’s TLDs: a Google launch and .Okinawa

    1. BY - Oct 17, 2014
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    A couple domains hit general availability, but hardly anyone notices.

    I was so busy at ICANN this week that I neglected to do my weekly preview of top level domain name launches…

    …but I didn’t miss much.

    Only two domain names hit general availability this week. Click here to continue reading…