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  • United Internet taking market share from GoDaddy in new TLDs

    1. BY - Mar 26, 2014
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    After slow start, company is grabbing share in recent TLD launches.

    United Internet, a group of companies that includes 1&1, Sedo, InterNetX, and United Domains, appears to be taking a good chunk of the new TLDs market share away from GoDaddy.

    United spent about $50 million advertising pre-registrations for new top level domain names. Yet GoDaddy was kicking its butt in registrations for the first batches of new TLDs that hit the market.

    That has shifted in recent weeks. has released updated numbers for the latest batch of Donuts domain names released today, and United led the way on each one.

    United Internet
    *Only includes registrations under 1&1 and United-Domains.

    These numbers don’t include all of United’s brands, just the ones advertised most heavily for pre-registrations.

    You’ll note that 1&1 beat GoDaddy on three two of the five, and when you add United-Domains it won each match up except .builders.

    I’ve noticed similar numbers from other launches in recent weeks.

    A number of things could be going on here.

    1. United has improved its technology for getting domain names when there’s competition. Pre-registrations are essentially like drop catching.

    2. 1&1′s cut rate pricing is attracting customers from GoDaddy. 1&1 is offering the first year at about half of GoDaddy’s prices.

    3. United is promoting new TLDs more heavily on its home page and email marketing channels than GoDaddy.

    When you look at overall market share of new TLDs, GoDaddy is down to about 30%. 1&1 and United-Domains each have about 10%.

    GoDaddy’s overall numbers weren’t helped by sitting on the sidelines for .Berlin, which is the second most registered new TLD so far. (1&1, on the other hand, gave .berlin registrations for free for a year to local customers.)

    Of course, we’re also really early in the new TLD rollout process.

    What do you think has caused this shift?

    [Editor's note: this story has been updated with a new chart and comparison based on nTLDstats' revised numbers for the first day.]

  • End user sales are part of Afternic’s big $2.1 million sales week

    1. BY - Mar 22, 2014
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    Pharmaceuticals company, non-profit, and garage door repairman are among end user domain buyers.

    GoDaddy and Afternic teamed up to sell $2.1 million worth of domain names last week, led by at $100,000. Following are some of the sales that were made to end users.

    You can end user sales from previous weeks here. $9.750 – Hussman Foundation, which just launched the Hussman Institute for Autism.

    Renta.Limo $1,776 and Chicago.Limo $1,625 – $1,005- Michael Baker in York, South Carolina $2,000 – Sled rental company Haliburton Sled Rentals $16,500 – Grunenthal Pharma S.A. A new drug name? $2,000 – Snap Fitness in Chanhassen, Minnesota $1,500 – Cloud storage company GreenQloud, which has a product call QStack. $2,188 – Best Bronze in Brazil, which uses the matching domain name. $1,000 – Harbourside Custom Homes in Florida. $3,120 – Sunset Motors in Milan, Tennessee. They use as a web address. $1,540 – Canadian engineering firm Groupe Alphard Inc. It’s a nice upgrade from $1,500 – Histogen Aethetics in the UK. $10,000 – RentHaus, LLC. Their website isn’t working but I assume they’re a vacation rental company. $2,100 – Vision Property Management in Columbia, South Carolina. $2,500 – Waynesville Auto Group in North Carolina. $1,100 – Cincinnati area garage door repair company that uses FixMyGarageDoor.ORG $1,025 – State Bank & Trust

  • 20 end user domain name sales

    1. BY - Mar 13, 2014
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    Companies that upgraded from a .cc domain name and a (gasp!) domain name among those end users buying domain names last week.

    Afternic and GoDaddy combined to sell $1.9 million worth of domain names last week. Here are some of the sales that were to end users. You can view previous end user sales lists here. $1,000 – a CSC client $10,807 – Avus Capital Ltd. in Bulgaria. It currently uses for its web address. $4,900 – A big upgrade for Mobility Smart in the UK, which has been using the domain name $1,377 – Another company upgraded from a lowly domain (actually a third level domain): $1,500 – Online Central Reservations LTD, a hotel booking company. CR is short for “Central Reservations”. $2,488 – New Jersey Institute of Technology $1,250 – Career and brand consultants Ilumity Coaching $2,489 – Bloom Community Midwives in Vancouver $9,760 – ECBlend, seller of e-cigarette liquids, bought the plural of its name. $1,988 – the owner of Fox2h.Com $1,100 – Gener8 Digital Media Corp. in Vancouver $2,588 – Investment firm CCSD Funds $1,500 – Staffing company Edifice Studio $2,000 – Candy Direct, Inc. $4,000 – Self-publishing company Hillcrest Media Group $10,000 and $1,888 – RJL Wealth Management in San Diego $1,200 – San Jose Custom Mfg., which sells university-themed jewelry $4,800 – Kwench Library Solutions Pvt Ltd in India, which owns the matching .in $4,750 – The Gutter Boys in Ohio dropped the the from

  • Former Apple executive joins GoDaddy board

    1. BY - Mar 11, 2014
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    GoDaddy adds woman to board and her background might signal a coming IPO.

    GoDaddyGoDaddy has appointed Betsy Rafael to its board of directors. She is the former Chief Accounting Officer at Apple and Finance VP at Cisco Systems. Rafael also serves on the boards of Echelon and Autodesk.

    Rafael is the first woman on GoDaddy’s Board of Directors, although the company has a number of women in leadership roles including the CMO, CTO, Chief Communications Officer, and General Counsel.

    Looking beyond the key headline of GoDaddy adding a female board member (which is somewhat rare at tech companies), this may be another sign that the company is gearing up for an initial public offering in the future. Before Rafael joined the board it consisted mostly of GoDaddy’s investors. Rafael adds outside accounting and finance board leadership, as she serves on the audit committees of the other two boards she is on.

  • 23 more end user domain name sales

    1. BY - Mar 07, 2014
    2. Domain Sales
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    I’d Laugh out Loud at being paid twenty grand for

    Afternic and GoDaddy teamed up to sell just over $2 million worth of domain names last week. Here’s a list of some of the sales to end users. You can see previous end user sales lists here. $20,800 – a company called Codeblack Enterprises, LLC. Is it connected to this entertainment company? $16,000 – auto transport company Showroom Transport. $10,000 – LegalShield, previously known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. I guess they’re getting into the health insurance business. $1,000 – Service Dog Certification of America. $6,500 – iTravel, LLC. in Ely, Minnesota. $1,100 – West Park Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. They use the matching .org domain name. $1,000 – Hayward Roofing and Construction in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They already own $2,000 – Commercial Siding & Maintenance in Houston. $5,300 – Marketing software company HubSpot. $1,000 – Advanced Dealer Systems, most likely for a client. $1,200 – the admin email of the buyer is, which I assume stands for “Short to Shore”. $1,596 – The Motion Picture Association. $4,750 – Beyeler Museum AG in Switzerland. $1,500 – Health Metrics And Evaluation at The University of Washington. $2,500 – Jenkins Wealth Management Group in Centennial, Colorado. $1,000 – iD Tech, which organizes summer technology camps. $1,000 – Shale Magazine, which covers the oil and gas business. $1,750 – the owner of $1,250 – clothing brand 7 for All Mankind. $4,500 – FHA lender Prysma Lending. They use $1,500 – appears to be registered by a pharmacy in Aledo, Texas. $2,000 – a CSC client. $4,500 – Inversiones Oceans GSM, S.A. in Panama.