GoDaddy wants to patent domain suggestions based on geography, business type

Patents reflect techniques for better targeting domain name search results.

GoDaddy has filed three patents for targeted domain name search results based on the user’s location or business type.

Two of the patent applications were filed in August 2013, and the third (continuation) patent (embedded below) was filed in September 2014. All three applications were published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today.

The patents explain methods of determining the location, language and business type of a user, and then targeting both top level domain names and second level domains to that person.

For example, GoDaddy might determine the most popular TLDs based on the type of company (for-profit, non-profit etc) and location, then show search results keyed to this popularity: Click to continue reading…

Watch GoDaddy’s replacement Super Bowl commercial

GoDaddy Super Bowl ad doesn’t show a puppy dog…it shows a small business owner.

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercial is puppy dog-less, making it seem that the initial Buddy commercial was not intended to be a PR stunt.

The real commercial is a great nod to GoDaddy’s customer, the hard working small business owner. He’s not watching the game at a party, the narrator says, because he’s working.

The commercial makes a subtle nod to its aborted “Journey Home” commercial, or at least the ones it attempted to spoof, by mentioning how he is missing out on puppy ads.

It’s a good commercial. People won’t be talking about it at the water cooler tomorrow, but it’s spot on.

GoDaddy to change controversial Super Bowl Commercial

GoDaddy won’t run controversial “Journey Home” commercial.

GoDaddy’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial, which it just released this morning, won’t air on Sunday after all.

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving tweeted this afternoon:


The ad was criticized by many animal lovers.

In many ways, the commercial was classic GoDaddy. It was sure to spark outrage, which got people talking about the company…much like its previous GoDaddy commercials.

I wondered this morning if the plan was to get this commercial out there and then pull it in favor of another. They’d get extra publicity by making the change.

But I’m not so sure about that. Puppygate is more like Elephantgate than GoDaddys typical Super Bowl ads of past. There was little upside to GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons shooting an elephant. There’s probably little upside to joking about selling puppies, too.

I also don’t think it’s Blake Irving’s style.

GoDaddy’s Domain Business with Mike McLaughlin – DNW Podcast #016

A look inside GoDaddy’s domain name business.

Domain Name Wire podcastHow is domain name registrar GoDaddy handling the influx of new top level domain names? What is it doing to improve its domain name aftermarket and what’s the latest on Afternic? How does GoDaddy handle a growing number of search results for domain names?

GoDaddy SVP and GM of Domains Mike McLaughlin joins us on the show this week to answer all of these questions.

Also: a recap of NamesCon including a million dollar domain name auction, a big new TLD promoter and Chris Sheridan makes a move.

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GoDaddy SVP explains why new TLDs are struggling

Head of domains at largest domain name registrar says new TLD registries are failing small business owners.

Why are new top level domain names struggling to grow their registration bases?

GoDaddy Senior Vice President of Domains Mike McLaughlin told a large audience at NamesCon today that registries are making it difficult for small businesses to buy their domain names. Registries need to focus on accessibility and usability if they want to see their domains succeed, he said. They need to put themselves in the shoes of a small business owner.

McLaughlin said that registries are missing the mark with: Click to continue reading…