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  • Go Daddy Auctions sells 39,488 domains in April

    1. BY - May 01, 2013
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    Go Daddy Auctions sold close to 40,000 domains last month.

    Go Daddy has updated its Domain Market Report to reflect April numbers.

    In total, Go Daddy Auctions sold 39,488 domains during the month. This number is typically revised up after the initial report. In March Go Daddy sold 43,409 domains.

    The top ten sales last month were: $33,000 – bought by a company in stealth mode. Afternic listing. $18,000 $16,667 – a valuable domain for the local tourism industry. Buyer is protected by whois proxy. $14,499 – buyer creates medical discussion communities. It owns,, and Sedo Marketplace listing. $14,000 $12,500 $11,800 $11,000 $10,000 $10,000 – bought by Shanghai Starbaby Network Technologies Co., Ltd.

    20,529 domains were sold in auctions and 18,172 were buy-now transactions. 787 sales were the result of negotiations.

    The most common term in sold domains was “Online”, followed by “home”.

  • Go Daddy Auctions sells 35,156 in January

    1. BY - Feb 04, 2013
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    Go Daddy has a good month for aftermarket sales.

    Go Daddy Auctions saw an uptick in sales last month, completing 35,156 domain sales. That’s higher than previous months by about 2,000 domain names.

    The top 10 sales were: $45,750 – purchased by an advertising agency in Albuquerque, New Mexico. $39,000 $28,500 – sold by Frank Schilling, hasn’t transferred yet. $25,000 – bought by the owner of Appears to have been a sale through partnership with Sedo. $25,000 $22,005 – from the Afilias .info sunrise auction $19,999 $18,500 – St. Louis law firm Onder Law bought the domain. Listing through AFternic. $18,000 – bought by travel firm Cox and Kings. $17,500

    The majority of domain names were purchased in auctions, but over 16,000 were sold with buy now prices.

    The most common terms found in sold domain names were “online”, “home”, “blog”, “best”, and “insurance”.

  • Go Daddy Auctions sold 32,767 domains in December, led by $50k Marchex deal

    1. BY - Jan 02, 2013
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    Travel domain sells for $50,000 to lead Go Daddy sales last month.

    Go Daddy Auctions is reporting 32,767 domain names sold in December.

    The top sale was, a domain sold by Marchex. The $50,000 purchase was made by San Francisco Travel Association, which owns

    Other top sales include: $40,005 $35,421 $22,000 – purchased by Silvergate Bank in Southern California. The bank’s site is $18,000 – bought by law firm, likely for a client $17,000 $16,005 – bought by Arizona home care agency Sunrise Health, which has been active in the domain aftermarket. $14,005 – owner of bought the domain $13,500 – building planning business bought the domain $12,205 and were part of the Afilias .info auction. The domains were claimed as part of the .info sunrise over a decade ago, but the trademark claims were later ruled invalid.

    As always, “Online” was by far the most popular term included in sold domains.

  • Go Daddy Auctions sells 32,151 domains in November

    1. BY - Dec 03, 2012
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    3. 2 Comments and lead the way.

    Go Daddy has updated its Auctions Domain Market Report with results from last month.

    Last month Go Daddy auctions sold sold 32,151 domain names, which is down just slightly from the month before.

    Monthly domain sales in the low 30,000 range seems to be the new norm on the site.

    The top 10 sales last month were: $50,000 $50,000 – currently in escrow with Afternic $25,000 $25,000 – bought by Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc., seems like a great purchase $20,000 $15,000 – bought by FastNet International Limited, owner of $15,000 – bought by JBW Timepieces, which owns $13,226 $12,000 $11,375

    The top keyword found in sold domains was once again “online”.

  • Go Daddy to auction .info “sunrise pending reallocation” domains

    1. BY - Nov 28, 2012
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    Auction features domains originally reserved during 2001 sunrise.

    Domain name registry Afilias is working with Go daddy to auction off over 100 domain names claimed in the .info sunrise that were later deemed ineligible.

    The 106 domain auction runs December 4 through December 14.

    The domains were originally requested during the .info sunrise in 2001. This was one of the first ever “sunrise” periods for a top level domain launch that gave trademark holders first dibs on domains.

    As with this sunrise launch and a handful of others after it, the system was largely gamed.

    In the case of .info, World Intellectual Property Organization determined that about 1,400 sunrise registrations were invalid.

    DomainTools shows that 1,167 domains are still registered to “Afilias Ltd / Sunrise Pending Reallocation”.

    The auction includes some good keyword domains such as,, and

    All domains start at $100 with no reserves.

    It will be really interesting to see how much these domain sell for, especially in light of the impending release of hundreds of competitive top level domains.