4 subscription domain name services I use

Here are four subscription-based domain name services I use regularly.

There are a lot of great subscription-based services for the domain name industry. Here are four that I use on a regular basis.

FreshDrop $19.95 per month

FreshdropFreshDrop is my go-to source for finding the best expiring domain names. A recent redesign might take long-time users a bit to get used to, but Freshdrop has a number of powerful filtering tools under the hood.

I’ve used FreshDrop to find a number of great gems that I would have otherwise overlooked.

DomainIncite Pro $79.99/month, $799/year

DomainIncite ProDomainIncite Pro has a number of great tools for people who track the top level domain name business.

I became a subscriber after ICANN borked the search function on its new TLD application database. I can easily search for new TLD applications on DI Pro based on applicant, back-end provider, status, etc.

The service also has a very clean zone file table showing the latest new TLD registration numbers.

A recent feature that may be interesting is a list of all websites using new TLDs that show up within the top 1 million on Alexa.

Estibot from $29.95/month

EstibotA lot has been said over the years about Estibot. Regardless of what you think about the dollar valuations it spits out, I find the service useful in a number of ways.

A key one: finding gems from within a long list of domain names. When I get a list of domains for sale, I’ll run it through Estibot to see which ones pop out with its algorithms.

I also periodically run my own domain portfolio through Estibot to see if I’ve overlooked something. I like how the appraisal results show which other TLDs my domains are registered under.

The end user lead generator is also handy.

DomainTools $49.95/month, $499.95/year

DomainToolsEverybody uses DomainTools, right? It’s probably the most popular service on this list.

I primarily use it for historical whois lookups. But I also use it to track for domain name changes (including in my own portfolio), finding domain sales and transfers, and to search for available domain names.

Estibot to launch domainIQ for reverse and historical whois

New service will launch next week.

DomainIQThe company behind Estibot is launching a new domain name service called domainIQ next week.

domainIQ provides reverse whois (all the domains owned by a person or company), historical whois, and other intelligence about domain names.

Many of the features are currently found in DomainTools, and some are also found in the free service Whoisology. domainIQ will certainly compete with these services, depending on what level of detail and data the customer is looking for.

Reverse whois lookups at domainIQ include a bunch of data including the list of domains, categories they fall into, extension break down, language, registrar, valuation break down, keyword density breakdown and more. You can view a video of how it works at domainIQ.com.

Prices range from $24.95 to $149.95 per month. Each package includes unlimited reverse whois lookups, but the levels display a different number of results. For example, the mid-level $49.95/month package will show up to 100 results per lookup.

Estibot rolled the service out to some of its long-time customers today. It will debut to the public next week.

Estibot launches new expired domain finder Dropping.com

A new expired domain service from the creators of Estibot.

Dropping.comEstibot has launched a new expired domain search service called Dropping.com.

Dropping.com aggregates expiring domain data from backorder services, marketplaces, and registrars and then provides 100 data points on them. It has over 7.5 million domains in its active inventory.

Data points on domains include search counts, CPC, backlinks, etc.

A couple nice features include historical whois information on the domain names and generating end user sales leads for domains on the fly. (The latter is a tool currently found in Estibot.)

Additionally, you can see sales data for domains similar to the one you’re viewing. For example, I just looked at Bolt.org and it shows recent data for sales of Bolt.com, Bolted.com, and ProBolt.com.

The site also allows you to link your Go Daddy account so you can place bids from within the Dropping.com interface.

Dropping.com is a paid service with plans starting at $49.95 per month. More expensive plans are required to access some of the advanced features, such as end user sales leads.

DomainTools and Estibot are Domainer Favorites

Domain investors share their favorite tools.

What are your go-to tools for domaining?

I’m guessing DomainTools is one of your most frequented sites.

45% of people who took this year’s Domain Name Wire Survey said DomainTools was the “software or hosted application that is most valuable to their domain name business for research and management.”

Nearly 14% said the same thing about domain pricing and sales system Estibot.

After that usage drops off significantly. Between 4%-6% of survey respondents selected one of the following:

Domain Research Tool
Fresh Drop

No one system seems to manage everything that a domainer needs for business. Perhaps that’s good; most tools focus on a core competency and do it rather well.

DomainTools Selected as Top Domain Research and Management Tool

Whois service gets MVP.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that the top domain tool is, well, DomainTools.

The popular whois service was selected as the “most valuable” software or hosted application for domain research and management, according to respondents in the 5th Annual Domain Name Wire Survey.

39% of those surveyed picked DomainTools, nearly three times as many as the next highest vote-getter.

Here are the top five results:

1. DomainTools (39%)
2. FreshDrop (14%) – expired domain evaluation system
3. Estibot (14%) – domain appraisal and sales system
4. Domain Research Tool (5%)
5. Watch My Domains (4%) – domain portfolio management

What’s interesting about the top five are that none of them are really “competitors” of the other. From expired domains to domain sales to domain prospecting, each helps domainers with a distinctly different part of their business.

A handful of write-in votes were received for Google’s free keyword tool and Valuate.com.

More survey results are available here.