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  • DomainFest is less than a month away. Here’s why I’m going.

    1. BY - Mar 05, 2014
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    DomainSponsor’s annual domain name conference is just a few weeks away.

    DomainFestThis year’s date-shifted DomainFest conference is less than a month away, kicking off on March 31.

    I just booked my travel for the event, which is one of many domain conferences I plan to go to this year.

    With a very busy conference circuit, I’m being selective about which events I attend. Ultimately I included DomainFest as one of them for five reasons:

    1. The show has a long history of putting on a professionally run event.
    2. Given the long list of sponsors, I think the event will be well attended (even if smaller than in previous years).
    3. The agenda includes a number of sessions and speakers I’d like to see, including Akram Atallah.
    4. It’s in L.A., which is an easy (and cheap) trip for me.
    5. With everything going on in the industry as new TLDs launch, I feel like waiting for the next conference is just too long.

  • Stone Temple Pilots to play DomainFest

    1. BY - Feb 14, 2014
    2. Domain Parking
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    STP on the bill for DomainFest 2014.

    DomainSponsor’s DomainFest conference is always known for legendary entertainment. The Playboy Mansion comes to mind. Renting our Universal Studios. In other words, over-the-top events when compared to other domain conferences.

    This year the conference has another great event, but in an entirely different category: Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington will play Tuesday, April 2 at a private event. The location will be revealed at registration, and badges of course will be required to attend.

    Talk about reliving the 90s!

    I haven’t yet decided if I’ll attend DomainFest this year, but they’re making it difficult to say no.

  • DomainFest returns to Hollywood, plans conference for end of March

    1. BY - Jan 23, 2014
    2. Domain Services
    3. 1 Comment’s DomainSponsor announces plans for 2014 conference.

    DomainFestDomainSponsor’s annual DomainFest conference is changing its branding back to DomainFest and has set its dates for 2014.

    The nine year old conference changed its name last year to WebFest Global because the agenda had expanded beyond domain names into search, mobile, and web development. Although it appears this year’s event will also focus on these expanded topics, the company is reverting its branding back to DomainFest. I think this is a good move, as many in the industry still referred to the conference by this name.

    The conference is also returning to the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood. The event had shifted from Hollywood to Santa Monica for the past few years.

    Earlybird pricing is $695 through February 14, and there will be day passes available for the first day of the conference.

    It will be interesting to see how attendance is for the show. The conference typically takes place in late January or early February, and this year NamesCon filled that void. Also, DomainFest is being announced just two months in advance, which isn’t much notice.

  • launches TrafficMatch to pitch domain traffic to advertisers

    1. BY - Jul 29, 2013
    2. Domain Parking
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    TrafficMatch promotes domain name traffic to advertisers., the parent company of DomainSponsor, somewhat quietly launched TrafficMatch last month.

    TrafficMatch pitches the company’s 300 million monthly visitors direct to advertisers – and a big part of that 300 million is domain name traffic.


    Here’s how the TrafficMatch website explains it:

    TrafficMatch is a leading provider of high value online traffic. With nearly 300 million visitors passing through our network every month, we offer one of the best opportunities to augment your online marketing mix. We are the pioneers of untapped traffic sources such as direct navigation and email traffic that yield engaged visitors at a lower price than established online media channels…

    A trademark application the company just filed lists the goods and services for TrafficMatch as “Online marketing and advertising services; domain monetization services for monetizing web traffic visiting undeveloped domains”.

    Although the site also has a section for publishers (e.g. domain owners) to submit an inquiry to monetize with TrafficMatch, DomainSponsor isn’t going anywhere. TrafficMatch is essentially a new brand to market alternative types of traffic and monetization.

    Based on historical whois records, it looks like acquired the domain name from eCorp. eCorp was founded by Chad Folkening, who also co-founded Domain Holdings – a competitor in the domain monetization space.

  • DomainSponsor releases new iPhone and Android Apps

    1. BY - Feb 05, 2013
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    Updated app includes notifications of domains for sale.

    DomainSponsor appDomainSponsor today announced the release of its updated apps on both Apple and Android.

    The app has a number of features, as explained by VP & GM Internet Monetization Dwayne Walker this morning.

    Some of the features are exactly what you’d expect on a domain parking app:

    Account summaries
    Domain level statistics
    Portfolio level statistics
    Quick view of top 100 domains
    Data by country

    But one feature is low-tech but may make it worth downloading the app: domains for sale notifications. is one of the largest domain portfolio holders in the world. It occasionally puts portfolios of domains up for sale, and it will announce these portfolios solely through the app.

    The updated app is available on iTunes, Android Play, and the Amazon App Store.