Christine Jones’ gubernatorial bid ends in primaries

Former GoDaddy exec places third in Republican primary.

Christine JonesChristine Jones, former general counsel for GoDaddy, lost her bid to become the next governor of Arizona in the Republican primary yesterday.

Doug Ducey, current Arizona treasurer and former CEO of ice cream franchise Cold Stone Creamery, took 37% of the vote in the primary. Jones finished third with 16.7% of the vote.

GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons contributed over $1 million to fund attack ads against Ducey. Parsons told reporters his commercials were in response to Ducey claiming Jones was a “line employee” at GoDaddy; as general counsel she was one of the company’s top executives.

Running in a Republican primary in Arizona, Jones and the other candidates leaned pretty far to the right to attract voters. Unsurprisingly, one attack against Jones was her cameo in a risque GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial.

Jones’ 16.7% take in a crowded field was probably a lot better than people expected when she threw her hat in the ring. Her newly found name recognition should help her in business, or should she decide to run for another office.

GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons spends $1M on Christine Jones’ run for governor

Parsons paying for attack ads against former employee’s competition for Governor.

GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons is lending a helping hand to his former employee Christine Jones.

Jones, who was GoDaddy’s general counsel, is now running for governor of Arizona.

Parsons said he has already spent $1M funding Better Leaders for Arizona, which is running attack ads against competitor Doug Ducey. He might spend more.

Parsons’ role in the ads was suspected after one of the ads was connected to a marketing and advertising firm he purchased.

According to AZCentral, Parsons decided to out his funding after Ducey attacked Jones during a debate as “a line employee at GoDaddy with no leadership experience.”

Say what you want about Jones’ tenure at GoDaddy, but she certainly wasn’t just a line employee.

Former GoDaddy General Counsel to run for Arizona Governor

Jones jumps headfirst into politics with gubernatorial bid.

Christine JonesChristine Jones, former General Counsel & Corporate Secretary for GoDaddy, announced that she will run for Governor of Arizona.

Jones left the company last year after a decade in high profile roles at the fast growing domain name registrar and web services firm.

Having a leading role at a company that created thousands of jobs in the state will no doubt help her bid.

Jones and other GoDaddy executives have a history of backing Republican politicians. In 2008 Jones acted as a “bundler” for John McCain, raising $29,050. During the 2012 election cycle, The PAC donated primarily to republican candidates, and Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons chipped in $1 million to Mitt Romney’s PAC.

Politics being what it is, I suspect a couple things that happened during her tenure will be brought up on the campaign trail. First, she was a supporter of the Stop Online Privacy Act, or SOPA, which eventually died after a massive online uprising. Second, she played a role in GoDaddy’s controversial Super Bowl commercials. I mean that literally – she had a cameo in the company’s 2009 “Enhancement” commercial, sitting next to Danica Patrick. That might not sit well with some conservative Republican voters.

Although her legal position at GoDaddy often put her in the crossfires, even some domain industry professionals who had disagreements with her over the years have told me they have the utmost respect for her.

2012 Impact Stories: changing of the guard at Go Daddy

Major changes at the top of the world’s largest domain name registrar.

In late 2011 Go Daddy closed on an investment from KKR, Silver Lake, and Technology Crossover Ventures.

We all knew changes would result, but how they manifested themselves in the C-suite was a big story this year.

When the investment closed last year, Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons stepped down from the CEO position and tapped longtime Go Daddy president Warren Adelman to fill his shoes.

The first big executive change under Adelman’s leadership was the departure of general counsel Christine Jones.

It was the next person to go that was a big shocker: Adelman himself.

He announced his departure after just seven months as CEO.

Adelman was replaced by Scott Wagner, a member of KKR’s portfolio operations team, on an interim basis.

Last week Go Daddy announced it has found its new CEO — former Yahoo! Chief Product Officer Blake Irving.

It recently named two more senior executives, which means a transition is in full effect.

It all points to a 2013 where a PE-backed Go Daddy goes long on acquisitions, product line expansion, and international growth.

General Counsel Christine Jones leaving Go Daddy

A long time fixture at Go Daddy is moving on.

Christine Jones, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary for Go Daddy, will leave the company Friday after 10 years.

Jones managed all legal affairs for the company and frequently represented the company as a witness at congressional hearings. She was a key player at the company and the industry given her role in lobbying in Washington. She even had a cameo in GoDaddy’s 2009 “enhancement” Super Bowl commercial.

During her ten years at the company she watched it grow from a small startup to a multi-billion dollar company, including taking on an investment from PE firms last year.

But her tenure wasn’t always smooth sailing. Most recently, Jones got caught up in SOPA as she originally testified to congress in favor of the bill. GoDaddy later relented and changed its stance on the bill, but its position resulted in a good number of customers transferring their domains to competitors.