Donuts’ new TLD renewal rates range from 55% to 72%

Company releases updated figures for renewal rates.

New top level domain name company Donuts has released updated renewal rates for the first 25 top level domain names it launched. Rates range from about 55% to 72%, well under the company’s predicted 80% renewal rate. (The company now says it expects rates to trend toward 80% later in the year.)

The highest renewal rate belongs to .technology at 71.7%. The lowest is .directory at just 54.7%.

.Guru, which received more first year registrations than any other Donuts domain, has a renewal rate of 57.5%. The company believes there were “a disproportionate number of speculative buyers” in .guru. Click here to continue reading… great brand with an interesting history

A chain of allergy doctors uses a fantastic domain name.

Great brand for an allergist.

The other day I got out of my car at a retail center and noticed this great domain name on the building next to me:

This is a fantastic name for an allergy doctor!

I looked up the company and found that they have multiple allergy centers in Central Texas as well as one in the Los Angeles area.

The domain name has a bit of history, too. Remember, the .com company that filed for bankruptcy when the bubble burst? I recall ready that the company bought a bunch of variations of its domain name because it’s hard to spell. Apparently it also owned, which is frankly a much better name than

I personally see an allergist in Austin. While researching allergists many years ago, I found that they all had similar names…Austin Allergy this, Austin Allergy that… is a great differentiator.

Verisign: China is trending

Chinese terms dominate trending words in .com registrations last month.

Much of .com’s growth has been fueled by Asia recently, and the top trending keywords in .com and .net from last month bare this out. Verisign released numbers on March yesterday:


It appears that 7 of the top 10 trending terms in .com are in Chinese or related to China.

Verisign creates this list by looking at the fastest growing terms from one month to the next. This prevents the list from being full of terms that are always popular, such as “online”.

Which new TLDs are performing best on the resale market

.Club is a top seller.

NameBio, a domain sales data site, published details this morning about which new top level domain names are selling best on the aftermarket.

Here are the top 5 based on publicly-reported sales, ranked by dollar volume:


You can see the full chart here.

NameBio’s Michael Sumner provides a number of caveats, and I think it’s worth reviewing them.

A key one: NameBio’s database only includes public sales it gathers from Sedo, NameJet, Flippa and other marketplaces.

I’d note that, because Afternic isn’t reporting sales right now, we’re potentially missing a big part of the market.

.Club is certainly doing well, and its exclusive deal with Sedo means its sales get more exposure. .Club’s numbers should go up a lot when the $150,000 sale closes, too.

You should also consider that many registry-sold domains are at premium prices, and arguably could be included in TLD’s total sales as a sign of a TLD’s overall value. I believe many of the .Club sales reported on Sedo were actually sold by the registry, so NameBio’s number don’t necessarily reflect domainer flips.

Google’s mobile deadline one week away

Search results on mobile devices to change one week from today.

Most people in the United States are making a last minute push to complete taxes, but another deadline is quickly approaching for website owners.

April 21 — just one week from now — is the date that Google will change its search results on mobile devices. The “significant” change will promote mobile-friendly content over content designed only for full browser screens.

Given the growth on mobile search and browsing, this is a big deal for most site operators.

You can easily check if a page is mobile friendly using this Google tool. If you have your site in Webmaster Tools, you’ve probably received a warning if your site is not mobile-friendly.