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  • Here are the numbers for this week’s TLD launches

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    .London steals the show.

    6 new top level domain names launched this week. A simple way to describe the results: .London. everything else is just details.

    .London added 12,421 to the zone on the first partial day and another 695 on the second day to bring its total to 35,663.

    After that, .digital had the second best launch in terms of registrations. It added 2,159 domains to reach 2,648.

    .Digital is a bit more generic than Donuts’ other domain name launches this week: .accountants, .finance and .insure. It was also cheaper.

    I examined the .digital zone file and didn’t find any one registrant responsible for the bulk of registrations. So just a decent launch for .digital.

    .Accountants added 260 domains to hit 371, .finance added 783 to reach 1,057 and .insure added 567 to reach 788.

    Accountants will soon have a lot of options for domain names, including .accountant and .cpa.

    .Global, which launched Tuesday, now has 1,816 domains in the zone after adding another 179 yesterday. That seems pretty good for a domain priced above $50 with a limited use case. For how many companies would .global make sense, and don’t these companies already have an existing domain name?

  • An example of new TLD channel marketing courtesy of Minds + Machines

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    Getting registrars excited about promoting new TLDs is key to each registry’s success.

    Minds + MachinesI’ve written numerous times about what new TLD companies are doing to promote their domain names to end users.

    Just as important is marketing them to domain name registrars, which typically act as the channel to get domain names into the hands of end users. This is especially important given the flood of new domain names hitting the market every week.

    Here’s an example of channel marketing… …Click here to continue reading

  • .Radio contention set settled through CPE, .Art claims denied

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    .Radio contention set resolved and .art still up in the air.

    European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has won the contention set for .Radio after prevailing in a Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) for the string.

    That means Donuts, Afilias and BRS Media (with Minds + Machines as the back end) are out of the running for the .radio top level domain name.

    EBU scored 14 points out of a possible 16. 14 points are required in order to prevail.

    It scored 3 out of 4 on Community Establishment and Nexus between String and Community, and 4 out of 4 on Registration Policies and Community Endorsement.

    Two other CPE decisions were published today. eFlux Art, LLC and Dadotart, Inc lost their evaluations for .art. Each party scored just 7 points out of 16.

    .Art is one of the most contested applications with 10 applicants. That should be a fun auction.

  • Big news: GoDaddy now fully functional with Afternic

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    Fast Transfer integration is good news for all domainers that sell domains with fixed prices.

    Afternic GoDaddyIt’s been almost a year since GoDaddy acquired Afternic, and domainers can finally realize a huge benefit of the acquisition.

    Starting later today, GoDaddy will be fully integrated with Afternic as a “Fast Transfer” partner.

    This means two things for domain name investors: …Click here to continue reading

  • Sedo and TLDs promote domain names at dmexco

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    Top your frozen yogurt with a heap of .media and a sprinkle of .pics.

    Sedo dmexco frozen yogurtSedo and a number of top level domain registries are promoting domain name options at Europe’s biggest digital marketing conference this week.

    The company has a booth at dmexco, taking place in Cologne today and tomorrow. The event is expected to draw 32,000 people. …Click here to continue reading and see more pictures of Sedo’s booth