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  • Paula Deen spends $27,900 on domain name for new venture (end user sales)

    1. BY - Jul 25, 2014
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    Celebrity chef among end users who bought domain names last week.

    Paul Deen NetworkCelebrity chef Paula Deen, who experienced a spectacular fall from grace last year over her prior use of racial slurs, is making a comeback with Paul Deen Ventures. She’s launching a subscription service called Paula Deen Network (PDN). She just made a smart move by buying the domain name for $27,900, which is a heck of a deal.

    That was just one of many end user domain name purchases at Sedo last week. Others are below.

    (You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.) $50,000 – Tax software company Intellirose, which has a product called irsLogics. They recently purchased for $1,999. 900 EUR – TelecityGroup International Limited, which operates data centers. $854 – Vanquis Bank Limited in the United Kingdom. 850 GBP – Shizzle Labs Ltd, a startup in London building a mobile app called Shizzle. 5,000 EUR – French company Teleshopping $1,500 – Champions Club Pvt Ltd in Goa, India. 6,000 EUR – GoDerma GmbH, a company that lets you get a remote diagnosis from a dermatologist. This seems to be some sort of brand for them. 3,750 EUR – ITL Leisure Tourism & Travel Co. in Saudi Arabia. $1,295 – Choctaw County Development Association in Oklahoma. Hugo is a city within the county. $1,500 – Vitamin and supplements company Inc $2,500 – Crossroads Television System in Burlington, Ontario $3,000 – ecom360 GmbH, which owns the matching .de domain name. $1,450 – ConsolAir Inc., which owns the matching .net domain name. 899 EUR – Business travel company 3mundi. $799 – MSI Benefits Group, Inc. in Kennesaw, Georgia. They own $7,999 – Mobile technology company OpenMarket. $6,988 – Wiluna Holdings, LLC, which sells clips. $1,500 – Dairy/livestock services company They use the matching .com. $5,500 – Avantis Systems, provider of classroom tablets under the LearnPad brand. 899 GBP – Beverage company LoveTaste, which uses the matching .co domain name. $1,500 – Media Titan, Inc in California. $3,288 – Mailroom automation and scanner company OPEX Corporation. They use the matching .com domain name.

  • Verisign reports slowing growth, hikes .Net prices 10%

    1. BY - Jul 24, 2014
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    .Com base inches forward, .Net prices are increasing.

    VerisignVerisign reported earnings after the bell today, and the results for .com/.net aren’t that promising.

    It gets harder to grow something as it gets bigger, but net adds across these two domain names slowed by quite a bit.

    Verisign reported just 0.42 million net new ads during the second quarter. Last year in the same quarter it added 1.2 million domain names.

    The good news for Verisign is that new registrations of .com and .net remain fairly strong. 8.5 million new .com/.net domain names were registered last quarter, compared to 8.7 million for the same quarter last year.

    The number is down, but not by that much. The company predicts a rebound in Q3.

    Even better, Verisign is invoking its allowed price hike on .net domain names. The price will jump from $6.18 to $6.79 on February 1, 2015.

    Who needs to grow the zone when you can just increase prices 10% a year?

    Verisign used to be able to do that with .com, too. The U.S. government stepped in to put a halt to that.

  • HA Domain name auction grosses $774k, and sell for 6 figures

    1. BY - Jul 24, 2014
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    Heritage Auctions’ latest domain name auction goes well.

    Heritage AuctionsHeritage Auctions latest domain name auction has concluded with $773,876 worth of domain name sales. That doesn’t include after-auction sales, which almost always increase the total sales number.

    That total (and the prices below) include a 15% buyers’ premium. Including the premium best represents the actual price paid and makes it apples-to-apples with auctions win which a commission is deducted. sold for $373,500 to take the top spot. sold for $230,000. It was a long way down from there, but multiple domain names sold for good five figure prices.

    The headline domain for the auction — — was withdrawn due to ongoing legal and bankruptcy issues with Mt. Gox.

    Here are all of the sales: $172.50 $26 $27,600 $373,750 $15 $57,500 $862.50 $32,200 $920 $1,207.50 $2,300 $230,000 $40,250 $402.50 $920 $5,750

  • Google registering “MusicKey” domain names for music subscription business?

    1. BY - Jul 24, 2014
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    Google registering MusicKey ccTLDs. Is this the name of its new music service?

    Usually, when I see a company registering a bunch of similar domain names, I can track it down to a new product announcement.

    I’m a bit unclear about recent Google domain name registrations for “MusicKey” domain names, but I suspect it might be for YouTube’s new subscription music service.

    On Monday, the company registered It has registered MusicKey in many other ccTLDs including, .de, .fr, .at and .jp.

    Yet the company hasn’t apparently made a play at MusicKey in many gTLDs. .Com, .net and .org are all registered by other parties. .Biz and .info aren’t registered.

    I’ve googled around to find out what MusicKey might represent to Google. A big key is that the company also registered, which makes me think it is for the company’s new subscription music service.

    Any other guesses?

  • A look inside today’s virtual domain name tradeshow

    1. BY - Jul 24, 2014
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    Virtual tradeshow is clunky but presents a good opportunity to chat with domain name companies.


    I remember going to a virtual tradeshow about a decade ago. It was clunky and hard to use.

    Apparently that’s the case in 2014 as well.

    I just attended Webfair Virtual, an online tradeshow featuring a bunch of domain name companies.

    The process of registering, downloading software, and navigating the show floor was rather cumbersome. (Once you figure out how to chat with companies, you’ll find many of them aren’t available.)

    Nonetheless, it’s worth checking out if you want to chat one-on-one with representatives of domain name companies.

    Perhaps instead of a graphic-heavy virtual tradeshow, chat forum sessions with various companies would be more valuable. It would certainly be easier.