Lawsuit: company demands domain name over copyright and trademark claims

Company demands ownership of to settle claims of trademark and copyright infringement. is one of the most valuable and storied domain names of all time. A battle over its ownership has resulted in multiple lawsuits, a fugitive hunt and millions of dollars in transactions.

The domain name most recently sold for $13 million in 2010.

Now a lawsuit is demanding transfer (pdf) of the ownership of the domain name based on copyright and trademark claims. Click here to continue reading… for $89,000 and 18 other end user domain name sales

Company buys for new product line.

Sedo’s top public end user sale for the past week was, which was purchased by a company changing its name and introducing a new product line called Filament Network.

The company had some other notable end user sales, including an IOT domain name purchased by a company that’s not an Internet of Things company. They paid a premium because IOT is now a popular acronym.

One sale that didn’t make the list, because I can’t confirm it’s an end user purchase: for $899. Did you know this is a thing? OK, let’s get to the list:

Click here to see this week’s End User list…

Khloe Kardashian demands her .com domain name

Better late than never, a Kardashian files request for her .com domain name.

Khloe Kardashian, reality TV star and sister of Kim Kardashian, has filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of, demanding that the domain name be turned over to her.

The case was just filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The domain name was registered in 2007. It’s unclear who owns the domain name because its Whois record is protected by a privacy service. does not currently resolve to a website, but has been parked at some point. It’s also listed for sale on GoDaddy’s domain name marketplace.

CentralNic sells $1 million domain name portfolio

CentralNic sells more domain names from its domain trading business.

CentralNicCentralNic (AIM: CNIC) announced today that it has sold a group of domain names for US $1 million, to be paid over the coming months.

The sale comes from CentralNic’s portfolio of over 20,000 domain names. The company started buying and selling domain names in the second half of last year, and reported $2.5 million in sales in December 2014.

CentralNic’s biggest value might be in the two letter domain names it owns, such as and But it can’t easily sell these domains since it has sold third level registrations underneath them.

8,000 Premium .Club domains available through registrars tomorrow

.Club to begin selling premium domain names through domain name registrars.

Starting July 1, you’ll be able to buy premium .Club domain names through the registrar channel.

.ClubMuch like premium domain names offered by other registries, customers will see that the .Club domain name is available but will have to pay a higher price. There’s a key difference between .Club’s premium domains and those from other registries: the premium price is a one time fee. The domain names renew at regular prices.

About 8,000 domain names will be offered through registrars at nine premium levels with suggested retail prices between $100-$10,000.

.Club has sold over $1 million of premium domain names since its launch. In addition to the registrar channel, the company will continue to sell premium domain names through Sedo, Right of the Dot and its own Startup.Club program.