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Here are the Exhibit and Witness lists for the Verisign v. XYZ trial

Lists will hit home in the domain name industry.

Verisign’s lawsuit against, LLC and Daniel Negari continues to move forward at full speed, thanks to the “rocket docket” in U.S. District Court Eastern District of Virginia.

Both parties have submitted their proposed exhibit lists and witnesses for the trial.

Reviewing the exhibit lists, it’s clear that if you emailed Daniel Negari about .xyz, there’s a good chance Verisign has reviewed that email. If you wrote or commented about .xyz, Verisign’s counsel has read it.

Among the email exchanges Verisign plans to use as exhibits at trial are with bloggers Michael Berkens, Morgan Linton, Rick Schwartz and Kevin Murphy, as well as Donuts CEO Paul Stahura. Click here to continue reading…

Verisign presses Network Solutions for details on .XYZ registrations

Company files motion to compel Network Solutions’ parent company to provide a witness.

Verisign has filed a motion (pdf) in a Florida court to compel, parent company of Network Solutions, to provide a witness to testify about how the registrar accounted for free .xyz domain names.

Network Solutions gave away perhaps hundreds of thousands of .xyz domain names last year. They weren’t just offered for free; They were placed in customer accounts on an opt-out basis.

Verisign is suing .XYZ for false advertising. Among its arguments is that .XYZ used these free domains as evidence that there was high demand for its .com alternative.

Verisign has already deposed one employee on the matter, but he was not able to answer questions about how the registrar accounted for the registrations.

In the motion to compel, Verisign wrote: Click here to continue reading…

Donuts: Verisign trying to intimidate, bully competitors with .XYZ lawsuit

New top level domain company issues statement after court finds in its favor.

A judge in U.S. District Court in Washington state has denied Verisign’s request for reconsideration in a subpoena battle involving competitor Donuts. Donuts says Verisign is trying to intimated and bully competitors through similar subpoenas.

Verisign subpoenaed Donuts as a non-party in the .com registry’s lawsuit against .XYZ and Daniel Negari. Donuts fought back, asking the court to quash the subpoena.

The judge granted much of Donuts’ request. But then Verisign said that it had evidence, obtained during discovery, that suggested Donuts CEO Paul Stahura was providing guidance to Negari as it related to Verisign’s lawsuit.

Verisign asked the court to reconsider it original decision, and the court has now denied (pdf) Verisign’s request.

Donuts issued the following statement:

The Federal Court granted Donuts’ motion to quash a burdensome subpoena seeking private and irrelevant communications in a lawsuit to which it isn’t a party. Unfortunately, Verisign has been attempting to intimidate competitors and gain access to sensitive information from Donuts, GoDaddy, and others in a lawsuit it brought against .XYZ LLC. Donuts will not tolerate this kind of prying into its confidential business matters and appreciates the court ruling against these bullying tactics.

ICANN is also fighting a subpoena from Verisign related to the .XYZ lawsuit.

Verisign sues CentralNic and .XYZ over .Theatre, .Protection and .Security

Company upset that Verisign was dropped as registry services provider in favor of CentralNic.

Earlier this week I noted a lawsuit Verisign filed in Virginia against .XYZ and Daniel Negari. Thanks to a request by the defendants to remove the case to federal district court, I now have a copy of the lawsuit (large PDF).

As it turns out, Verisign originally sued Key Brand Entertainment, applicant for .Theatre, and CentralNic back in March in Circuit Court in Fairfax County. The basis of the lawsuit was that Key Brand Entertainment dropped Verisign as the registry services provider for the domain name and switched to CentralNic. Verisign said this switch was due to a third party, unknown at the time, acquiring the .theatre domain name. Click here to continue reading…

Verisign’s lawsuit against .XYZ continues, pesters Donuts & ICANN as well

Lawsuit marches on, creating legal headaches for many of Verisign’s competitors.

VerisignWhy did Verisign sue .XYZ for disparaging .com and allegedly falsely inflating the company’s success?

It’s pretty clear that Verisign thinks new top level domain names pose a threat to .Com, otherwise it wouldn’t have bothered. This goes beyond .XYZ.

The lawsuit is surely costing Verisign and .XYZ a lot of money, something that the former has plenty of thanks to its monopoly on selling .com domain names. This week I reviewed the dockets related to the case, which now include over 200 items. Lawsuit filings show that Verisign is also pestering many other new TLD companies with the suit, including asking Donuts and domain system overlord ICANN to hand over documents.

Here is what’s going on: Click here to continue reading…