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38 more end user domain sales including some recognizable brands

20th Century Fox among domain name buyers.

Some recognizable brands made domain name purchases at Afternic last week. Here’s the end user sales list. sold for $27,000. Although the whois is protected by a privacy service, the domain now forwards to, the web site of Instituto Madrileo de Formacin.

PayHere Payment Services Ltd bought for $3,900. The domain was sold by Tucows’ YummyNames. Marchex owns the .com version.

A guy named Simon Wilson bought for $2,000.

Kansas Leadership Center, a civic leadership development organization, bought for $1,888.

Irish marketing company Mace Promotions, which uses, went global with for $1,256.

American Plumbing Professionals in Tunnel Hill, Georgia picked up for $3,500. This is shorter than its current domain name.

Supplements company Great HealthWorks bought for $1,925.

Pacific Dental Services in Irvine paid $2,300 for

Astis Mittens, maker of some funny looking mittens, shortened from to for $2,000.

Paladin Medical, Inc. bought for $1,395.

Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau bought for $1,800.

Tube Technology, maker of The Best Closet Organizer, bought for $1,195.

Red Ventures bought another domain,, for $3,388.

Twentienth Century Foxaka 21st Century Fox – bought for $3,500.

Prestige Boot Camp Ltd bought for $4,288. They do not own, which is listed for sale for $3,000.

Pharmaceutical advertising firm Juice Pharma bought for $5,600.

Superior Tank Co., Inc. in California paid $1,000 for

Candy company Spangler, maker of Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, and Spangler Candy Canes, bought for $1,000.

Insurance Incorporated in Nashville bought for $1,900. It uses the domain

Ohio Appalachian Business Council bought for $3,666. That stands for Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth.

Interior design studio Millwright Design bought for $1,400.

Fulfillment Service Inc. bought the plural of its existing domain for $4,588.

The educational game Space Race bought for $1,200.

Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan upgraded from .org to .com with for $4,188.

Another upgrade came courtesy of Auto Technology Company, which went from to for $3,000.

PHHP Group Sdn Bhd bought for $4,888. It uses the ccTLD

The owner of bought for $2,240.

Package design and customized product company CustomFormed Products bought for $1,288.

Law firm Da Vinci Partners bought another domain,, for $2,500.

San Antonio co-working/startup center Geekdom bought for $3,300.

Combine World Inc. bought for $1,277. It already owns the .com.

OpsTel Service bought for $1,250.

Legal Services Corporation, a non-profit formed by the U.S. Government, bought for $6,000.

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina bought for $3,000. It already owns the .com.

Gang Alternative Inc, which is launching a site at soon, bought for $1,088.

Yang’s Martial Arts Association, which already owns, bought for $1,988.

PublicLight USA, which sells and rents LED furniture, bought for $2,880.

Lifetime Fitness bought for $1,988.

Electronic Arts buys for Battlefield 4 (and other end user sales)

Electronic Arts among the big name buyers at Sedo last week.

Sedo had some big sales last week, including for $252,000. The whois record for still shows Sedo, so we don’t yet know how bought the domain. Here are some of Sedo’s other end user sales last week.

Electronic Arts bought for $9,000, which is short for its Battlefield 4 game.

Australian wedding site bought for $1,250.

Spy equipment site bought for 1,500 GBP.

Local World Limited, publisher of the Nottingham Post, bought for 850 GBP.

Ticket To Heaven A/S, which runs clothing site Ticket Outdoor, bought for $4,001.

Australian company Global Pumps bought for $1,999. It uses the version of this.

Red Ventures bought another domain – – for $899.

Consulting firm Olive Grove Consulting bought for $1,000.

Brazilian fabrics and packaging company Évora, which recently changed its name from Petropar, bought for $94,000.

ChatThreads, which measures how brand interactions lead to purchases, bought for $X.

23 end user domain name sales

Buyers include two public companies.

Here is a list of end user domain sales through the Afternic platform last week.

Onesta Restaurant Consultants paid $1,488 for

Ottawa landscaping company Instant Lawns bought for $3,500 to go with its domain name.

Online fundraising service paid $1,500 for

Event and travel company Wyndham Jade bought for $1,500.

Documentary film maker Lone Wolf Documentary Group bought for $1,600. It’s web address is

Now this was a much needed upgrade: SSP Stainless Steel Fittings has been using It just bought for $1,395.

The owner of went global with for $2,795.

Marketing company Red Ventures, which is no stranger to the domain aftermarket, bought for $1,088.

Health insurance technology company Connecture bought for $3,477.

Product sourcing company Logic Source paid $1,032 for

Kansas City concrete company Artistic Concrete Surfaces bought for $1,288. It has been using, which is a great domain.

Integrated Card Service picked up for $1,288.

The University of Tennessee bought for $1,788. I bet it’s for this.

Hansens Bakery Inc baked for $1,200.

Genesco, the $1.5 billion company behind Journey’s, Dockers Footwear, and Hat World, paid $1,675 for

The owner of bought for $1,500.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns bought for $3,888. It has been using for one of its campaigns.

Work incentives/gamification company Hoopla Software bought for $1,097.

Go Green Enterprises Inc, which owns, bought for $X.

Tech PR company Vantage Communications bought That’s a lot better than its hyphenated domain.

eGain Communications Corp, which sells collaboration tools, bought for $2,588. It’s web address is and the company has a market cap of about $200 million.

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation has been using to get the word out. Now it owns for just $1,095.

SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation paid $1,188 for

What domains Princeton and others bought this week

Princeton and others make end user domain purchases.

Before jumping in to the regular report, Jason Davis brought my attention to a sale that recently closed at GoDaddy., which owns, bought for $20,000. The sale took place at GoDaddy.


Concierge Auctions, LLC bought for $2,088.

K. Simon Construction, a roofing company, bought for $2,488.

All Generations Home Care dropped the hyphen in its web address, buying for $1,000.

iPad case maker GripCase made a big domain improvement, going from to just for $3,000.

Ranger Design Inc., maker of van equipment, bought for $3,477 and for $2,877. Its main web address is

Red Ventures, which recently bought for $70,000, paid $1,400 for

Seattle gaming company Zombie Studios bought for $2,088. The company owns the killer domain

Rwanda Works, which works with Rwadan health care centers, bought for $1,000

Dating site Plenty of Fish bought for $1,588.

The owner of bought for $1,150.

Seattle’s StartupCity was back to purchase for $1,200.

Braintree, an online payments service, bought for $1,577.


Princeton University has purchased for $1,000. The domain name forwards to, but there’s nothing on that page at the time of writing.

The company behind Mosquito Magnet traps has purchased the UK domain name for 1,700 EUR.

The owner of upgraded to for $4,500.

Car rental company Enterprise bought for $1,595.

The owner of upgraded to for $6,500.

18 end user domain sales including IAC and McKinsey

Web giant and consulting firm buy aftermarket domains.

Here are 18 notable domain sales over the past week involving end users. All sales are at Afternic unless otherwise noted.

A DNW reader wrote it to to me they sold for $2,500 to point-of-sale-on-an-iPad startup Cube.

Future Mobility Healthcare Inc, which owns, dropped the hyphen for $1,500.

Nautilus Marine Corp also shortened its URL, going from to for $1,488.

Retail business software company Raymark bought for $1,450.

The owner of bought for $1,000.

Iowa roofing company Bakeris Roofing paid $1,500 for Good move, especially since Bakeris isn’t very easy to remember and spell.

Non-profit GreatSchools Inc., owner of, bought for $2,000.

Direct sales company Red Ventures paid $70,000 for It’s worth noting that (singular) sold for $355,000 back in 2006. More on the sale here.

Law firm Gary L. Brooks & Associates bought for $3,388.

Bobby Goldstein Productions, Inc, the producers of the Cheaters TV show, bought for $2,000.

IAC/Interactive Corp
(NASDAQ: IACI) bought for $2,500 at Sedo. Not sure what they plan to do with it.

Human resources consulting company Intuitive HR bought for $3,000 and for $1,860.

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, which just closed on $8.1 million for its Accelerator Fund, bought for $2,000.

The world’s most prestigious management consulting company, McKinsey & Co, bought for $9,255. POBOS is the name for its Pharma Operations Benchmarking practice.

Columbia Bank in New Jersey paid $3,500 for Get it?

Members Health Insurance Company
picked up for $1,928.50.

The Optical Society bought for $2,277.

Chamber Master, which provides software to chambers of commerce, bought for $1,500 each at Sedo.