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  • .London close to 35,000 domain registrations after first day

    1. BY - Sep 10, 2014
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    .London shows solid numbers upon launch.

    The .London top level domain name launched with much fanfare yesterday.

    According to the DomainIncite Pro zone file reports, .London added 12,421 domain names to the zone file in the first partial day to reach 34,968.

    If you asked me a few months ago if .London reaching 35,000 on day one would be a strong number, I’d say yes. That said, I raised my expectations a bit after its very strong landrush period. Perhaps the landrush just pulled demand forward.

    I’m convinced that .city domains have the best opportunity for quick organic growth. In a concentrated area, it just takes a few store owners posting their .london domain names on the front window or in TV commercials to really take off.

    It’s also interesting to consider if you can infer anything about .NYC’s upcoming launch from .London’s numbers. It’s really hard to say. .NYC is perhaps a better worldwide “brand”, but it is launching with closed registration policies that won’t let anyone who doesn’t live or work in New York register a domain.

  • Apple created the i-era. Is it abandoning it?

    1. BY - Sep 09, 2014
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    Apple makes an interesting branding shift.

    iWatchApple introduced a few new products today.

    As expected, it introduced the iPhone 6.

    It also introduced the iWatch–

    –Wait, no it didn’t. It introduced the Apple Watch.

    It also introduced a new payments solution called Apple Pay.

    This is a big shift. Apple obviously can’t change the name of the iPhone, but it chose to brand its new products and services as Apple instead of i-.

    Apple created the ‘i’ brand, but it never owned it. Countless companies and products use the ‘i’ prefix for products, regardless of whether they are for use with iPhones and iPads.

    This might be hard to believe, but at the turn of the century, no one used the i prefix. It was all about e-this and e-that. I know because I still own a bunch of e-domains.

    Then Apple came along with its new-fangled iPod and that all changed.

    Now, it would seem, Apple is moving more toward its flagship brandname.

    What does this mean for the ‘i’ prefix? Not much, at least for now. Between iPhones, iPads and iOS, Apple has engrained the i prefix into the everyday vernacular.

  • through are registered, and Apple doesn’t own them.

    1. BY - Sep 09, 2014
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    People have registered every possible up to

    iPhone6Apple owned the domain name when it announced the new device two years ago. It wasn’t the original registrant, but Apple filed a UDRP to get the domain name ahead of launching the phone.

    The same can’t be said for the iPhone 6, assuming that’s the name, that will be launched today.

    Someone originally registered in 2008 and sold it on Sedo in 2010. The current owner uses whois privacy for the domain name and parks it.

    The domain name will get a lot of traffic today. Patience is paying off for the domain name owner that purchased it four years ago.

    Will it pay off for the owner of …Click here to continue reading

  • Tennessee guitar company moves its website to

    1. BY - Sep 08, 2014
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    Company has owned the domain name since the 90s.

    Tennessee guitar company Gruhn Guitars has moved its website from to the valuable domain name

    This isn’t a case of a company paying big bucks for a great domain — it’s about a company finally getting around to leveraging an asset is has owned for more than a decade.

    The Nashville Business Journal reports that Gruhn registered the domain name in the late 90s.

    It has forwarded traffic from to its main site at It has also promoted in some marketing material, but now it is taking a bigger step: its site is now hosted at and forwards to

    A company representative notes that people will connect with the Gruhn brand, so it’s important to maintain that even while using the domain name.

    Over the years, the company has turned down many five figure offers for the domain names. (It’s surely worth a strong six figure number.)

  • New TLDs this week: .London, .Global and more

    1. BY - Sep 08, 2014
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    .London headlines this week’s new top level domain name releases.


    A GoDaddy advertisement in London for .London.

    One of the most-watched TLDs on the docket is launching this week as .London goes into general availability on Tuesday.

    It will have to compete with Apple for news coverage, but I suspect that tech journalists will be clamoring for something to write about other than “10 ways the new iPhone will blow your MIND!”

    Based on registrations during the priority period, this domain should do well out of the gate. The domain name is open to everyone; you don’t have to live or work in London to register a .London domain name.

    Expect to pay about $50 for a one year registration. …Click here to continue reading