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  • Last chance: please take the 2014 Domain Name Wire Survey

    1. BY - Apr 09, 2014
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    Survey closes next week.

    The Domain Name Wire survey will officially close on April 15. If you haven’t taken 5 minutes to complete it yet, I’d appreciate you doing it today.

    This year’s survey is different from the past 8 years. The survey asks about the domain business, domain parking, registrars, etc., but without asking you which ones are your favorite.

    As a result, companies aren’t stuffing the ballot box this year. The upside is that I am seeing a lot of great, well-thought responses from people in the domain industry.

    I’d appreciate you taking just a few moments to complete the survey. Let your opinion be heard.

  • Another 0-for-18 with new TLDs

    1. BY - Apr 09, 2014
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    I tried to register 18 new domains today. I failed once again.

    Five more of Donuts’ new top level domain names revert to standard pricing today — .florist, .solar, .coffee, .house, and .international.

    I came up with 18 domains that I thought might be worth registering in these new extensions. Regrettably, I went 0-for-18.

    Perhaps I’m not being creative enough. I’m admittedly coming up with domain ideas that many others would think of, too. But the results suggest that it’s very difficult to get the best new TLDs at launch at regular registration fees.

    Here’s the breakdown:

    9 – Name collision list (NXD)
    4 – registry reserved
    4- registered in Early Access Program at premium
    1- premium domain

    The name collision list was, once again, the biggest culprit. It has simply destroyed the launch of .house with a whopping 107,365 strings blocked. These are domains that the registry would like to sell but can’t (yet).

    Here are some of the .house domains I tried to register that are on the NXD:,,,,,,,

    One decent .house domain is actually available: I wavered on this one for a while since the more common usage I’ve heard is vacation.home. The final nail in the coffin was when I saw the premium pricing on this domain: $500 per year. If it were Vacation.home I’d consider it, but not (.Home has been shelved indefinitely due to name collision concerns.)

    The two .coffee domains I searched for, and, are registry reserved. Ditto with and Another domain I searched for,, was snapped up at a premium in the last phase of the Early Access Program (EAP).

    The same goes for and Honestly, had I been on the ball, I may have paid the premium for assuming it was just the EAP premium and not a recurring one. I wouldn’t do it for others because I think the upside potential for resale is limited. was registered in the fourth day of EAP at an even higher price.

    Finally, is off-limits thanks to the NXD list.

  • .Wed, .XYZ and Donuts featured in NPR new TLD story

    1. BY - Apr 04, 2014
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    Planet Money features some of the people behind new TLD applications.

    NPR aired a story on Planet Money this morning about new top level domain names. I thought the story was well done.

    It features Adrienne McAdory of .Wed, Daniel Negari of .XYZ, Daniel Schindler of Donuts and domain attorney Thomas Brackey.

    It takes a good angle on the story by featuring some of the actual applicants and their story. It starts with Adrienne McAdory, who applied for .wed. (For her sake and those that gave her money to start .wed, I hope she reconsiders her business model soon.)

    It’s definitely worth a listen:

  • Top 5 domain news stories from March

    1. BY - Apr 04, 2014
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    4chan and a registry acquisition were top reads last month.

    March was a very busy one for the domain name industry, punctuated by Neustar’s acquisition of .Co. Here’s a look back at the top five stories on Domain Name Wire last month:

    1. 4chan demands domain name – this post took off after hitting the front page of Hacker News.

    2. Neustar acquires .CO for $109 million – In a surprising announcement, Neustar said it paid $109 million for the .co registry, which has about 1.6 million domains registered…

    3. Why Neustar paid $109 million for .Co and what it means for new TLDs – …and here’s why they paid so much.

    4. A first look at Frank Schilling’s new domain name registrar – Frank Schilling’s new domain name registrar Uniregistry came out last month.

    5. acquires SnapNames – acquired the SnapNames expired domain name platform.

  • 5 DomainFest questions answered + 10 reasons I’m glad Shane wasn’t there

    1. BY - Apr 03, 2014
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    Answers to the five questions about DomainFest.

    DomainFestI’m flying back from DomainFest right now, so it’s time to answer the five questions about DomainFest that I published on Monday. I’d also like to respond to Domain Shane’s post “10 Great Things That Will Happen By Me Not Going to DomainFest”.

    First, here are the five questions about DomainFest and the answers:

    1. How many people will show up?

    Officially there were over 400 in attendance. It didn’t always seem like that many, but it could have something to do with the venue being spread out. I also suspect some people who just returned from the ICANN meeting in Singapore spent a lot of time sleeping in their rooms.

    2. Will the return to Hollywood be well received?

    This is a tough question to answer because there are pluses and minuses to both locations. I love the Fairmont in Santa Monica and being right on the beach.

    The Lowes in Hollywood is fine but you have to exit the hotel to get to the conference area. On the plus side, all of the evening events were very close to the hotel. No hour long bus rides in rush hour. For example, the Stone Temple Pilots performance was in a nightclub in the same center as the hotel.

    3. How will people react to the early results for new TLDs?

    I’d say that new TLD backers were generally happy with the numbers. At least that’s what they said. I think those coming in with reasonable expectations of supply and demand are enthusiastic about early results while others aren’t.

    4. How will the multi-track format work?

    Choice is good, especially when you have tracks that appeal to different segments of the domain industry. The downside is that many of the sessions were poorly attended.

    5. Will monetization make a comeback?

    There was definitely more talk about this thanks to the show’s promoters. There were also lots of monetization companies exhibiting. But the big discussion was still new TLDs.

    OK, now I want to respond to Shane Cultra’s post about not being at DomainFest this week. Before reading my response you should read his entire post, as my comments refer to each of his ten items. Plus a bonus.

    1. I’m glad you weren’t here because I got Morgan and Braden all to myself.

    2. It was nice being able to go wild and not have Shane around to judge me.

    3. Thank God I can profit from the lists Shane put up this week.

    4. Glad I didn’t feel obligated to schedule a meeting with Shane this week.

    5. I hate lying to Shane about my latest big sales, so I’m glad I didn’t have to fib all week around him.

    6. It’s always awkward when Shane’s at the conference and makes eye contact with me. I have to pretend I didn’t notice him.

    7. I hate paying for dinner. Of course, if Shane keeps betting against the Astros he won’t have any money left to pay for dinner anyway.

    8. It’s nice to not have to worry about brushing your teeth at DomainFest for once.

    9. I can’t wait to get back, apply what I’ve learned, and kick Shane’s butt for a few months.

    10. It’s nice to be able to write about Shane without having to see him in person.

    Bonus: Without Shane here I was basically the only blogger. Except Adam. So I guess that means I was the only blogger.