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  • Switching to a .brand is more expensive than you think

    1. BY - Nov 17, 2014
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    Make a wholesale switch from to .Brand will be expensive, and won’t give you many benefits.

    News over the weekend of the Government of Quebec deciding to not change its domains over to .Quebec heightens the discussion on if it makes sense for brands to switch their web presence to a .brand.

    If they want to do it, it’s going to be really expensive.

    The Government of Quebec pegged the cost at over $10 million. Ultimately, I think it might be much more.

    Keeping new TLDs out of it for a moment, consider the costs of switching to a new second level domain name. Here are some of the things you’ll need to do: Click here to continue reading…

  • New TLDs this week: .Quebec, .Top and .Engineer

    1. BY - Nov 17, 2014
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    A few new TLDs hit registrars’ shelves this week, including a large geo domain.

    .QuebecA few top level domain names coming out in a week is the new normal, so I’m going to stop calling these “slow” weeks. Here’s a look at this week’s new top level domain name rollouts.

    .Quebec – Quebec gets its own TLD this Tuesday, but its government is going to sit on the sidelines thanks to the price tag of transitioning. The domain does not carry geographic restrictions, so people outside Quebec can register the domains.

    .Top – Chinese company Jiangsu Bangning releases this domain name in general availability on Tuesday. In Chinese the word means “breakthrough”, according to the company. Let’s hope the Chinese meaning is popular, because this domain doesn’t have much potential in English. I’d compared it to .best. “Best” and “top” belong before the word they’re describing in English, which makes the TLDs seem backward.

    .Engineer – This Rightside domain name is currently in the Early Access phase, and reverts to regular pricing on Wednesday. Donuts released the similar .engineering domain name in July and has about 1,850 registrations in the zone file.

  • Why my North Dakota Trucking domain name pays for itself

    1. BY - Nov 14, 2014
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    Registering probably didn’t make sense, but now I understand why it pays for itself each year.

    The FrackersI registered the domain name in 2007.

    I was on a bit of a geo domain kick at the time. But let’s face it, on the surface, this is a pretty crappy domain registration. We’re talking about a state with fewer than 1 million people. That is not where you want to focus your geo domain name money.

    Yet every year, this domain more than covers its registration cost. It doesn’t get much traffic, but it gets some. Even better, the clicks usually about $5. So I keep renewing it because I make money just holding on to it.

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading Gregory Zuckerman’s book The Frackers about the oil and gas boom taking place in American right now. The book explains why has value. Click here to continue reading…

  • .Melbourne hits 2,775 registrations, .restaurant has solid first day

    1. BY - Nov 13, 2014
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    .Melbourne wins the day, but not by much.

    The .Melbourne domain name launched Wednesday in Australia — Tuesday night in the United States — and had 2,775 domain names registered at the close of business on day one of general availability. That does not include landrush domain names that are still in contention.

    The zone file for .melbourne is a bit tricky, given that the domain launched close to midnight UTC. So these numbers are straight from the registry.

    Donuts also launched three domain names yesterday, and one of them got very close to matching .Melbourne’s first day. Click here to continue reading…

  • This week’s new TLDs: .Melbourne, .Restaurant and more

    1. BY - Nov 12, 2014
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    A big geo among this week’s new TLD releases.

    I’ve been a bit remiss about my weekly new TLD posts, perhaps because the past couple Mondays have been busy news days. That, and new TLD rollouts have slowed down to a trickle.

    But I’m not late this week, as all the TLD launches I can find are Wednesday releases.

    The biggest is .Melbourne (see picture of ribbon cutting below), which launched Wednesday local time in Australia (technically 23:00UTC on November 11). This will be an interesting geo domain to watch.

    Three of Donuts’ domain names revert to regularly priced general availability today: .restaurant, .gifts and .sarl. Click here to continue reading…