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  • TLD Registry opens Chinese headquarters and names GM

    1. BY - Oct 28, 2014
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    Chinese IDN registry opens office in “China’s Silicon Valley”.

    TLD Registry, the company behind the Chinese IDNs Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网), has opened a Chinese headquarters and named a new General Manager for China.

    The company’s China headquarters is in Beijing’s Zhongguancun, commonly known as “China’s Silicon Valley”. Last Friday’s opening party was attended by Embassy of Finland‘s Minister Commercial, the Service Delivery Center of the State Council Office for Public Sector Reform‘s Counsellor Mr Yu Yang, and the China Network Information Center‘s Deputy Director for Registrar Administration and International Business. Click here to continue reading…

  • .Feedback plans to bundle feedback platform with domain names

    1. BY - Oct 28, 2014
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    .Feedback domain names will come with a full-fledged feedback system.

    Jay Westerdal’s company Top Level Spectrum has submitted a request to ICANN to offer a feedback platform combined with its forthcoming .feedback top level domain name.

    The platform would mean that .feedback registrants could almost instantaneously launch a site on their domain names with a full-fledged feedback system. They could just register the domain and then log in to set up the site.

    In some ways, it would be like how .tel offers an information platform integrated with .tel registrations. However, registrars would have the option of not bundling the service with .feedback registrations.

    The company is partnering with QuestionPro, another Seattle company, to offer the service.

    As for what the proposed service would mean for competition? “This TLD is awesome for competition,” writes Top Level Spectrum.

    Although many registrars shudder at the thought of packaged services like this, this is one of the first inklings of “innovation” in top level domain names.

  • This week’s new TLD launch

    1. BY - Oct 27, 2014
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    Slim pickings for new top level domain names this week.

    You might notice something subtle in the title of this post. It’s singular.

    That’s because, as best I can tell, just one publicly available domain name is entering general availability this week: .saarland.

    Saarland is a German state. The domain name launches on Thursday for about $30 retail.

    The claims period for .brand domain name .bnpparibas also start this week.

    If you count early access, two more domain names become available this week. Rightside is releasing .market and .mortgage at premium prices. They will revert to regular pricing a week from Wednesday. Regular prices for the domains appear to be about $30 and $45, respectively.

  • .XYZ harnesses the power of .Com to promote its domain names

    1. BY - Oct 27, 2014
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    Company uses to market .xyz domain names.

    Regardless of what you think about its approach, I’ve got to hand it to .xyz. The top level domain is trying a bunch of creative marketing and sales tactics.

    Here’s one a reader just tipped me off to: the company is using the “typo” to inform people about available .xyz domain names.

    Depending on which domain name you type in, .xyz will give you a pitch for .xyz. For example, type in and you’ll see a notice that the .xyz domain is available, along with a link to register it: Click here to continue reading…

  • Analyst ups forecast for new TLDs, $900MM bookings by 2016

    1. BY - Oct 24, 2014
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    Analyst becomes more bullish on new top level domain name potential.

    B. Riley analyst Sameet Sinha has increased his forecast for new top level domain name registrations after attending last week’s ICANN conference in Los Angeles.

    Previously, he was calling for about 20 million new TLD registrations from 2014-2016, now he’s pegging it at 29 million and says that might be conservative. He estimates top line potential of $900 million during this period.

    ICANN recently downgraded its forecast for budget purposes for the fiscal year ending June 2015 from 33 million to 15 million; Sinha’s forecast calls for 5.7 million registrations during that period.

    My guess is Sinha is closer to the truth, but even his estimates will require increased registration velocity going forward.

    Sinha points to a number of factors in his bullishness:

    • Awareness is very low now, and can only improve going forward.
    • New business models including vertical integration, premium domain sales, and internet of things create upside.
    • Recent private new TLD auctions reaching 8 figures raises the bar, and increases valuation of strings.

    Sinha maintained his $15 price target on Rightside (NAME). It currently trades for $9.75.