This week’s new TLDs: A big week for Donuts, Radix

Donuts releases 5 domains in GA and 3 in early access and Radix preps its “big” one.

It feels like 2014 again this week, as Donuts releases a slew of new top level domain names to the marketplace.

On Wednesday it will release .dog, .theater, .taxi, .hockey and .run at regular pricing as Early Access concludes.

It will also begin the early access for .movie, .coupons and .soccer.

It’s also a big week for Radix as it begins a seven day early access period for .online. The company is targeting 25,000 domains registered by Wednesday of next week.

.Online was originally a three company partnership between Radix, NameCheap and Tucows. The partnership split earlier this year, with Radix taking the reigns.

NameCheap and Tucows agreed to heavily market the domain, with Tucows getting $1.5 million for marketing it.

I suspect Radix’s confidence stems from marketing activities these registrars will undertake a launch.

Back to school…for your domain name portfolio

It’s a great time to take action for your domain name portfolio.

Your Facebook newsfeed will fill up with lots of “Back to School” posts over the next few weeks as millions of students head back to the classroom.

I’ve always thought of the beginning of a new school year as a time to start fresh. A new backpack, new books…a clean start.

It’s a great time to take a fresh look at your domain name portfolio, too. Here’s are thing I’m going to do over the next few weeks: Click here to continue reading…

Sedo highlights registries at dmexco

Sedo is partnering with registries and registrars to reach European audience at dmexco.


A flyer promoting the Sedo booth that will be handed out at dmexco.

Sedo is once again highlighting top level domain name options at the biggest digital marketing conference in Europe.

dmexco takes place next month in Cologne, Germany. Last year Sedo offered frozen yogurt at the event, with the kicker that attendees had to order toppings based on TLD names.

Sedo is offering the frozen yogurt again this year, but with a different theme. The backdrop will be Times Square, with various registries and registrars featured on the billboards and other images in the backdrop. The exhibit will also feature a play on the New York Stock Exchange ticker with domain names constantly running on a screen throughout the event.

Already, Radix, .CLUB, Donuts, Uniregistry, Minds + Machines and other registries have signed on to participate.

dmexco attracts over 30,000 people.

Trump and Bible trending in .com domain name registrations

Donald Trump is making money…for domain name registrars.

Domain name registrations related to Donald Trump, the bible and Cuba were trending last month.

According to .com registry Verisign, the following keywords showed the biggest increase in registrations from June to July in .com:

1. owned
2. Cuba
3. savings
4. prices
5. Trump
6. SUV
7. economy
8. scope
9. bible
10. frog

I understand some of these terms, but frog? There was a big spike of “frog” related domains registered on July 22 for some reason.

I don’t think Verisign counts “abc” as a keyword, but I suspect it would be trending for August

Google,, and the growing awareness of new domain names

Awareness is growing, one domain at a time.

When new top level domain names started rolling out over a year ago, basically no one outside of the insular domain name business had heard of them. They started with zero awareness. The good thing about that is there’s only one way to go: Up.

New TLD companies hoped that upward trajectory would happen much faster than it has. Sure, a couple brands have started using .brand. Some sites have switched to new TLDs; others have bought them and forwarded them to their existing sites. Mainstream press outlets have written about the new domains.

All told, however, it’s been a very slow trickle.

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