TLD Profile: .Vote

.Vote gains traction with states and presidential hopefuls.

.VoteThis is the first in a series of articles in collaboration with ICANNWiki, the wiki for the domain name industry. Each article, written by Editor and Community Manager Dustin Phillips, will provide an in-depth profile of a top level domain name.

The new .vote gTLD is a joint venture between Afilias and two investors based in Utah, creating Monolith Registry. Its mission is to create a segment of the internet that provides reliable political and voter information. This venture includes .voto, which is the Spanish/Italian/Portuguese word for vote.

According to, there are Click here to continue reading…

.News and .Site have big first day

Two new domain names add solid numbers on first day of general availability.

Two highly anticipated new top level domain names launched yesterday, and both had a good debut.

.News added about 8,000 registrations on its first “zone day”, bringing the total to 9,000. .News had already racked up about 1,000 domain names through sunrise and early access. Rightside provided these stats:

– Biggest Rightside Sunrise to date (500 domains)
– Biggest Rightside EAP to date (both volume and revenue – over 1000 domains)
– Biggest Rightside day 1 of GA to date
– Fastest Rightside TLD to 10k domains (currently sitting around 10,250 as of earlier this morning).
– 8th biggest Rightside TLD already
– 5th biggest Rightside TLD for premiums already, despite lighter touch strategy
– Great brand adoption – Sky Broadcasting, Amazon, Times Newspapers, Fox, Gannett, Sinclair, Tribune are just some of the others to join.

.Site added about 9,000 domain names to the zone file, bringing its total to just shy of 10,000.

About 4,000 of the .site domain names were registered at, a Chinese domain name registrar. The company promoted the domain name on its home page at a special price — just 32 yaun. That’s about $5 USD.

Most registrars were charging $20 or more for first year .site registrations.

Microsoft registers generics as they come off collision list

Tech giant registers domains such as and

microsoftMicrosoft has started registering generic/descriptive new top level domain names as they are released from the collision list.

Specifically, Microsoft has registered at least a half dozen domain names in Donuts’ domains that were recently released as part of the registry’s phased release of names: Click to continue reading…

A Big .News Day

.News, one of the better new top level domain names, launches today.

Rightside launches its .News domain name today, and the company is hoping it becomes one of the highlights of its new top level domain name portfolio.

.News has already racked up about 1,000 registrations during the trademark sunrise and early access phases of registration. It becomes available for general registration today at 1 PM EDT. Registrars are offering the domains for about $20-$30.

“There’s a real appetite for .News,” Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu said.

LGBT news service PinkNews is one early user. currently forwards to its existing domain name

In the “all press is good press” category, yesterday’s spoofing of Bloomberg using (another Rightside top level domain name) might spur more news organizations to protect their brands in .News.

A report on the fake site said that Twitter was being acquired, and this caused shares in the social network to spike before people actually spent a minute looking at the source.

.News slimmed down its premiums list for .News, but you can still expect to pay higher annual fees for the better domains.

Great domain sites:

A good resource for domain name disputes.

There are a handful of sites I visit multiple types a day, in part to get content for Domain Name Wire. One of these is David Lahoti’s

The free (and ad-less) site makes it easy to see updates on UDRP cases across WIPO, National Arbitration Forum, Czech Arbitration Court and ADNDRC.

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