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  • [Video] An exciting talk at NamesCon

    1. BY - Jan 13, 2015
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    Howard Lefkowitz wakes up hungover crowd at NamesCon.

    Let’s face it, sessions at domain name conferences are usually less than stimulating. Sure, there’s good information, stuff you can learn…but they usually feature a couple people sitting down holding a mic.

    Not today at NamesCon. Howard Lefkowitz’s talk about what he’s doing with new TLDs featured showgirls, lighting effects and confetti cannons.

    Lefkowitz is doing some bold things with new top level domain names, including a lot of offline promotion. I’ll write about it in a separate post.

    Here’s a bit of video from his presentation:

  • This week in new TLDs: We are the .World

    1. BY - Jan 12, 2015
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    .World among this week’s new top level domain launches.

    A few new top level domain names hit general availability this Wednesday, and an intriguing domain name enters the early access program.

    On Wednesday, Donuts’ .world exits the early access program and becomes available at regular prices. There are lots of good SLD-TLD combos on this one, similar to .place, .zone and similar generics.

    Also on Wednesday, two of Rightside’s domain names hit general availability: .gives and .degree.

    Rightside’s .ForSale enters the early access program on Wednesday. This is an interesting one, as there are lots of possibilities for good second level domain names. Essentially, add any product name at the second level and you have “Product For Sale”. It’s also being pitched as a real estate domain. This will be interesting to watch.

  • These guys thought Mike Berkens was toying with them…

    1. BY - Jan 10, 2015
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    Podcast tells the story of guys who tried to buy a domain name from Michael Berkens.

    I just listened to a very interesting podcast called Reply All. This particular episode talks about two guy’s effort to buy a domain name from Michael Berkens.

    The guests run a site at and wanted to buy But Berkens owned it. After many failed attempts to buy the domain, they tried one last time. The last time, they let is slip that they owned the matching .org.

    Shortly thereafter, they received a message from someone trying to buy their own domain, Then they received a message from Berkens telling them that he’d just received an offer on the .com, and asking them if they want to bid. Click here to continue reading…

  • Categorizing Top Level Domains: “nTLDs”

    1. BY - Jan 09, 2015
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    Joseph Peterson asks, “when is new not really new,” and proposes new terminology to clarify it.

    Going into the new year, I decided to make a little glossary of domaining definitions. That includes words many people use already, some terms I’ve been tossing around privately for years, and a few I’ve invented on the fly to clarify what (to me) seems vague.

    This sounds presumptuous, but I’m not insisting on any of this lingo. This isn’t the “right” terminology. Helpful, at best. If a handful of you find a label handy, terrific!

    The first, and the subject of today’s post, is: Click here to continue reading…

  • Women in Domaining returns at NamesCon

    1. BY - Jan 08, 2015
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    15 sponsors support Women in Domaining event.

    Women in DomainingOne of the most important social gatherings at next week’s NamesCon conference will be Women in Domaining.

    More women work in the domain name industry than before, but it’s still a relatively small number. It’s nice to see an event for women who work in the industry to get together.

    The social takes place Monday, January 12th from 7pm-9pm in the Whoisology Room.

    15 companies are sponsoring the event, which is being organized by Lisa Box of Endurance, Andee Hill of, Michele Van Tilborg of .Club, and Jodi Chamberlain.

    The event will also raise funds for Water School.

    I highly encourage women going to NamesCon to attend this event.