The state of local domain names…based on a coupon book

Almost all local businesses advertising in a coupon book included a website on their ad.


Most coupons in this mailer had a website address on them.

How many local companies promote their websites in ads, and what kind of domain names do they use?

A coupon book I received in the mail recently gives insight, even though it’s a fairly small sample size.

I opened up a coupon mailer the other day from RSVP. It bills itself as “Upscale Offers for Life & Home” and most of the coupons are for the same companies you’ll find in other coupon mailers like ValPak. Almost all are local service providers and franchisees, although there are a couple national ads for services like security alarm monitoring.

Here’s what I found: Click here to continue reading…

This week’s new TLD launches: .Green and .Tires

.Green finally comes to fruition this week.

Two Three new top level domain names are available to the public this week.

.Green went live this morning and is available at a number of registrars. .Green domain names are available to everyone. Pricing at the three registrars I checked is between $60-$80 for the first year.

Earlier this month I spoke with DotGreen Community CEO Annalisa Roger on the Domain Name Wire Podcast. You can listen to the story of the long road to .green and the purpose behind the domain name here.

On Wednesday, Donuts’ .Tires enters EAP. Customers can pay a premium price to acquire domain names during this period, and the following Wednesday they’ll revert to regular pricing.

This is the only domain name on Donuts’ launch schedule until May 13.

Update: .NRW also went live today.

.Ping and .Srl domain names to be settled Wednesday

Two top level domain names head to the auction block on Wednesday.

Auctions to settle contention sets for the .Ping and .SRL top level domain names will take place on Wednesday.

The so-called “Auctions of Last Resort” will take place because one of the applicants didn’t want to settle the set in a private auction.

Google and mySRL GmbH will square off for .SRL. SRL is similar to Limited Liability Company and is appended to the end of many company names.

PING (the golf company) and Radix will fight over .ping. Click here to continue reading…

How Major League Baseball can Boost New Domain Names

If it actually uses its new TLDs, Major League Baseball can have a profound affect on awareness of new domain names.

MLBOn today’s Domain Name Wire Podcast, Michael Berkens discussed some of the recent new top level domain name auction results.

One that I think is interesting is .Baseball, which was won by Major League Baseball (MLB).

MLB has been aggressive about buying .com domain names that match team names. It currently owns all but three team names in .com after acquiring for $375,000 at the beginning of this year.

On the one hand, this aggressive quest to acquire .com domains, including one just a few months ago, shows that it values these domains highly. On the other hand, it’s interesting to note that MLB and the teams haven’t set up individual sites on any of these domains. Instead, they forward to a longer URL on Click here to continue reading…

2 interesting new TLD-related videos

.Rocks, not .com, and .XYZ.

I don’t have any cute cat videos to share with you this Monday, but I have a couple new top level domain name-related YouTube videos might interest readers.

In the first one, one of the ten-year-old members of music band V² explains that their website is Not .com, his brother explains: Click to continue reading…