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  • How to Use to get the most out of NamesCon

    1. BY - Jan 06, 2015
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    3. 3 Comments makes it easier to take advantage of NamesCon’s great keynotes and panel discussions.

    NamesCon starts on Sunday in Las Vegas. It’s going to be big (800+ people) and packed with content (125 speakers and panelists). With a number of concurrent sessions, planning is required to make sure you don’t miss out on the sessions that most interest you.

    This year, NamesCon used to create the schedule. Attendees have received an emailed invitation to use to view and create their own schedules as well.

    I was initially skeptical about using the service, since it’s one more system you have to log in to and figure out how to use. However, I found it very simple to create a schedule and export it to my Google Calendar. Here’s the simple way I used to figure out which sessions I wanted to attend and add them to my calendar. Click to see step-by-step instructions…

  • Domain name registry Afilias dumps planned IPO

    1. BY - Jan 06, 2015
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    Registry had planned to float in November.

    AfiliasDomain name registry Afilias has pulled plans for a $100 million initial public offering, as reported by Domain Incite this morning.

    A company spokesperson told Domain Incite, “The final decision to cancel the IPO was based on market conditions at the time.”

    Given that stock markets are at record highs, that’s a euphemism for “investors weren’t interested in our IPO”.

    While stock markets are doing well, the same can’t be said for domain name stocks. I’m sure this weighed heavily on investors considering Afilias’ stock. Shares in Rightside, Minds + Machines and CentralNic (all competitors to Afilias) dropped by at least 40% last year.

    I also wonder how Afilias’ .info and .mobi revenue streams are holding up in the face of new top level domain names.

    Afilias planned to use the money to acquire contested new TLDs in upcoming auctions, acquire existing TLDs and domain name businesses, and develop the company’s registrar business to become a vertically integrated operation. Afilias’ competitors for new top level domain names won’t have to fear the company as much in contention set auctions going forward.

    The company was to list on London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

  • NamesCon registrations top 600

    1. BY - Dec 23, 2014
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    Next month’s domain name conference in Las Vegas will be a big event.

    NamesConRegistrations for next month’s NamesCon domain name conference have topped 600, conference founder Richard Lau informed Domain Name Wire. Last year at this time, 336 tickets had been sold and the conference ended up with 572.

    Assuming the conference gets the last minute surge of registrations that are common at domain conferences, NamesCon could set a record for attendance at a domain investor-organized event. In 2011, DomainFest attracted about 700 people including staff. ( organized the show back then; NamesCon acquired the show this month.)

    NamesCon 2015 runs January 11-14 at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas. Registration and more information is available here.

  • .Club raising more money, valued at $25.4 million

    1. BY - Dec 18, 2014
    2. Domain Services
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    .Club to be valued at $25.4 million after investment.

    .ClubThe .Club top level domain name registry is raising more funds, and the latest round will value the company at $25.4 million after the investment closes.

    .Club previously raised $7.5 million, with about $3.5 million of that in debt. The company is conducting two additional fundraising rounds, both of which are fully subscribed.

    The first is a raise from existing shareholders that will effectively convert the $3.5 million of debt to equity.

    The second round will be a $3 million equity investment, bringing the total raised to $10.5 million. That round is expected to close in February and will give the company a $25.4 million post-money valuation.

    In addition to existing investors, a few strategic investors will participate in the equity round.

    .Club founder Colin Campbell told Domain Name Wire that the funds will be used to support a $3.5 million marketing plan in 2015.

    Fort Lauderdale-based .Club has the most paid registrations of any new top level domain name, with over 150,000 registrations to date.

    Campbell and Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Sass will be guests on the Domain Name Wire Podcast on January 5.

  • Blast from the past: Tucows relaunches RealNames (and it’s very different)

    1. BY - Dec 11, 2014
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    Tucows uses name of bubble era company to launch new service.

    RealNamesRemember RealNames?

    Tucows has brought back the name of the the bubble darling, but for a very different purpose.

    RealNames was a system designed to replace or circumvent domain names. Instead of typing a domain name like in your browser, you could just type “Money”. RealNames would resolve the query to whomever had registered the keyword “Money” with RealNames (at a cost, of course).

    The company raised over $100 million in capital, and Michael Arrington (who later joined and then founded TechCrunch) was once an employee.

    RealNames was highly dependent on both internet browser creators and search engines. I recall that when I bought a keyword through the service, the key benefit was showing up at the top of search results for that term at various search engines. (Here’s info on an example deal with Google for this search engine placement. Remember, this was before PPC search ads were widespread.)

    When Microsoft later decided to divert browser queries in Internet Explorer to its own search engine, RealNames shut its doors. Click here to continue reading…