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  • People care about one thing when picking a domain name escrow company: Reputation

    1. BY - May 12, 2014
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    Reputation first. Everything else is just details.

    What matters to domain name investors when they select a domain name escrow company?

    The biggest factor by far is reputation, according to participants in this year’s Domain Name Wire survey.

    Survey-takers were asked to select the “primary reason” they use the escrow service they use most often.

    Asked to choose between eight factors, 46% said reputation is most important. That’s a strong number made even more important because the second closest factor was chosen by just 12% of respondents.

    Here are rankings of the top five.

    1. Reputation 46%
    2. Ease of use/user interface 12%
    3. Customer service 9%
    4. Price 7%
    5. They’re licensed 5%

    Factors selected by less than 5% of respondents, including write-ins, include funding & withdrawal options, dispute resolution policy, privacy of transactions, security, and buyer comfort.

    These factors are more important now that the number of domain escrow services is growing. 26% of survey respondents said they’re considering trying a new escrow service this year.

  • How domain registrars and merchants accept Bitcoin without currency risk

    1. BY - Apr 09, 2014
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    Several companies make it easier to accept digital currencies with reduced risk.

    GoCoinI’ve always wondered how companies like and accept bitcoin payments while avoiding the risk of an exchange dying (e.g. Mt. Gox) and currency fluctuations.

    I got the answer last week when I ran in to Jessica Besseling at DomainFest.

    Besseling formerly worked for DomainSponsor and, and now she’s Sr. Director of Business Development for GoCoin.

    GoCoin is a payment gateway for merchants to accept currencies including bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin. After a merchant integrates the service, they can then accept these payment options along with their normal options. GoCoin converts the payments to “real” currencies and transfers them to the merchants’ bank accounts daily.

    One benefit to merchants is obvious: it expands the customer base. It also turns out it’s a lot less expensive than credit card processing fees.

    GoCoin is certainly not the first company in this space. A quick Google search turns up BitPay and CoinBase.

    I would imagine these types of services will make it easier for domain registrars (and even escrow services?) to accept these new currencies.

  • Could NamesCon hit 1,000 attendees next year?

    1. BY - Mar 31, 2014
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    Conference sets ambitious attendance goal…and it might hit it.

    NamesCon 2015The inaugural NamesCon domain name conference happened just two months ago, but organizers are already planning a repeat in 2015.

    The event will take place Jan 11-14, 2015 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. It will include an additional day of conference programming and networking.

    Conference organizers also say they are adding additional conference space at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas. I guess that means it won’t be right next to a lingerie show.

    Early bird pricing is really early. $199 pricing ends tomorrow.

    But the more interesting thing coming out of NamesCon is its aggressive goal for attendees next year. It expects to host 800 to 1,000 people, which would make it the biggest domain conference ever that was organized by people from the domain investor side. (We’ll call ICANN a policy-based event.)

    Although it’s an ambitious goal, the conference blew past its 400 person goal last year and ended up expanding conference space to accommodate more people. Depending on where the new TLD program is next January the conference might hit four figures.

  • .UK adds registry lock option

    1. BY - Mar 26, 2014
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    .UK domains can now get added protection against nameserver and domain hijacking.

    Nominet.UK registry Nominet is now offering its own version of a registry lock service, dubbed “Domain Lock.”

    Similar to Verisign’s Registry Lock service for .com domain names, Domain Lock requires manual intervention and authentication in order to change key details about a domain name. This authentication should prevent the type of attack that took down the New York Times website last year.

    While targeted to high traffic websites, the service is available to any domain that ends in .uk.

    Nominet charges registrars £6.25 per month for the service. That’s in line with the $10 Verisign charges for registry lock for .com domain names.

    Retail customers should expect to pay much more. This type of service places extra demands on the registrar that can’t be automated easily. Given the setup and potential ongoing costs, I would expect registrants to pay registrars five to ten times Nominet’s fee.

  • 5 more Donuts TLDs available to register tomorrow & .email is the winner so far

    1. BY - Mar 25, 2014
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    .Email has the most registrations so far for this week’s batch.

    DonutsFive more of Donuts’ new top level domain names revert to regular registration pricing tomorrow: .training, .solutions, .support, .builders and .email.

    So far it looks like .email is the winner — but anything can change when prices drop tomorrow.

    The latest .email zone file shows about 1,500 domain names registered. Just over 300 in the zone file were sunrise registrations with the rest coming during the Early Access Program (EAP) phase. (Keep in mind that some brands register their domains after sunrise.)

    Ameritrade continued it ridiculous defensive registration campaign by picking up 19 domains. DISH isn’t far behind with 15.

    I would think that .email is a domain that brands would protect with defensive registrations. Some might be late to the table, though. A company in Las Vegas registered 20 domains including,,,, pepsi.emial,, and on and on. While some of the other domains might not seem like cybersquatting on the face, they are when you consider the other domains registered. For example:,,,

    Based on zone file data, people waited until the third day of EAP before getting in on the action. On that day they registered,, and about a dozen others.

    First and last names are popular for .email, as they might be used to offer vanity email services.

    Some domain investors are getting in on the action, too. picked up 8 domains so far, including a bunch related to Hawaii. Page Howe has four, including

    Five additional Donuts domains enter the Early Access Program phase tomorrow: .education, .institute, .repair, .camp and .glass. I wonder how many Google related domains will be registered for that last one.