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  • Quickly find the top websites built on new TLDs

    1. BY - Aug 26, 2014
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    Two tools show you which sites built on new TLDs are gaining traction.

    A key for the long run success of each new top level domain name is usage. Which TLDs are getting traction with actual end users?

    Two tools based on Alexa data can help you find out.

    Softnik, creator of Watch My Domains Pro, has created a free tool that makes it easy to sort the Alexa 1 Million list by TLD. Just type in a TLD, hit enter and you’ll quickly see a list of domains on that TLD that are in the list.

    According to the tool, there are 157 .club domains, 59 .guru and 43 .xyz in the top million.


    DomainIncite has a similar tool in its paid Pro service. Although it’s not sortable by top level domain, it shows only those top million sites that are on new TLDs. It’s a different way to look at the data, and both are helpful. (If you click “TLD” at the top of the column, it will sort by TLD.)

    Now, a big caveat: these tools are based on Alexa data. Alexa is notoriously inaccurate. It’s just directionally correct. Domains separated by ranks of 10,000 and even 100,000 might actually be reversed for true traffic volume.

    You also have a lot of sites in the list with paid traffic or that forward to other sites.

    Still, I think it’s a good tool to get a feel for how a new TLD is doing with end users.

  • .Cash and .Fund each get fewer than 1,000 registrations

    1. BY - Aug 21, 2014
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    Slow start for the two new TLDs that launched yesterday (for which we have data.)

    Five top level domain names launched yesterday. Unfortunately, ICANN’s centralized zone file system only has updated zone files for two of them.

    .Cash gained 725 registrations to end the day with 909 in the zone file.

    .Fund picked up just 414 to get to 625.

    There are no first day zone files for Donuts’ other two TLDs, .tax and .investments. A zone file for Rightside’s .haus is also missing.

    I feel like Donuts four financial domain names will be a big test. We haven’t seen much in the way of defensive domain name registrations in new TLDs. But financial companies are very worried about phishing. If they are to go after any, .investments and .fund should be on their radar.

  • Registry launches “Chinese Domain Ambassador Program”

    1. BY - Aug 20, 2014
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    Registry engages with customers with ambassador program.

    Here’s another example of a registry reaching out directly to its registrants to help promote their new top level domain name.

    TLD Registry, the company behind Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网), has launched a its Chinese Domain Ambassador Program.

    The company noticed a group of Chinese domainers supporting their domain names shortly after launch. It reached out to these domain investors, initially via Chinese social media.

    TLD Registry got the group of domain investors together at a kick-off event earlier this week. It’s offering them access to portfolios of reserved premium domains, direct access to company experts, a monthly meetup and invitations to our events in China and around the world.

    Every TLD has its fans, and I think it’s smart for registries to reach out and work with these fans one-on-one. Not only are they likely to register more domain names, but they’ll also tell their friends.

    .Co is the perhaps the best example of a registry doing this. The registry proactively reached out to .co companies to invite them to local events. This was key to building community around .co.

    Here’s a picture from the Ambassador Program kick-off event.


  • Donuts promoting its TLDs at Vegas fashion show (photo)

    1. BY - Aug 18, 2014
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    Company goes direct to customers to promote its niche domain names.

    “If you build it, they will come.”

    Not if they don’t know you’ve built it!

    Although there are close to 200 new top level domain names on the market, dozens of them niche domains for particular industries, very few people know about them. I’d bet fewer than 1% of business owners have ever heard of new TLDs, let alone most of the niche extensions.

    New TLD backers need to get in front of business owners and explain their domain names face-to-face.

    That’s exactly what Donuts is doing at the WWDMagic fashion event in Las Vegas this week.

    I’m not going to write about every company that exhibits at an industry conference, but I think this is unique enough at this point to warrant covering. Donuts also recently exhibited at a photography even in the UK.

    Here’s a picture of Donuts’ booth, which promotes its fashion domains including .boutique, .shoes and .clothing.

    (photo via @donutsinc)

  • New TLDs this week: .Bio, .Haus and an expensive Donuts domain

    1. BY - Aug 18, 2014
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    StartingDot and Rightside join Donuts with new top level domain name releases this week.

    Last week was a Donuts-only week for new TLDs. This week the mega-registry is joined by Rightside and StartingDot.

    On Wednesday, Rightside will launch .haus. That’s German for “house”. Expect to pay anywhere from $25-$40 for .haus domains.

    Also on Wednesday, four financial Donuts domain names exit EAP and revert to regular pricing:
    .cash, .tax, .fund and .investments.

    .Investments falls in a price category I’ve never seen before. GoDaddy is charging $129.99, which means the wholesale price for the domain is probably around $65. Previously I’ve only see GoDaddy charge as high as $69.99 for Donuts domains. (I’m checking to see if Donuts has offered other TLDs at this price.)

    That’s how much you’ll pay for .tax and .fund. .Cash falls in what I’d previously call the middle price tier.

    Donuts also starts early access for four domains this Wednesday: .furniture, .discount, .fitness and .schule (German for school).

    StartingDot releases .bio in general availability this Thursday. StartingDot is pitching it with two meanings: either personal use (short for biography) or short for biodiversity, e.g. agriculture, biology, etc.

    This is the second TLD StartingDot has released. It previously released restricted .Archi domain for architects. It will also be the registry for .ski.