Donuts launches ad campaign to boost awareness of new TLDs

Company starts campaign to build awareness of the availability of alternatives to .com domain names.

Donuts launched its first major, web-based advertising campaign to raise awareness of new top level domain choices yesterday evening.

The “Freedom of Choice” campaign involves display and video advertising targeted to small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs and tech-savvy early adopters. Ads will show on Forbes, Mashable and Fast Company, as well as more general sites such as YouTube and news sites.

Donuts CMO Jeff Davidoff told Domain Name Wire that, because Donuts is the biggest new TLD company, “We definitely feel like we have a responsibility and role in accelerating adoption in this new category.” Click here to continue reading…

The one thing that matters for a domain name escrow service

Reputation, reputation, reputation.

This year’s Domain Name Wire Survey asked respondents why they use the domain name escrow service they do. The question offered a number of options, from pricing to licensing to customer service.

It turns out that people really only care about one thing. The rest is just details:


Yes, 61% said reputation was the most important factor. The next biggest factor had only 6% of the vote. Reputation was also top on last year’s poll.

True, reputation encompasses a lot. You can argue that customer service, privacy et al are pieces of reputation. Still, it stands out.

63% of respondents used an escrow service in 2014, and 26% are considering trying a different escrow service this year.

Radix serving up Grilled Cheese at SXSW

New top level domain name company hopes to reach tech audience at SXSW this month.

Radix SXSW

Radix is giving out t-shirts, such as this one for .tech, along with grilled cheese sandwiches at SXSW.

People love free food, especially during a busy conference. I recently wrote about Sedo’s Froyo truck at SXSW; new TLD company Radix is also giving away free food at the event in Austin later this month.

The company will have a large booth at the SXSW Tradeshow and will be handing out free .space-branded grilled cheese sandwiches.

Radix will also offer discounts for on-the-spot registrations of its domains, such as .space and .online. It will promote its upcoming TLDs, including .online and .tech, as well.

Radix CEO Bhavin Turakhia believes SXSW is an ideal way to reach the target market for some of these domain names.

“SXSW is a great platform to reach out to innovators, techies and creative persons. We are really excited to be at the conference and have planned exciting promos to connect with the SXSW community and get the word out there about our domain extensions,” he said.

2015 Domain Name Wire Survey: By the Numbers

Here’s who took this year’s survey.

SurveyThe submission period for this year’s Domain Name Wire Survey, the tenth annual version of the survey, is now closed.

You may recall that I changed the format of the survey last year. The topics are no longer “stuff the ballot box” questions; they focus on overall trends in the domain name business. Survey takers also have to provide some identification details.

That means fewer — but higher quality — responses. Click here to continue reading…

This week’s new TLDs: .WhosWho and 4 EAPs

There aren’t many who’s registering this new domain name.

Only one non-brand new top level domain name goes live this week in general availability, and it’s a rather unique one.

.Whoswho went live yesterday. It appears to have only gotten about a dozen registrations on its first day and only has 22 names in the zone file so far.

This isn’t too surprising.

First of all, .whoswho is somewhat akin to .CEO. You can argue it fails the douche test.

Second, whoswho is a somewhat strange term. I associate it with spam and scams trying to get everyday Joes to pay to show up on a register. Some people have trademarked (or tried to trademark) this term around the world, leading to a handful of UDRP cases. Click here to continue reading…