8,000 Premium .Club domains available through registrars tomorrow

.Club to begin selling premium domain names through domain name registrars.

Starting July 1, you’ll be able to buy premium .Club domain names through the registrar channel.

.ClubMuch like premium domain names offered by other registries, customers will see that the .Club domain name is available but will have to pay a higher price. There’s a key difference between .Club’s premium domains and those from other registries: the premium price is a one time fee. The domain names renew at regular prices.

About 8,000 domain names will be offered through registrars at nine premium levels with suggested retail prices between $100-$10,000.

.Club has sold over $1 million of premium domain names since its launch. In addition to the registrar channel, the company will continue to sell premium domain names through Sedo, Right of the Dot and its own Startup.Club program.

3,000 comments submitted about whois privacy proposal

People upset about non-consensus proposal to forbid whois privacy on sites conducting commerce.

About 3,000 people and groups have submitted comments to ICANN during its comment period on privacy and proxy services.

An ICANN working group proposed a number of requirements on privacy and proxy services. The proposal that is drawing the most comments is just a minority proposal at this time: a prohibition on using privacy services for sites that conduct commerce.

The proposed prohibition on using privacy for domains used in commerce is backed by groups that have their own commercial interest in making the information public: Click here to continue reading…

DOMAINfest.Asia to be held in Macau in September

Domain name conference heads to China in a few months.

DomainFest MacauI’ve been a bit confused by NamesCon’s strategy with DOMAINfest after acquiring the brand. The one day add-ons to existing domain name conferences haven’t made much sense to me.

But now DOMAINfest is hosting a complete conference, this time in Macau, China.

DOMAINfest.Asia is being staged by the NamesCon, Simon Cousins’ Allegravita and .Asia. Allegravita has been staging events in Macau for over ten years, and Cousins tells me he hopes to bring together the Chinese domain name market with the rest of the world.

DOMAINfest.Asia will take place September 4-7, 2015. Details (including venue) are forthcoming.

Fred Krueger pushed out of Minds + Machines, company reports $5 million bookings

Co-founder leaves company and will focus on his website building platform.

Minds + MachinesMinds + Machines released 2014 results today, and also announced that the board has voted co-founder Fred Krueger out of the company and his role as executive Chairman. Keith Teare, a British tech entrepreneur, will take over as Chairman.

The move doesn’t come as a complete surprise to me. Krueger has seemed more excited about his website building software, Mozart, than the core process of top level domain names. In his departure letter, he states that he will be able to focus completely on building out Mozart now that he is no longer with Minds + Machines. Mozart has been integrated into Minds + Machines’ registrar.

Krueger has not been afraid to speak his mind, and my impression is that he was very emotional about new top level domain names versus .com.

For example, in 2013 he commented on DomainIncite: Click here to continue reading…

WorldHostingDays kicks off in Pennsylvania

WorldHostingDays‘ first stateside conference kicked off in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania last night.

Rain made it difficult for some attendees to make it in time for Monday evening’s opening party, but hundreds of people crowded the exhibit hall and conference venue by this morning.

As a “destination conference” a couple hours from Pittsburgh, the event is heavy on fun social and networking events. At lunch each day, attendees can go down a 1,980 foot slide, take the chairlift, go for a segway ride or bowl. Tomorrow afternoon there will be golf, ziplining, and shooting sporting clays.

Here are a few pictures from the show: Click here to continue reading…