World Hosting Days conference coming to USA next week

Popular international hosting conference makes its U.S. debut next week.

World Hosting DaysWorld Hosting Days, a popular international conference for the cloud and hosting industry, is holding its first North American conference next week.

The conference will take place at the 7Springs Ski & Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania May 19-20. Speakers include Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Holding a conference at a resort a bit outside a major city is an interesting approach. On the one hand, it’s more difficult to travel to. On the other hand, once there, attendees won’t be distracted by lots of big city events that pull people away from the conference.

Although not a household name in the United States, World Hosting Days holds a conference in Germany that attracts thousands annually. It also hosts conferences throughout Europe, Asia, Australia…almost everywhere except the U.S., until now.

Domain name related sponsors of this month’s event include InternetX, Ascio, .Club, eNom, Key-Systems, LogicBoxes, OpenSRS (Tucows), Radix, Sedo and Uniregistry.

I’m sure the .Global registry is also pleased that the conference uses the domain name

I’ve been to other hosting related events, but this will be my first World Hosting Days. Drop me a line if you’d like to meet up during the conference.

One household cashes in twice in Verisign Contest

Twice the cash for Florida household.

Verisign Internet Official contestVerisign recently released the second batch of winners in its Internet Official contest. Here are the five that each took home $5,000: – Kate K, New York NYC – Sarah G Los Angeles, CA – Alfred M, Jacksonville FL – Michael S – Wilton CT – Terry S., Port Charlotte, FL

I couldn’t help but notice that there are now two winners from Port Charlotte, Florida. Last month Nancy Kevorkian, also of Port Charlotte, won with I figured perhaps the people knew each other through some connection and Nancy told Terry about the contest.

Knew each other might be an understatement — both have the same exact address! I’m not sure how they’re related, and neither returned my phone calls from earlier this week. (Perhaps they’re out at a nice dinner courtesy of Verisign.)

Let’s take a look at this month’s winning domain names and their history: Click here to continue reading…

Northwest Austin is marketing Weebly like crazy

Campaign to halt redevelopment is introducing people to website builder Weebly.

Weebly pudOver a hundred of my neighbors in northwest Austin are advertising website builder Weebly. It’s a case where a non-paying customer does more good than a paying one.

How did Weebly pull this off? It didn’t have to do anything at all.

There’s an office complex in the area called Austin Oaks. The 12 building, 450,000 square foot complex has been around for quite some time. The owners want to tear down the complex and create a mixed use development including taller buildings, residences and retail. Click here to continue reading…

.Porn and .Adult domain names break sunrise records

Provocative domains, low pricing, marketing and promotion with Trademark Clearinghouse boost early numbers for new adult domains.

ICM Registry domainsICM Registry announced today that its .Porn and .Adult domain names each received about 4,000 registrations during the sunrise trademark period. That’s more than any other new top level domain names to date.

The strong interest was certainly fueled by the nature of the domains and news about Taylor Swift buying her name, but it went beyond that.

ICM Registry offered the domain names at normal registration fees instead of higher sunrise fees (or premiums). It also had a discount program with the Trademark Clearinghouse in which brand owners could get a one year Trademark Clearinghouse registration along with their domains in .adult and .porn at a reduced price. Click here to continue reading…

A look at Neustar’s domain name base

Company is counting on new TLDs for growth in domain name business, but it’s slow.

Neustar reported earnings yesterday and released updated information on its base of domain names registered.

.Co continues to perform well for the company, adding $5.2 million revenue in the first quarter. Additionally, the company has operating agreements with 122 new top level domains that have signed agreements with ICANN. 43 are already in market.

This chart shows how many domain names Neustar is managing, both as the registry operator as well as the backend service provider for others’ TLDs: Click here to continue reading…