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  • Cool site lets you see what new TLD domains were registered yesterday

    1. BY - Nov 05, 2014
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    DomainPunch’s latest tool is eye-opening.

    DomainPunchThere are a lot of new top level domain names out there. Most of them grow by a dozen or so registrations every day.

    Now that the brand protection and investor rush is over, who is registering these domains?

    Here’s a quick and simple tool from DomainPunch to see domain names that were added to the zone files the previous day. It’s pretty interesting.

    I used the tool this week to investigate what types of domains people are still registering in .NYC. People registered, and this week, which seem like great domains to have still been available.

    Take a look at the .photography adds and you’ll see a pattern of firstlastname or small photography companies:,,

    Here are some others: Click here to continue reading…

  • Ebola forces ICANN to move meeting from Morocco to Singapore

    1. BY - Nov 04, 2014
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    Without specifically citing Ebola, ICANN moves meeting due to Ebola-inflicted attendance concerns.

    That “confidential agenda item” at last week’s ICANN Board meeting? A decision to move the next ICANN meeting, which was scheduled for Morocco in February. It will be held in Singapore instead.

    Without specifically citing Ebola, the board resolved to move the meeting due to attendance concerns. In addition to people being scared of traveling to the region and catching Ebola, there was concern that travel bans might prevent people from Africa attending:

    Similarly, hosting a meeting in the African region with significant groups of Africans likely not able to attend negates the rationale behind ICANN’s regional rotation of meetings.

    ICANN plans to hold the meeting in Morocco next year, instead.

    It’s worth noting that attendees of this year’s ICANN meeting in Los Angeles were probably as close to an actual transmission of Ebola (Dallas) as anyone in Marrakech is, at least as of right now.

    I don’t think I’ll attend the Singapore meeting. I’ve been to the last two ICANN meetings and will have just attended the NamesCon conference one month before the Singapore meeting. There’s also the potential of the summer meeting being somewhat close to the United States.

  • Minds + Machines close to $4 million in domain registration revenue

    1. BY - Nov 04, 2014
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    Company says it has sold the equivalent of nearly a half million .com domain names.

    Minds + MachinesNew top level domain name portfolio company Minds + Machines issued a press release this morning touting its results to date after launching 10 new TLDs.

    According to the release:

    The Directors are highly satisfied with the overall progress of these launches, particularly from a revenue perspective. When measured on a .com equivalent cost basis, registrations within Minds + Machines portfolio of launched gTLDs in which it has an interest is currently in excess of 495,000 .com equivalent registrations (the number of names the .com registry would need to sell to achieve equivalent revenue).

    The company has been asking people to value it on revenue rather than domain registrations, since its wholesale price for domains is much higher than traditional domain registration pricing. This also allows it to highlight revenue from sunrise, landrush and premium sales.

    The wholesale price of a .com domain is $7.85. That suggests the gross from registrations of Minds + Machines domains is roughly $3.9 million. If you assume this number is made in the best possible light, then the revenue includes the full wholesale price paid for the domains, not its share after splitting with partners in the case of some domains.

    This number includes a lot of sunrise, landrush and premium domain sales revenue. By my count, Minds + Machines has a total of approximately 80,000 registrations right now. That’s an average of nearly $50 per registration.

    Half of Minds + Machines TLDs are stuck below 1,000 registrations. .London, a partnership with the city, leads the way with about 47,000 registrations.

  • Neustar reports earnings, .Co grossed $4.4 million last quarter

    1. BY - Oct 30, 2014
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    .Co acquisition helps boost revenue at Neustar.

    Neustar reported third quarter earnings after the bell today.

    The company, which operates .us, .biz and .co, reported a 7% lift in revenue and a 1% increase in net income compared to the third quarter of 2013.

    A big growth driver was the addition of .Co, which the company acquired in March. .Co added $4.4 million to the revenue line during the third quarter.

    Neustar originally reported the purchase price of .Co as $109 million. It has since increased that for accounting purposes to $115.1 million based on working capital accounts at the time of acquisition; this is still a preliminary number. The deal also included a performance bonus of up to $6.0 million.

  • Afilias plans to raise $100 million, warchest will help in new top level domain auctions

    1. BY - Oct 21, 2014
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    Afilias will float its shares on the AIM next month, and use proceeds in part to fund upcoming new TLD auctions.

    AfiliasDomain name registry Afilias announced today that it intends to trade on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM, raising $100 million.

    In doing so, Afilias will join fellow registries Minds + Machines and CentralNic on AIM.

    Afilias says its registry operations are second only to Verisign in size. It supports more than 20 million domain names; 6.6 million directly and 13.5 million as a registry service provider to other registries.

    The company operates the .info, .mobi and .pro top level domain names and 8 more (including .blue, .pink and .black) as part of the new top level domain name program. These make up the 6.6 million.

    The 13.5 million as a service provider cover .org, .asia and a number of country code top level domain names. This number should grow as its new top level domain name customers launch their domains.

    Afilias generated $77.625 million in revenue last year, up slightly from $74.5 million in the year prior. It had an operating profit of $30.4 million last year and threw off a whopping $45.9 million in operating cash flow.

    Through the first six months this year, the company had revenue of $39.4 million.

    Afilias says it will use the bankroll to acquire contested new TLDs in upcoming auctions, acquire existing TLDs and domain name businesses, and develop the company’s registrar business to become a vertically integrated operation.

    The company plans to be admitted to the AIM next month.