Social app spends $233,333 for domain name

Company spends six figures for better domain name.

Same.comSame, a social networking and chat app for the Chinese market, has purchased the domain name for $233,333.

The company behind the app uses the domain name now forwards to the existing website.

Here’s the iTunes page for the app, which appears to have been released originally about two years ago., a company that owns a large portfolio of valuable domain names, was the seller. Sedo brokered the transaction for its largest public domain name sale of the past week. Larry Fischer handled the sale and Sedo handled escrow. and other end user domain name sales will be included in Domain Name Wire’s weekly end user list later this week.

Domain Holdings reports $4.75 million domain name sales in Q1

Sales up year-over-year but down quarter-over-quarter.

Domain Holdings has released its quarterly report of domain name sales. The company sold $4.75 million worth of domain names in Q1 2015.

Although this is up 40% over its sales in Q1 of 2015, the number is about half of what the company has sold in each of the past three quarters.

Domain Holdings’ sales team has gone through a lot of recent upheaval, with a number of brokers leaving.

Here are some other stats from Domain Holdings’ report: Click here to continue reading…

Scenes from a domain name auction in China

These are some of the Chinese domain name investors buying your domains.

The domain name market in China is hot and is driving major price appreciation, especially in short domain names.

What’s the Chinese domain name community like? A lot like that in other parts of the world. It has its own “big personalities” and players. It also has its own gatherings and domain name auctions.


Last month, 域名圈 organized a live domain name auction in Beijing that attracted 200-300 people. 域名圈 loosely translates to Domain Name Circle or Domainer’s Circle. (域名 is domain name and 圈 is circle or ring.) The group is led by 王培陛 (WANG Peibi). Click here to continue reading…

3D.Software domain name sells for $100,000+

Big sale illustrates value of premium strategy for new TLD operators.

Rightside has sold the domain name for a six figure sum, CEO Taryn Naidu revealed on the company’s quarterly financial results call yesterday.

The domain name was purchased by Visual Dynamics, a company that creates 3D software used for design. resolves to a site similar to Visual Dynamics’ original site,

According to DomainTools’ historical whois records, the domain name was transferred in early March. Rightside began selling two character (but not two letter) domain names from its new TLD portfolio that month.

Naidu also mentioned a six figure sale of, but that sale happened last year.

New TLD Premium sales have accounted for just 5% of Rightside’s volume but 30% of revenue share. Assuming Rightside keeps 100% of a $100,000 sale, they’d need to sell about 5,000 regularly priced .software domains to equal one big sale like this. (This assumes a $20 wholesale price. If it’s less, then it would need to sell even more domains.)

20 End User Domain Name Sales

Startups, real estate agents and others buy domain name at Sedo.

One thing that’s interesting about watching the domain name aftermarket is seeing sales for startups that haven’t launched yet. Consider this week’s sale of to Agnito Labs, a company that hasn’t revealed its plans yet (at least not on its website). The company says it’s building products “that apply machine intelligence to real-world problems”. Presumably, one of those problems is law.

In addition to this purchase, two separate buyers purchased Houston real estate domain names, a conglomerate paid a nice sum for its name in .biz and a music label shortened its domain name.

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