Owners bullish on domain name values in 2015

Domain name owners think domain name values will increase in 2015.

SurveyDespite all of the changes in the internet naming landscape, or perhaps in spite of it, respondents to this year’s Domain Name Wire Survey are bullish on domain name values.

61% said they think domain name values will go up in 2015, compared to just 9% that think they’ll go down. The rest think they’ll stay about the same.

The initial question did not distinguish between existing TLDs and new ones.

In a subsequent question, 48% of people said new TLDs aren’t affecting the value of .com domain names. 33% say it’s boosting their values and 18% think new TLDs are hurting .com values.

51% of respondents think that new TLDs are hurting the value of non-.com gTLDs such as .info and .biz.

The survey also found that domain name owners frequently list their domain names for sale on marketplaces. Marketplaces is plural, as three-quarters of those that list domains for sale use at least two marketplaces.

63% plan to use an additional marketplace in 2015.

Marketplace sellers are evenly split between those that list with “buy now” prices or “make offer”, with many also reporting they do some of both.

A Hot Winter at NameJet

It’s cold in most of North America, but this winter has been hot at NameJet.

Winter at NameJet has been hot. In January the auction venue set a record with more sales above $2k than during any previous month. NameJetFebruary racked up 121, which makes it the 3rd month in a row surpassing 100. Apart from December, 2014 ranged between 61 and 95 monthly sales >$2k … with a mean of 76. So if your impression has been that bids are climbing into higher price ranges more frequently, well, the data agrees with you.

Speaking of buying domains, Buying.com was February’s high sale at $69.2k. In contrast to previous months, in which I discussed a subset of domains in detail, I’ll continue with last’s month’s format and present the full list of 121 sales, divided into groups (somewhat arbitrarily) based on style. Let’s start with a trio of gerunds – i.e. words ending in “-ing” that can function as nouns or verbs in English: Click here to continue reading…

Mega List: 67 end user domain name sales

Joseph Peterson tracks down 67 recent end user domain name sales.

During the previous week, Sedo’s network handled 581 domain transactions totaling $1.4 million. Compared to last week, whose top 3 public sales at Sedo added up to $500k, a high of $14.5k seems pitifully small. But the total volume is up 56%.

This time, I tracked down end users for 67 domains. As usual, I’m mixing domains that just sold with others that closed earlier but just emerged from escrow. Click here to see the list!

LuxeValet.com shortens domain name to Luxe.com for $172,500

Domain name sold to parking company after auction ended.

Heritage Auctions continues to sell domain names that were listed in its auction last month in New York.

One of the bigger sales is Luxe.com, which was purchased by on demand parking and valet service Luxe for $172,500. It has been using the domain name LuxeValet.com. Luxe recently raised $20 million in financing.

The total from Heritage Auctions’ February auction lots now stands at over $1.2 million. In addition to the Luxe.com sale, the company sold SmartWatches.com for $35,000, and Frisco.com, Donna.com and GMXGXM.com for undisclosed prices. 18 of the 27 domain names listed in the auction have now sold.

40 End User Domain Name Sales

40 recent end user domain name sales at Sedo.

During the past week, Sedo’s network sold $900,000 in domain names. The 3 highest sales were Heika.com ($300k), which is a title associated with Japanese emperors; Anker.com ($150k), the German for “anchor”; and HOOQ.com ($50k).

As usual, I’ve compiled a list of 40 domains where an end user can be identified. Most of these come from last week, while others were technically sold during previous weeks but have just emerged from escrow.

ArticlesOfIncorporation.org ($1000) – was purchased by the folks at WikiDownload.com, which stocks documents, eBooks, games, and software.

AquaGym.com (€6000) – belongs to MBG Global, which boasts of selling its branded product line in 58 countries. What product line, you ask? Beverages. Apart from the redirect, their closest connection to this domain appears to be a branded mineral water called “Acqua Morelli”. Click here to see more end user sales…