Texas Rangers get Rangers.com for $375k, MLB now missing just 3 team names

Major League Baseball adds one domain name to its collection, but three still elude it.


The Texas Rangers are now found at Rangers.com

DNJournal’s weekly domain name sales list includes Major League Baseball’s $375,000 purchase of Rangers.com, making it the 28th team name the league has acquired in .com.

I’ve been watching MLB’s team names for a while as they’ve slowly tried to complete their collection. As of 2013 they were missing just four domain names. At the time, I said Rangers.com probably wasn’t obtainable because the owner, Future Media Architects, doesn’t sell domain names.

But that changed last year. Future Media Architects started selling domain names, and MLB picked this domain name up right around the end of the year.

That leaves three team names MLB is missing: Click here to continue reading…

Why Sonic.net rebranded as Sonic, and how it got Sonic.com

Nearly decades after it was founded, Sonic.net acquired the matching .com domain name and rebranded.


After 20 years of being known as Sonic.net, the California ISP and telecom rebranded as merely “Sonic” after acquiring Sonic.com.

When Dane Jasper co-founded California ISP and telecom company Sonic.net in 1994, he settled on .net because the .com was already taken.

Another California company, Sonic Solutions, had registered Sonic.com the year before. Using a .net didn’t seem like a big problem for Jasper at the time, even if he wanted the .com.

“We were a network service provider and everyone back then that was a network service provider was pretty much on a .net, like earthlink.net,” he said. “It wasn’t a big deal to not have the .com at that time.”

Over the past couple decades, Jasper realized there were drawbacks to operating as Sonic.net. There was a bit of customer confusion and the occasional email accidentally sent to sonic.com rather than sonic.net.

Jasper wanted to acquire Sonic.com, partly because of this confusion. But he also wanted the added credibility of owning the .com, especially a short dictionary word on .com. Click to continue reading…

36 End User Domain Name Purchases

Here are 36 domain names sold at Sedo recently that were acquired by end users.

Sedo had another strong batch of sales last week: 12 spanning $10k – $18k and another 4 ranging from $35k all the way up to $150k. Most of the big-ticket items couldn’t be pinned down conclusively – either because the domains are unused and under privacy or because the transfers remain incomplete. One $60k purchase – Employer.com – can be ascribed to a domain investor, but I haven’t yet asked him whether he intends to develop a website.

36 end users, though, I have tracked down. As with last week’s article, this list is a mixture of newly reported sales and domains that only just emerged from escrow.

Click here to see the list…

HA.com domain name auction is today & 8.co will sell for $100k+

8.co tops six figures and has met its reserve.

Heritage AuctionsHeritage Auctions is holding a domain name auction today at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, simulcast on HA.com. The auction begins at 11 am EST.

As of the time of writing this morning, the most expensive domain name to meet its reserve is 8.co. One of the few non-.com domain names on the list, the domain has already hit $115,000 (with buyer’s premium).

Other domain names have attracted higher bids — including NL.com, Quick.com, Mouse.com, Arcade.com, Future.com, Classic.com and Luxe.com — but those bids are below reserve. 26 of the 29 lots already have bids.

Heritage Auctions is trying something rather unique in the domain name auction business by having so few lots. Each domain name will get attention and there shouldn’t be much bidder fatigue toward the end of the auction.

40 End User Domain Name Sales

A fashion blog rebrands, a Chinese real estate company pays 6 figures and another company spends €5000 to drop a hyphen from its domain name.

Last week Sedo scored a brace of 6-figure sales, one mid-5, and an additional 7 transactions ranging from $10k to $15k. That surpasses their $49k high reported last time – namely, SuperSeats.com, which now resolves to a developed site for concert, theater, and sports tickets.

Below is a list I’ve compiled of 40 sales where an end user can be identified. These domains are taken partly from the 215 sales in Sedo’s last weekly report, but I’ve also followed up on domains that were stuck in escrow during the week prior.

They’re in alphabetical order. So you’ll have to do some skimming to find the BIG ones:

Anna.co ($10,000) – is “your friend for mental issues”. So the landing page tells us. We’ll see what Anna has to say later, I guess.

BareEscuentuals.com ($1000)+ GameStol.com ($725) + HFragrance.com ($760) + Perfumaina.com ($980) +YFragrance.com ($999) – CitizenHawk bought these typos on behalf of clients BareEscentuals.com, FragranceNet.com, GameStop.com, and Perfumania.com.

BrandTale.com ($3000) – Adding that “M” was worth it for BrandTale.co.

CamdenStore.com ($2619) – CamdenMarket.com found a thesaurus.

CandleTouch.com ($1100) – Scented candles “coming soon”.

CapitalExchange.com (€1250) – The buyer’s page, ForexTech.com, prominently reads: “Capital Exchange Technologies”.

Colian.com ($4000) – Polish capital group, Colian, is deeply involved with food products. They’ve expanded on their .PL domain and seem to be going global.

ContractLive.com (€5000) – This contract management site paid a pretty penny to overcome their hyphen.

Diagnostic.Solutions (€2001) – Believe it or not, there were a handful of nTLD sales reported in Sedo’s list, although most couldn’t be validated as end-user purchases. This one, however, was clear: GATC Biotech, “Europe’s leading service provider of DNA sequencing”.

Dobermann.org ($1850) – is surely an improvement over Dobermann-Europe.eu, which they use for email, or Dobermann-Retreading.com, which is their main site. Right now they boast of “a launch that will impact the Brazilian tire market”. Not very stirring when Google auto-translates it from the Italian, is it? Never “impact” a market when you can “shake” it!

Einstein.co.uk (£6000) – TailorMadeLetters.co.uk has either rebranded, or its owner will be launching a new project. Based on the price, I doubt this is a reseller.

ePhoneNumbers.net ($1500) – The .COM owner wanted a matching .NET. Both remain parked, but this person seems (based on his portfolio) to be primarily interested in domains related to phone numbers. To me that signals planned development.

Fotoshooting.com (€6800) – This nearly English loan word is, in fact, German; and the buyer, Carolin Fischhaber, seems to be the photographer behind this site.

FTP.co.uk (£3000) – One service offered by Ridgeon Network is FTP hosting.

GiftCardMall.co.uk ($3000) – Black Hawk Network specializes in gift cards and prepaid services; so naturally this domain is for their own use.

Ignite.com ($112,500) – Sedo broker Dave Evanson sold this extremely exciting brand name to the owner of Silicon Innovations Web Development. Whether the domain is earmarked for one of their clients, poised as a rebrand, or slated for some unrelated project remains to be seen.

IVGlobal.com (£7500) – Acquired by job site IVOffshore.com either as a rebrand or a spinoff.

Impressionen.com (€3500) – It’s hard to say at a glance whether CSC secured this domain on behalf of their customer at Impressionen.de (a clothing store) … or whether the fact that CSC also holds Impression.com means there is a second client involved.

Infliximab.de (€2750) – a.k.a. Remicade is a prescription drug used to treat Crohn’s disease, among other ailments. This domain is forwarded to Remicade.de. They also own Remicade.com.

KHC.com ($120,000) – You’ll find this acronym stands for the Chinese buyer: Guangzhou KaiHuaCheng Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. Although I could find a few scattered listings for the company online and a handful of domains owned by them, I didn’t locate any website. Perhaps this domain will become that website.

Luna.Berlin (€800) – German catering company, Luna.de, dug between the couch cushions for loose change and purchased its capital city.

Lunari.com ($2000) – “Security talent agency”, LunariConsulting.com, shortened their name online.

Matguiden.com ($3000) – This domain was purchased by Dipcon.com, Swedish domain / IP consultants. While I can’t verify that it was purchased on behalf of the “Matguiden” kickstarter project that is currently running (and written up in Norwegian), the overlap is surely no coincidence.

Memorandum.com ($10,000) – Fashion blog TheClassyCubicle.com has rebranded. They’re proud of it, and they ought to be.

MLHoldings.com ($2000) – Since the buyers use the awkward domain McClung-Logan.com, it’s impossible not to think they’ve put their initials toward this domain as an improvement.

NHAcademy.com ($1395) – NewHorizonAcademy.net has found a shorter domain in a more widespread TLD.

NursingHomeAbuseLawyer.com ($2800) – is the sort of long-tail domain that may yet drum up clients for TheMeyerLawFirm.com. They’re no strangers to short domains either, since that domain redirects to MLaw.com.

QuickNurse.com ($5500) – UKICS.com offers “Independent Clinical Services” within the UK. That means “temporary and permanent staffing solutions” for nurses. Apparently they have “over 20,000 active candidates”.

RCKT.com (€6750) – It’s no coincidence that Rocket-Internet.de is the buyer.

SkillsEngine.com ($2000) – Texas State Technical College picked up this domain. Must be for a new educational initiative.

StartupAccelerator.com ($1999) – Derek Gehl, who bought this domain, has at least 2 websites already where he offers workshops for an “Internet Income Accelerator System”.

Suoq.com ($5000) – I can’t establish whether this was an end-user purchase or not, but either the buyer or the target would be Souq.com. That e-commerce site uses the Arabic word for “market”.

UniCloud.com ($10,000) – Taiwanese gaming company Unalis launched this site, which may or may not be officially related to Unicloud.org.tw, developed by National Tsing Hua University.

Veracode.co.uk ($1899) – “Application security company”, Veracode added the UK ccTLD to its .COM.

Viciniti.com ($36,200) – I’d be surprised if this isn’t a Microsoft acquisition, one way or another. They own Vicinity.com already. Meanwhile, the buyer of this domain is the CEO of DEA.com, a company that makes event-management software – including a product called “EMS for Outlook“, which is (of course) Microsoft’s email service.

Voestalpine.nl (€1250) – Austrian-based, multinational, steel conglomerate Voestalpine operates in “more than 50 countries”. Their strategy has been to back up their primary .COM website with country codes such as .DE and .FR … now the Netherlands too.

You made it!

If you’d like to learn more about listing domains for sale through Sedo, Andrew Allemann has prepared a handy guide.