Auction for domain name closes at $2 million +

An auction for “Car” in Mandarin Pinyin has closed for a staggering amount.

An auction for, which means “car” in Mandarin Pinyin, has closed for more than $2 million on Chinese domain trading platform eName.

The auction closed just after 10 am EDT today with 485 bids and a final price of 12.85 million yaun. That’s equivalent to 2.07 million USD.

There were 485 bids in the auction, and it was extended multiple times thanks to bids being placed within the final five minutes of auction time.

I should stress that this is just a closed auction, and the money still needs to change hands.

Thanks to Simon Cousins @simon_cousins for the tip.

End user domain name sales including a new TLD for $100k

$100,000 domain name sale rocks domain investing world.

The number of domain names on my weekly Sedo End User sales lists are not always proportional to the number of domain names that sold in the week, nor proportional to the number of end user sales. Some weeks have a lot of domains likely sold to end users that are still in escrow. Other weeks, it’s hard to connect the dots directly between the buyer and the domain.

This week is a case in point. Sedo handled 545 transactions, which is in line with previous weeks. But I wasn’t able to uncover as many end user sales in my scan.

Still, this past week had a huge .rocks new domain sale and big names like AMC. Let’s take a look… Click here to continue reading…

Whoa: Autism.Rocks sells for $100,000 [Updated]

A shocking sale in a new top level domain name.

The domain name Autism.Rocks has sold for a staggering $100,000. And there may be a good reason this domain name sold for so much.

The new owner is listed as Sanjay Shah in Dubai. Shah started the charity Autism Rocks, which can be found online at Shah’s young son has autism.

Based on news reports, Shah has been a very successful trader.

The seller is associated with another autism charity, We Rock for Autism. I talked to him today, and he said the very first offer the buyer made was $100,000, and it was outside of Sedo.

The seller then contacted Sedo to ask for help with the transaction. He says Sedo didn’t tell him there was an escrow option, so he ended up paying Sedo a 15% commission. He’s upset that he wasn’t aware of a 3% option, but says Sedo won’t reverse the fee. He’s hopeful Sedo will donate the 12% difference to autism charity.

Update: Sedo has responded about this issue.

To be clear: the $100,00 purchase wasn’t a direct donation. The seller said it will help his family out greatly, and a big portion of it will go toward charity.

(Thanks Joseph Peterson for initially pointing out the charity connection.)

A couple other new top level domain names, including and have sold for six figure sums.

Afilias wins auction for .Promo top level domain name

Domain name is second to sell through Innovative Auctions’ Top Level Auction service.

AfiliasDomain name registry Afilias has won rights to the top level domain name .Promo in an auction organized by Innovative Auctions.

Phenomena Group Oy was the only applicant with ICANN for the .promo domain name, but the company decided it made more sense to sell the domain name to another party rather than run it itself.

Innovative Auctions sold the domain name through its Top Level Auction offering, a service for selling already-contracted top level domain names. Innovative Auctions is the company that handled most of the private auctions to resolve contention sets when more than one company applied for the same top level domain name. That service was called Applicant Auction.

Although the final auction price for .promo hasn’t been disclosed, the stated reserve was $850,000. Click here to continue reading…

Symantec sells .Security and .Protection domains to XYZ

Symantec now left with two .brand domain names.

Security software firm Symantec has sold its two non-brand top level domain names to XYZ, the company behind the .xyz top level domain name.

XYZ says the .security domain name can be used for anything from private security to building security to internet security, with domains like and DowntownLosAngeles.Security.

The company notes that a lot of security companies use the term protection in their brand names and slogans. Protection can also be used in broader terms, such as brand protection, fire protection and environmental protection. Possible domains include and

Symantec originally applied for six top level domain names. It lost auctions for .Cloud and .Antivirus. After selling .Protection and .Security, it is only left with the brand domain names .norton and .symantec.

It originally envisioned its non-brand domain names being open for public registration after an initial test period.