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  • 21 end user domain name sales up to $39,200

    1. BY - Apr 10, 2014
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    Afternic’s strong week included a number of large end user domain name sales.

    Afternic and GoDaddy combined to sell over $2 million worth of domain names last week. Here’s a look at some of the domain names that were purchased by end users.

    You can view previous end user sales lists here. $39,200 – Software company I bet it’s for a new product or service. $32,000 – NRG Energy. I’m not sure what the domain stands for. $10,000 – The owner of went global. $13,000 – a company called Sweater Shop in Dublin. $2,995 – BizWest Media LLC in Boulder, Colorado $4,800 – Forum site owner ForumFoundry. $2,195 – Mustang Lighting, Inc. in Garland, Texas. $3,000 –, LLC, a company that connects people to sports leagues. $1,077 – industrial designer Emilie Williams. She has been using $1,888 – Continental Sales and Marketing, Inc. in San Leandro, California. $1,888 – Country Flowers in Malta. $1,088 – Common Sense Media, a great site that suggests age appropriateness for movies and TV shows. $3,000 – TalkPR in London. $2,499 – Creekside Cancer Care LLC in Lafayette, Colorado. $1,670 – The New Home Spot, a real estate firm for new homes, dropped the ‘the’. $1,499 – Engineering firm Maverick Corporation, which owns $3,488 – Water management firm Crescent Consulting. $1,449 – Forum Real Estate Group. One of its apartment complexes is Westland. $1,820 – Change Masters, Incorporated, which has the web address $8,500 – Owners of the adultsite $1,495 – City of Dallas.

  • Best WHOIS email address. Ever.

    1. BY - Apr 09, 2014
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    One domain owner is making a clear statement with his email address.

    I was going through Afternic’s weekly sales list to prepare this week’s end user sales list when I came upon a very long email address in a WHOIS record:

    Do_not_contact_unless_6_figure_offer(at) *

    Well, that’s one way to prevent lowball offers!

    The email address is on the whois record for, which just sold on Afternic for $1,200. As best I can tell from reviewing historical whois records, this is the email address for the buyer of the domain, not the seller. It’s not connected to any other domains, according to DomainTools.

    A six figure offer would be very welcome on a $1,200 investment.

    * I changed @ to (at), but otherwise this is the exact email address in whois.

  • 17 end user domain sales up to $24,000

    1. BY - Apr 08, 2014
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    Kim DotCom’s Mega among end user domain name buyers.

    I’m still playing catch-up, so these are end user sales from the list Sedo sent last week. You can view previous end user sales lists here. $24,000 – HomeVista Decor and Furnishings in Bangalore. $10,000 – Kim DotCom’s Mega $1,495 – Crux Subsurface, Inc. 7,500 GBP – Blue Speck Financial Ltd in the UK. $1,500 – Neo Technology, a graph database company. $3,300 – Warshawsky Seltzer, PLLC in Scottsdale. They own the matching .co. $5,000 – Kimpton Hotels bought this for its latest Seattle hotel. 1,500 GBP – Audio Logic Ltd in the UK $788 – Logistics company Lanter Delivery Systems. 2,000 EUR – Cellvital GmbH in Germany. $750 – Used car data service Car-Bio. They use the matching .net. $1,595 – J&J Snack Food $2,500 – $1,350 – Massive Consulting in Geneva. They have been using the inferior domain $799 – New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. They run the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). $1,075 – CAD Professor in Bangalore. $700 – File syncing product company Acrosync LLC

  • Google appears to have sold domain name

    1. BY - Apr 07, 2014
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    3. 7 Comments domain name transferred.

    Hello.comIt appears Google has sold the domain name

    The company used the domain name for a photo sharing service called “Hello” last decade. It later shut down the standalone service and eventually stopped using the domain name.

    Last Friday it looks like Google transferred the domain name. The domain name whois record showed a change of registrant from Google to “John Murphy” on April 4. The contact email address changed from Google to as well.

    Over the weekend the domain name was transferred from brand protection company Mark Monitor to GoDaddy and the domain is now using whois privacy to hide the owner’s identity.

    This is definitely one to watch.

    (Photo from

  • Tesla buys a typo and Lord of the Flies company buys author’s domain name

    1. BY - Apr 07, 2014
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    Tesla pays a lot of money for a domain it could have won in a UDRP.

    I’m a bit behind on end user sales reports thanks to DomainFest last week.

    This list is the one Afternic/GoDaddy sent last week. Some notable buyers include Tesla and BMI. You can see previous end user lists here. $12,750 – Music Giant BMI $13,000 – RelayWare, which offers partner channel management services. $1,000 – Medical Education Resources, which uses the longer domain $3,995 – The owner of health site $1,800 – Best Hotel Furniture, Inc in Prospect Heights, Illinois. $3,000 – Huh. Esports Gaming bought this domain. I think ESPN won’t be happy about this. $1,000 – The Galley, LLC, maker of a kitchen sinks. $1,888 – D-J Engineering in Augusta, Kansas, which uses the abbreviated domain name. $4,999 – Consumer’s Medical, which uses I suspect some people were typing in the singular version on Consumers. $2,200 – TEGSCO LLC, aka Auto Return, which owns the matching .com domain name. $1,000 – The company Lord of the Flies author William Golding set up to manage his ongoing rights. He died in 1993. $1,200 – Hardy’s Jewelers in Virginia Beach, Virginia. $1,000 – Columbus, Ohio law firm Colley Shroyer & Abraham Co., L.P.A. $3,088 – PC LAN SErvices in Milwaukee shortened its domain from $3,000 – Blocker’s Furniture in Ocala, Florida. It has been using the longer domain $1,000 – Sideline Software, Inc., which runs $1,600 – Network of Executive Women in Hospitality, which uses the matching .org domain name. $4,750 – Tesla bought a type of its website. Couldn’t it have just won this in a UDRP? I guess with legal fees it may have cost more. $1,000 – Motorcycle company American Beta.