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  • owner pays dearly for

    1. BY - Nov 17, 2014
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    Company pays $32,000 for and

    .co.comThe company that owns has spent $32,000 to acquire the third level domain names and, the registry reported this morning.

    Freelancing site Mobile Inc bought the domain names in a deal brokered by

    Although it might seem like a lot of money, the company may have spent a proportionally staggering amount when it acquired is a common typo in countries that offer domains under a .co.ccTLD format.

    In related news, the registry is currently auctioning off a bunch of city names with no reserve at NameJet.

  • Disney buys a .club domain & 21 other end user domain name sales

    1. BY - Nov 12, 2014
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    Disney, AMC and other big names bought domain names last week.

    Disney LogoSedo had a busy sales week when it came to selling domain names to big name end users. From Disney, to $10 billion clothing company Next, to AMC, a number of household brands bought domain names at the marketplace last week.

    Interestingly, these three companies bought domains. .Club was the beneficiary of two of these big buyers, while AMC bought a .tv (although it has the matching .com domain name).

    Here’s a list of 22 end user sales at the Sedo marketplace last week: Click here to view the end user sales list

  • What do Amazon and Google domain name losses mean for new TLDs?

    1. BY - Nov 10, 2014
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    Neither of them won .cloud, which begs a big question.

    .Cloud is a valuable top level domain name.

    I’m basing that on the seven applications it received, and that, Google and Symantec all applied for the domain name.

    So which one of these heavyweights won the rights to .cloud? This one:


    Wait – what? That cartoonish logo doesn’t match any of the heavyweights that applied for .cloud.

    Aruba S.p.A., an Italian webhosting company, won the battle for .cloud against some of the world’s largest cloud companies. Click here to continue reading…

  • Sedo sells $1.4 million worth of domains, here are some end user sales

    1. BY - Nov 07, 2014
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    Here are some of the end user sales among Sedo’s $1.4 million in transactions last week.

    Domain name marketplace Sedo handled 542 transactions last week for a total of $1.4 million in domain name sales.

    End user buyers included two large pharmaceutical firms and one of the largest online travel sites. Notably, many of the end user purchases were by companies buying the .com that matches their existing ccTLD names.

    Here’s a list of 14 end user sales at the marketplace last week: Click here to view the end user sales list

  • Why Endurance bought BuyDomains, and why the price might make sense

    1. BY - Nov 04, 2014
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    BuyDomains is a natural fit for Endurance, and you need to look at more than price-per-domain to understand its value.

    EnduranceEndurance International, a $2.1 billion (market cap) rollup of hosting and domain name companies, announced this morning that it acquired BuyDomains from NameMedia.

    The tie-up makes sense for Endurance, which is generally considered the #2 domain name registrar in terms of domains under management. It will now be able to sell its massive customer base a premium, high-margin product. BuyDomains will also be another customer acquisition channel for Endurance’s web presence services.

    “One thing we continue to do is look for opportunities for our customers to get online in a thoughtful way,” Endurance EVP Brian Unruh told Domain Name Wire today. “We’ve been attracted to the BuyDomains team and business [for awhile].”

    The acquisition includes a portfolio of nearly one million domain names, the two BuyDomains storefronts ( and and associated intellectual property. The intellectual property is essentially the data and algorithms that BuyDomains uses to decide which domain names to register and acquire, and at what price. Click here to continue reading…