22 end user domain name sales from last week

Car.info and Portfolio.me highlight this week’s list.

Sedo’s marketplace handled 669 transactions last week for a total of $1.3 million in sales. The top public sale was Car.info, a staggering price for a .info in light of all of the new top level domains available. Yes, “car” is a great second level domain, but it’s still a surprising purchase.

Be sure to tune in Monday to the Domain Name Wire Podcast, when my guest will be Sedo CEO Tobias Flaitz. We’ll discuss trends in domain name parking and domain sales. Click here to see this week’s End User list…

Sedo increasing minimum offers and commissions

Low-ball offers now must be a bit higher.

SedoDomain name marketplace Sedo is increasing the minimum offer people have to make on a domain name as well as the minimum commission sellers pay.

Effective April 9, the minimum offer for most domains will increase from $60 to $90 (or EUR) or 75 GBP. Sellers will pay at least a $60 commission on all sales.

The minimum offer price will likely be greeted positively by those people frustrated about getting $60 offers on their domains. I’m not sure that $90 will feel much better, though. Sellers can always set whatever minimum offer price they’d like.

Afternic recently made the opposite move, lowering minimum buy now prices to $50 and minimum offer prices to $20. Both had been a rather high $250. Afternic charges a minimum commission of $15.

.Ping fetches $1.5M at auction, .Srl goes for $400,000

Two two-way races for new top level domain names have been settled.

Two top level domain name contention sets were settled in auctions yesterday.

Golf company Ping (Karsten) won .Ping for $1,501,000. It was in contention with Radix. Thus, .Ping will become a .brand instead of a generic domain name.

InternetX won the auction for .Srl at only $400,000, beating Google. Srl is a corporate identifier similar to LLC for Limited Liability Company.

InternetX already runs .LTDA, a similar corporate identifier short for “Sociedade limitada” that is commonly used in Brazil. .LTDA launched in December and has about 150 registrations.

$400,000 is the lowest amount paid so far for a top level domain name at an ICANN “Auction of Last Resort”.

17 End User Domain Name Sales

ccTLD owners, a bank and plastic company all make purchases at Sedo.

Sedo handled 674 domain name transactions last week for $1.2 million in sales. 56% of sales were buy-now prices, which is a bit higher than usual.

There were a number of good sales, including a handful of ccTLD owners that bought the matching .com domain name. A real estate investor who also invests in domain names was responsible for the top purchase of BuyMyHouse.com. Click to see the list…

Heritage Auctions accepting submissions for summer domain name auction

Auction house will hold another exclusive auction this summer.

Heritage AuctionsHeritage Auctions is planning another live domain name auction for early this summer.

The format will be similar to one it held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in February. It will be limited to about 30 high value domain names, primarily .com. It will take place in June in either Dallas (where Heritage Auctions is based) or New York.

The February auction brought in over $1.3 million in sales, with many of them coming post-auction. NL.com highlighted the auction at $575,000.

People who wish to sell domain names in the auction should contact Aron Meystedt. His contact information is on this HA.com page. Given the exclusivity, I’d recommend limiting submissions to one or two of your best domain names.