20 End User Domain Name Purchases

A custom tea machine maker, video game company and swimsuit seller buy domain names.

Sedo rebounded from the slow holiday week with good sales results, handling $1.5 million in domain name transactions. It made some good four figure sales to end users, including MyHappy.com, Smartel.com and Clone.org.

Here’s a look at 20 domain names purchased by end users over the past week:

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Do 3 letter domains have any real value?

Is a domain name worth something if it’s just traded amongst investors with limited potential value to an end user?

Three letter .com domain names are very popular right now, with prices increasing significantly over the past year.

Much of the demand comes from domain traders in China. China itself is experiencing a bubble in tech stocks that rivals (or surpasses) the NASDAQ 15 years ago…perhaps including the ensuing bust.

Will the value of three letter .com domains face a similar fate to other assets that have rapidly increased in value? Or is there underlying value in these domain names that will cause them to continue to appreciate?

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A Dozen end user domain name sales

Newell Rubbermaid among end user domain name buyers.

The holiday week slowed sales at Sedo, with the company handling 501 transactions for about $1 million last week.

I had difficulty finding the usual number of end user sales, but there are some goods ones in here. Newell Rubbermaid got a steal on KnifeSkills.com, a machinery company bought the .com to match its .us, and Orange County’s bus system got OCBus.com.

Here’s the list:

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BearingPoint pays $100k+ for Net.Work domain name

New TLD sells for $100,000 plus premium renewal rates.

Consulting firm BearingPoint has paid $100,000 to Minds + Machines for the domain name Net.work, and that’s just for the first year. It will pay an undisclosed premium renewal to continue using it after the first year.

Minds + Machines took a different tack with .work, offering registrations for a just a couple bucks at retail. It also offered up to ten free .work domain names per customer at its own registrar, helping to boost overall registrations to 55,000.

A Minds + Machines spokesperson says the $100,000 sale validates its strategy of offering the domain name for a low price to raise overall awareness of .work and then capitalizing through premium domain name sales.

Net.work does not yet resolve.