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  • Heritage Auctions to hold super-exclusive domain auction at Waldorf Astoria Hotel

    1. BY - Dec 10, 2014
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    Auction will be limited to 30 high quality domain names.

    Heritage AuctionsHeritage Auctions is trying something different for its next domain name auction: it will be a super-exclusive event held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

    What makes it so exclusive? There will only be 30 domain names at the auction. That’s the smallest (in terms of number of lots) live domain auction I can recall.

    It also means the inventory will be limited to high quality, one word domain names plus two and three character domains.

    The auction will be held February 9, and Heritage Auctions is still seeking qualified domain name submissions.

    More information, including domain submission guidelines, are available on the website.

  • domain name sells for $1 million

    1. BY - Dec 05, 2014
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    Bank sells domain name to another bank for $1 million.

    Qatar National Bank has paid $1 million to acquire the three letter domain name

    The deal was disclosed in an SEC filing made by the seller, another bank called QNB Bank. The seller changed its web presence to Changing a bank’s domain name is a big deal, and I’m not surprised at the price tag on this deal given the circumstances.

    Qatar National Bank uses the country code domain name for its web site. It is now forwarding to its main website.

    Thanks to George Kirikos, who spotted the SEC filing.

  • Last week’s end user domain name sales at Sedo

    1. BY - Dec 04, 2014
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    A Hong Kong game developer, investment firm and manufacturer bought domain names last week.

    Sedo handled 509 domain name transactions last week, for a total of $1.3 million. It was a little bit harder than usual to find obvious end user sales, but there are plenty of them.

    Once again, many of the sales were to people who owned one TLD version of a domain picking up another.

    Here’s the list of some of the week’s end user sales at the Sedo marketplace: Click here to view the end user sales list

  • Meet 8 people who spent more than $10,000 on a .NYC domain name

    1. BY - Dec 03, 2014
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    .NYCWith over 60,000 domain names registered, the new .NYC domain name is off to a roaring start.

    During the “landrush phase”, over 1,000 .NYC domain names had more than one interested party and were thus headed to auction. Ten domain names, according registry records, sold for more than $10,000.

    One of the ten on the list appears to be a typo, so I looked up the remaining nine to find out who would spend so much money on a .NYC domain name.

    A general conclusion: you can make a lot of money in medicine in the Big Apple.

    Here’s a look at 8 people and businesses that paid more than $10k for a .NYC domain name: – Dentist Robert Schwartz, who uses the site, picked up this domain name. The domain name doesn’t resolve yet. and – Some guy named Kevin Anthony bought both these domain names. I have to assume he is either a dentist, orthodontist, or is connected to one. But I can’t find anything online about him. – HomePhysicalTherapyNYC bought this domain. They use the domain name (and were smart enough to also register – According to The Domains, the auction for this domain name topped $60,000. The domain is registered to Bruce Pinker. As best I can tell, he’s a podiatrist. Hey, if marijuana becomes legal, we can expect podiatrists to add it to their bag of tricks for handling bunions. – Real estate is expensive in New York City. So it’s no big surprise to see this domain sell for five figures. Leslie J. Garfield real estate won the auction. Her firm has a blog called “The Townhouse Blog” hosted at Her new .NYC domain doesn’t forward to it yet. – Another big real estate sale, this one to Manhattan Residences, Inc. – Oh man, car service is big business in New York. The domain is registered to the president of Luxor Limo Inc, a car service company in NY. They have a fairly big operation. forwards to the company’s main website. – People like Bitcoin (in part) for its anonymity, and you can say the same thing for the buyer of this domain. Listed as only the initials “KL” in whois, the listed address also appears to be missing a unit number. The email address in whois is for a site that doesn’t resolve. As for what you’d do with a geo-specific bitcoin domain? I don’t know.

  • Minds + Machines pockets another $4.4 million from losing new TLD auctions

    1. BY - Dec 03, 2014
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    Company now has $45 million in cash.

    Minds + MachinesNew top level domain name applicant Minds + Machines continues to add to its pile of cash by losing new TLD contention set auctions.

    In a release out this morning, the company said it received $4.4 million for withdrawing applications for .latino, .school and one as-yet-unnamed application.

    .School was a four way race won by Donuts. Other applicants included Fegistry and Uniregistry.

    .Latino was a two way race won by Dish. Dish participated in an auction of last resort last month (winning .dot for $700k). Perhaps it decided it likes the private auction model better.

    Here’s an interesting thing to ponder: Minds + Machines now has a market cap of just over £70 million for its shares traded on the AIM. 40% of that value is currently in cash.