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  • How to selectively assign sales leads on

    1. BY - Sep 30, 2014
    2. Domain Sales
    3. 0 Comments allows you to handle the sales inquiries you want and send the others to brokers.

    I use (DNS) to park most of my domain names because I like using their sales platform.

    DNS’ platform allows you to handle purchase inquiries on your own for no fee or assign a broker to handle your inquiries for a commission.

    For a long time I had DNS handle all my inquiries, but then I decided to broker domain sales myself. Yet sometimes I’d like a helping hand.

    It turns out that is not an all-or-nothing platform. Click to continue reading…

  • Frank Schilling has sold $12 million in domain names this year

    1. BY - Sep 29, 2014
    2. Domain Sales
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    Schilling says his domain aftermarket sales have hit $12 million for the year.

    Frank Schilling has sold $12 million worth of his own domain names this year, already surpassing his total from 2013.

    Schilling disclosed this number in an update to (DNS) clients. He said his sales platform has been the engine behind his secondary market domain name sales success.

    The update lists a number of other big changes and features coming soon to his domain name platform: Click to continue reading

  • Sedo end user domain name sales

    1. BY - Sep 29, 2014
    2. Domain Sales
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    An aviation company and a seller of hair extensions among end user domain name buyers.

    SoldSedo handled 591 domain name transactions the week before last for a total of about $1 million in sales.

    The list includes a startup in Texas, a bunch of .uk purchases, and a company buying a .berlin domain name to match its .eu domain.

    The end user list, including new TLDs and existing ones, is below. …Click here to see the end user domain name sales

  • Top Level Design wins .design contention set

    1. BY - Sep 25, 2014
    2. Domain Sales
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    Hotly contested top level domain name goes to Portland company.

    Top Level DesignThe .design top level domain name will be run, fittingly, by Top Level Design.

    Top Level Design beat out six other applicants in a private auction to win the domain. Given the number of applicants, I suspect the final price for the domain was near a high water mark.

    Top Level Design CEO Ray King told Domain Name Wire that winning .design was very important for the company, as you might guess from the company’s name.

    Beyond .wiki, .design was one of its top priorities.

    “Think of all the things that require design,” King said. “Design permeates all aspects of culture.”

    There are the types of design most people think about — interior, graphics, web. But most things require design, even furniture.

    King thinks web designers are key constituent. As early adopters, he hopes they’ll help bring awareness to the domain.

    Top Level Design has launched .wiki and .ink so far. It’s still in contention sets for .art, .llc, .style, .gay and .blog.

  • Minds + Machines’ numbers show new TLD auctions are getting out of control

    1. BY - Sep 24, 2014
    2. Domain Sales
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    Highly contested new TLD auctions are likely ending well above $10 million.

    Minds + Machines put out a press release today about winning the .law and .vip domain names at auction, and the numbers in it provide hints about how much companies are paying to win private auctions for new TLDs. If my math is right, these new TLD auctions are getting out of control.

    The company won .law and .vip, but lost five auctions: .design, .flowers, .group, .realestate and .video. Its net cash inflow from the losses after paying for the wins was $6.2 million.

    The .VIP auction was an ICANN-facilitated auction, which means we know the exact price: $3,000,888. That means that Minds + Machines grossed at least $9.2 million from losing the auctions, plus whatever it paid for .law. Click to continue reading…