Juice chain among end user domain name buyers

A look at recent end user domain name purchases at Sedo.

JuiceLand is a popular juice and smoothie bar here in Austin. It has 13 local locations and one in Brooklyn. But it’s been hampered by the domain name JuiceLandAustin.com. No more…the company just paid $20,000 to acquire JuiceLand.com.

JuiceLand is just one of the end users that bought domain names through Sedo over the past week. Other buyers include a software company, a fabric company and a new food delivery service called BiteHop.

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GoDaddy adding 435 TLDs to domain name aftermarket

Registrar expanding number of domains that can be sold in its aftermarket.

GoDaddy is vastly expanding the number of top level domain names that can be sold on its aftermarket starting tomorrow.

The company will add the capability to sell domains under 435 top level domains. 230 will be gTLDs that were previously blocked from listing and the rest are country code domain names.

Customers will be able to list domains directly on GoDaddy Auctions or through Afternic. For now, Afternic syndication to GoDaddy will only be to its auction platform. However, GoDaddy is quickly working to syndicate these to the purchase path with fast-transfer as well. When fast transfer is enabled, it will only be for GoDaddy-to-GoDaddy transfers at first.

GoDaddy currently only enables fast transfer for .com, .net, .org, .info and .co domain names.

For new top level domain name listings, sellers will only be able to list domain names that renew at the top level domain’s standard prices. Premium renewals will not be allowed.

.Club reveals registrar-sold premium domains

.Club registry releases unique sales data.

In an unprecedented level of transparency, .Club has revealed which domain names it sold through registrars at premium prices last month.

The registry began offering about 8,000 premium-priced domain names through the regular registrar purchase path last month. It sold 12 premium domain names through this channel last month, plus four through its existing sale partner Sedo.

Here’s the list, including the registrar and Sedo sales:

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Domain Holdings sells $6.1 million in domains in Q2

Domain Holdings recovers from first quarter but is still down compared to last year.

Domain Holdings reported sales numbers for Q2 2015 including $6.15 million in domain name sales.

This is up from $4.75 million sold in Q1, but is less than half of what it sold in Q2 2014.

64% of sales were in the United States and 34% were to China.

85% of domains were .com, 3% .net and .org, and 10.5% were various gTLDs. The company sold a .IO domain name for six figures.

Although averages can be misleading, here are some interesting stats on average domain sales price:

One word $63,500
Two words $52,000
Three words $8,300

50 End User Domain Name Sales up to $500,000

Here are recent domain name purchases by end users.

During the past week, Sedo reported 550 public domain transactions, totaling around $1.6 million. At an even $500k, Give.com receives the laurels. Notably, a domain industry veteran was the buyer and will be the end user. Other high sales included KBeauty.com ($55k) and WolfSpeed.com ($70.2k).

Below I’ve gathered 50+ domain purchases where an end user could be identified. A minority of these are domains that sold during the preceding week but which have only now emerged from escrow. They’re in alphabetical order.

Actuariat.com (€1999) – Optimind Winter is a French actuarial and risk-management firm – un “leader de l’actuariat conseil et de la gestion des risques en France”. They purchased a term that defines their industry.

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