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  • Moniker just reset your password, and you need to do something about it NOW

    1. BY - Oct 06, 2014
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    Moniker tries to improve security, but…

    MonikerMoniker just sent an email to all of its customers notifying them that their passwords were reset in the name of better security.

    Requiring stronger passwords at Moniker is a good idea. It has historically had weak password requirements, including password character composition and reset requirements.

    Yet the way Moniker made the change was probably counterproductive to security.

    The email to each customer included the login username and new password in plain text. Click here to continue reading…

  • Should new TLD registries sell directly to consumers?

    1. BY - Oct 02, 2014
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    New TLD registries might need to go direct to consumers in addition to the existing registrar channel.

    domain sales

    Can I interest you in a domain today, ma’am?

    There has been an established channel for gTLD domain name registrations for a long time.

    The registries offer domains to registrars, who in turn sell them to people like you and me.

    This channel has been mandated in top level domain contracts with ICANN because of the way these contracts were handed out. Verisign’s contract, for example, prohibits the company from owning a registrar that sells domains to the public.

    But new top level domain names are different. There’s no restriction on a new TLD applicant also owning a registrar and selling directly to the public.

    There’s a lot of debate whenever you upset and established market channel. Some issues and questions about registry-registrar integration include: Click here to continue reading…

  • Times have changed: GoDaddy CEO to speak at women in computing event

    1. BY - Oct 01, 2014
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    CEO of company known for sexy commercials to speak on panel at women in computing conference.

    GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving

    GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is speaking at an event celebrating women in computing.

    GoDaddy’s CEO is speaking on the “Male Allies” panel at next week’s Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event.

    Let that soak in for a moment.

    Such a role for a GoDaddy CEO would not have been imaginable five years ago. The company, known for its objectifying TV commercials, has rankled women for the past decade.

    But the man behind those commercials is no longer at the helm of GoDaddy*. Blake Irving is now running the show and wants to change the company’s image. That includes ending the controversial commercials (a move that was underway before he took the CEO gig). Click to continue reading…

  • Mike Robertson joins DirectNic as Business Development Director

    1. BY - Sep 25, 2014
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    Australian who co-founded Domain Guardians to move to U.S. for role.

    Mike RobertsonDNC Holdings (DirectNic) announced today that it has hired Mike Robertson as Business Development Director.

    A familiar face (and Australian accent) at domain conferences, Robertson previously co-founded Domain Guardians. Domain Guardians started as a sort of estate planning system for domain name owners. It later shifted into other domainer-focused products including domain brokerage. The company handled the $1.0 million sale of

    Robertson got his start in the domain business as business development manager for Fabulous, an Australian domain name registrar.

    At DNC Holdings, Robertson will head up activities for aftermarket, monetization and account management programs. He will be relocating to the United States.

    DNC Holdings recently promoted Kellie Peterson to President, and it seems the company is in expansion mode.

  • My .website results: Hexonet wins the day

    1. BY - Sep 19, 2014
    2. Domain Registrars
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    Hexonet did remarkably well with my .website pre-orders.

    .WebsiteOn Wednesday, I wrote about the challenges I had pre-registering domain names at various registrars.

    I was specifically trying to pre-register .website domains. .Website was supposed to launch Wednesday, but was delayed a day for technical reasons. This gave me another 24 hours to go after the domains I wanted. Click here to continue reading…