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  • GoDaddy Auctions implements bidder verification

    1. BY - Jan 08, 2015
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    Verification process should reduce questionable bidding.

    Responding to complaints about the integrity of its domain name auction platform, GoDaddy rolled out a bidder verification requirement today for its auctions service.

    Bidders are restricted to participating in two auctions and a maximum of $1,500 in bids until they complete the verification process.

    To become verified, GoDaddy Auctions will require bidders to have a verified PayPal account. PayPay verification differs by country, but is typically granted when a user links their bank account to their PayPal account. Click to continue reading…

  • September’s .Com winners and losers

    1. BY - Jan 06, 2015
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    Moniker lost, PublicDomainRegistry gained.

    ICANN has published official registry reports from September (always three months in arrears), showing that Moniker dropped below one million .com domain names registered.

    The chart below shows the ten domain name registrars with the most successful .com transfers out, and then compares this against the number of successful .com transfers in. Registrars that “won” for the month will have a blue column taller than the red one. Click to continue reading…

  • A summary of really interesting information in Rightside’s Investor Presentation

    1. BY - Dec 10, 2014
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    Investor presentation shows initial results from five of Rightside’s TLDs, explains how the company picked TLDs to acquire, and describes the method used to identify premium domain names.

    RightsideOne of the great things about having publicly traded domain name companies is that we can get more data from the companies than we can from private ones. Rightside (NASDAQ: NAME) is a prime example.

    Rightside held its first Investor & Analyst Day last Friday. You can view the entire presentation with audio here. Or, if you don’t have 2+ hours to spend, you can read my summary of interesting points below. Click here to continue reading…

  • Which domain name registrars lost (and won) transfers according to most recent official data

    1. BY - Dec 10, 2014
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    Latest published data shows August performance of Moniker and other domain name registrars.

    ICANN just published Verisign’s official .com numbers from August, which gives us a chance to check in on how certain registrars are doing from a customer standpoint.

    I’ve been checking these reports over the past few months to see how many domains Moniker is losing after changing its account interface. What I thought would be massive hemorrhaging has proven to be just a slow bleed, at least as far as .com is concerned.

    Still, as the chart below shows, Moniker is losing a lot more domains than are being transferred in: Click here to continue reading…

  • GoDaddy gets another Domain Appraisal patent

    1. BY - Dec 09, 2014
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    Patent covers using comps for domain name evaluation.

    GoDaddy has been issued another U.S. patent related to domain name appraisals.

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today issued patent number 8,909,558 for “Appraising a domain name using keyword monetary value data”.

    The patent basically covers using comps for a domain name appraisal, i.e. looking up sales of other domain names including similar keywords and using this to determine value.

    GoDaddy has a number of related patents, and this patent application was a continuation of many of them. Last year the company was granted patents for “Appraising domain names using comparative data” and “Domain appraisal algorithm”. These patents discussed using five “p’s” for domain valuation: precision, popularity, presence, pattern and pay-per-click (PPC).

    GoDaddy employees Paul Nicks and Pat Lutwitze are listed as inventors on the patent.