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  • See GoDaddy’s clever .NYC barge ad

    1. BY - Oct 08, 2014
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    Barge message taunts neighbors across the Hudson.

    Earlier today I wrote about the highly anticipated launch of .NYC domain names. GoDaddy is promoting the domain name heavily around New York City, including a big ad on a barge being piloted on the Hudson River.

    Here are a couple photos of the barge, taunting New Jersey residents about how New York City has a domain name and they don’t.

    In fact, only people who live or own a business in New York City are eligible to register the domain names. GoDaddy and other registrars are offering the domain names for about starting $25 today. Click here to see the pictures

  • Moniker’s transition-related security holes come to light

    1. BY - Oct 08, 2014
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    Moniker customer explains some of the security holes that may have led to his domains being stolen, including some introduced by the transition from the old Moniker system to a new platform.

    So it is sad to say goodbye to Moniker, and to witness the self-destruction of this company that played such a large role in the development of the domain industry.

    MonikerSo writes Nat Cohen, long time domain name investor and owner of perhaps the best portfolio of three character domains around. He was also one of Moniker’s first customers, a customer since before the registrar was even called Moniker.

    What finally prompted Cohen to move his domain names was not Moniker’s initial botched transition from the legacy Moniker system to an entirely new platform. It’s the security holes that came with it. It’s the scary fact that some of Cohen’s names were stolen. Even though he got them back, that’s certainly enough to make anyone look for a new registrar. Click here to continue reading…

  • Michael Ward joins Uniregistry as Director of Registrar Operations

    1. BY - Oct 06, 2014
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    Ward moves from Directnic to Uniregistry.

    Michael WardFrank Schilling’s Uniregistry has hired Michael Ward as its new Director of Registrar Operations.

    Ward will be in charge of registrar growth, marketing, and product support for the registrar side of the business.

    This was a smart hire for Uniregistry. Ward has experience with many parts of the domain name ecoysystem and has a solid reputation in the industry.

    He most recently served as Chief Operating Officer for DirectNic, a large and growing domain name registrar. He was key to building the registrar’s stable of country code top level domain names and growing the brand.

    Prior to DirectNic, he worked for domain parking platform Both companies had common ownership for awhile.

    Ward also has registry experience from stints with Public Interest Registry (.org) and Verisign.

    Also, last week Uniregistry announced that Vern Jurovich has rejoined the company. Jurovich was Frank Schilling’s early partner. A press release just out says that he will be Chief Operating Officer.

  • Moniker just reset your password, and you need to do something about it NOW

    1. BY - Oct 06, 2014
    2. Domain Registrars
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    Moniker tries to improve security, but…

    MonikerMoniker just sent an email to all of its customers notifying them that their passwords were reset in the name of better security.

    Requiring stronger passwords at Moniker is a good idea. It has historically had weak password requirements, including password character composition and reset requirements.

    Yet the way Moniker made the change was probably counterproductive to security.

    The email to each customer included the login username and new password in plain text. Click here to continue reading…

  • Should new TLD registries sell directly to consumers?

    1. BY - Oct 02, 2014
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    New TLD registries might need to go direct to consumers in addition to the existing registrar channel.

    domain sales

    Can I interest you in a domain today, ma’am?

    There has been an established channel for gTLD domain name registrations for a long time.

    The registries offer domains to registrars, who in turn sell them to people like you and me.

    This channel has been mandated in top level domain contracts with ICANN because of the way these contracts were handed out. Verisign’s contract, for example, prohibits the company from owning a registrar that sells domains to the public.

    But new top level domain names are different. There’s no restriction on a new TLD applicant also owning a registrar and selling directly to the public.

    There’s a lot of debate whenever you upset and established market channel. Some issues and questions about registry-registrar integration include: Click here to continue reading…