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  • Verisign would like to remind you that plenty of .com’s are still available

    1. BY - Sep 19, 2014
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    …but it paints availability in the best possible light.

    VerisignEver since new top level domains started rolling out, Verisign has been pushing the idea that plenty of high quality .com domain names are still available.

    It’s sort of right. Click here to continue reading

  • Donuts wants to patent Domain Protected Marks List

    1. BY - Sep 18, 2014
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    Registry files patent application for brand protection tool.

    DonutsDonuts wants to patent the Domain Protected Marks List (DPML), a service that helps brand owners prevent their trademarks from being registered across multiple top level domains.

    The company filed U.S. patent application 13/804919 (pdf) in March 2013 for “Domain Protected Marks List Based Techniques For Managing Domain Name Registrations”. The application was published today.

    DPML allows brand owners can pay a fee to block their domains from registration across all of the domains the registry manages.

    The retail cost of Donuts’ DPML is about $3,000 for five years. If Donuts ends up managing 200 domains, that would be $3 per domain blocked per year.

    Both Donuts and its partner Rightside offer DPML services. Interestingly, Rightside, not Donuts, has filed trademark applications for “Domain Protected Marks List”.

  • .Buzz discovers that its registrants enjoy the high life

    1. BY - Sep 18, 2014
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    New TLD .Buzz found a customer base it wasn’t targeting.

    .buzzWhen Bill Doshier decided to apply for the .buzz top level domain name, he had a vision for how it would be used: entertainment, social media, fashion…you get the idea.

    Once the domain name went live, he noticed an entirely different customer segment registering domain names.

    “Early on after our April launch, I noticed some cannabis-themed domain registrations coming out of Colorado, specifically Boulder,” said Doshier.

    Although Doshier had not promoted .buzz to the marijuana business, his timing ended up being perfect thanks to a growing move toward legalization.

    Marijuana websites started springing up on .buzz domains:, and even, a site tracking publicly traded companies profiting from the legalization of marijuana.

    Doshier saw an opportunity.

    “I realized quickly this is a serious business supported by a passionate, internet savvy community,” he said.

    Although .buzz registrations for cannabis-themed sites are just part of a registrant base including fashion, music, travel, entertainment and technology companies, Doshier is spreading awareness to those that are buzzed in the state of mind.

    Working with a marketing group, he created a new site (and contest) at and a new logo targeted to the cannabis industry.

    Today, he’s speaking at the ArcView Business Conference in Chicago. Arcview brings together investors with business owners seeking to take advantage of legalization of the plant.

    “We are creating the internet location for the legal cannabis industry; its business owners, investors, activists, bloggers and ‘budding’ entrepreneurial community,” said Doshier.

    New top level domain name applicants know they will only grow their registration base through usage. Doshier has stumbled upon a very passionate group — and he’s taking advantage of the opportunity.

  • Igloo acquires

    1. BY - Sep 18, 2014
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    Domain broker acquires domain name marketplace.

    Aftermarket.comIgloo, a fast growing domain name broker, has acquired domain name marketplace from Thought Convergence.

    The move makes sense for Igloo. While its focus in the past has been on larger, high touch transactions, it is now handling the sale of the old DomainSponsor portfolio that was acquired by Rook Media earlier this year. will give it a good platform to sell these domain names (and others). …click here to continue reading

  • New TLDs find their religion: .Church wins the day

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    .Church was the top TLD launch yesterday.

    Going into yesterday, I bet that .guide would be Donuts’ top domain name launch of the week. It’s a fairly generic domain that works with a number of second level domains, similar to .tips (which now has 30,000 registrations).

    I should have known that word travels fast in the religious community. …click here to continue reading