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  • Bad news for investors

    1. BY - Oct 23, 2014
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    Verisign still negotiating with ICANN over .com transliteration domain names.

    Owners of domain names that are patiently waiting for .com transliterations are going to have to keep waiting.

    In an SEC filing today, and on its investor conference call, Verisign said it has received an extension to the deadline for negotiating its contracts for these domains with ICANN. The new deadline is December 31.

    The company would not disclose the specific terms of the contract that it is trying to negotiate.

    I can imagine that, whatever the terms are, ICANN doesn’t want to do any favors for Verisign right now. ICANN and Verisign have been sparring significantly over the past couple years. It’s also unclear what leverage, if any, Verisign has for negotiating new TLD contracts.

    Unfortunately, owners are the ones caught in the middle.

  • Lawsuit filed to recover stolen three letter domain names

    1. BY - Oct 23, 2014
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    Suit alleges 35 domain names were stolen from a GoDaddy account.

    Stolen domainsAcme Billing Company filed a federal lawsuit (pdf) in U.S. District Court this week to recover 14 stolen domain names, including 9 three letter domain names.

    The suit alleges that an unknown person stole 35 domain names from Acme Billing Company’s GoDaddy account. The company became aware of the theft in early August and worked with GoDaddy to recover 21 of the domain names. It filed the suit in an effort to recover the other 14. Click here to continue reading…

  • .Com rebound: Verisign adds 1.15 million domain names to hit 130.0 million

    1. BY - Oct 23, 2014
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    After slow second quarter, Verisign returns to health growth in net-adds in third quarter.

    VerisignVerisign just reported third quarter earnings, and it appears to have been a pretty good quarter in terms of .com and .net registrations compared to the previous quarter.

    The registration base for .com and .net increased by 1.15 million domain names to reach 130.0 million.

    That’s a nice rebound from the second quarter, when Verisign added just 0.42 million registrations to its .com/.net base

    In the third quarter, it sold 8.7 million new domain name registrations for .com and .net, compared to 8.3 million for the same period in 2013.

    The company reported revenue of $255 million for the third quarter of 2014, up 4.7 percent from the same quarter in 2013.

  • 17 more end user domain name sales

    1. BY - Oct 23, 2014
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    Here’s a list of some of the end users that bought domain names last week.

    Sedo handled a total of 484 transactions last week, representing $1.4 million in total sales. Yes the most expensive sale they reported was just $16,200, suggesting there was at least one big sale that is not public.

    Before I run through some of the end user sales, here’s a quick thing I noticed.

    Remember when .berlin had a free domain giveaway? They canceled it after a couple groups registered just about everything under the sun. One of those registrants was Sedo, and this past week they profited by selling for 800 EUR.

    OK, now for the end user sales list: Click here to view the end user sales list

  • Yesterday’s 5 new TLD launches total about 2,500 registrations

    1. BY - Oct 23, 2014
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    A slow start, but some of these domains have long term potential.

    Five new top level domain names launched yesterday, and they combined for a total registration base of just 2,500 after the end of the “zone day”. This includes sunrise and landrush, plus the initial hours of general availability.

    Donuts’ .healthcare ended the day with about 1,400 registrations (all stats from nTLDstats).

    I’m a bit curious about .healthcare. There’s a growing chorus of concern about the future .health domain and how people will falsely believe that information on it is authoritative. I personally thing this is silly, but if people do give authority to .health, won’t they also give it to .healthcare?

    The other domains yesterday were all from Rightside. Its four military-related domain names struggled out of the gate: Click to continue reading…