This week .Rocks, definitely not a .Fail week

.Rocks is the top TLD of the week.

On Tuesday I questioned if this week would be a big .fail for new TLDs, or if it would .Rock.

We now have a (relative) answer.

Rightside’s .Rocks was the top domain name launch of the week. So, by that definition, it .rocks.

Here’s a look at the total registration numbers as of the overnight zone files for domains that launched this week:

.rocks 5191
.网址 1,565
.limited 1098
.wtf 977
.reise 892
.financial 758
.fail 634
.actor 572

.网址 (website in Chinese) launched on Tuesday, so its number includes an extra day of registrations compared to the others.

Some observations:

“The sky is falling!” claimed the financial firms worried about having to protect their brands in new TLDs.

Then new TLDs came out and few bothered to spend the money to defensively register their domain names.

Yes, .financial is a pretty weak TLD compared to .finance, .bank etc. And yes, many financial firms use Donuts’ DPML. But still, only 758 registrations?

As for .reise, it fell far short of Donuts’ launch of .reisen just last week. (Hint: distribution.)

The company that launched .reise try to squash Donuts’ plans for .reisen through an objection that failed.

Are the results from .limited indicative of what we might see for other corporate identifiers? I doubt it; .ltd would be a better measure.

(Note: data is from zone files.)


  1. Roger says

    Nobody seems to give a dn anymore, artificial man made demand, they keep shining the turd, but it is still a turd at the end of the day.

    Wait for the drops next year, especially xyz

  2. JZ says

    yeah the numbers seem to keep getting worse aside from the odd string. like i said before, its just overload. there are way too many and people just end up ignoring them all.

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