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  • Big names buy domains: Under Armour, Mary Kay, SAP and more

    1. BY - Jul 30, 2014
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    Large companies snap up domain names at Sedo.

    This week’s Sedo end user sales list is packed with big name end user buyers. Fortune 500 companies bought domains for under $2,000. The list follows.

    You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report. $1,200 – Enterprise Rent-a-Car. .BM is the country code for Bermuda. 999 EUR – Software giant SAP. I believe they have a product by this name, but I can’t translate well from German. Pendler means “commuter” in German. $1,500 – Cosmetics direct-selling company Mary Kay. 4,500 EUR – National Treasury Leisure B.V. in Amsterdam. 21,000 EUR – The whois shows Swissclear AG. Google it and you’ll land on, a financial services company. 3,900 EUR – Software company Appropos, LLC shortened its domain name from $3,000 – Concert ticket company Live Nation. 1,450 EUR – $15 billion company (market cap) FiServ. $1,800 – San Diego RV Center, which uses the domain name $795 – Chemical Heritage Foundation, owner of the matching .org domain name. $1,000 – KMT Robotic Solutions in Auburn Hills, Michigan. $750 – the owner of hotel booking site $1,000 – the owner of tire review site $2,299 – Ramses, which I believe is a restaurant in Madrid. It web address is $1,595 – Insurance company Word and Brown. They own a number of insurance brands ending in -choice. $1,000 – Par Golf Supply, Inc. in Illinois. $3,500 – GeoSafe LLC, provider of GPS solutions to emergency response services, shortened its web address from 3,000 EUR – Specialty Drinks Ltd, a liqour company. 1,999 EUR – Apparel company Under Armour. What do you think it stands for?


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