gives Heritage Auctions the press it has been looking for

HA adds a press-worthy domain name to its July auction.

Heritage AuctionsOne of the things Heritage Auctions is trying to do with domain name auctions is bring domain investing to the mainstream.

By mainstream, I mean collectors and investors in coins, memorabilia and other items HA already auctions.

It’s working the press angle, too.

Yesterday the company announced it will be auctioning off in its July 24 auction. Heritage finally has a domain name the press wants to write about:


This is good for HA and good for the domain name business.

While isn’t as good as, it’s the best domain name for bitcoin that’s not currently “in use”.

HA expects the domain to clear $750k. That’s a lot of cash, but it’s only about 1,200 bitcoins. To an early bitcoin investor, 1,200 bitcoins is like dropping $10,000 on a domain.


  1. says

    Clearly, lots of folks are interested in joining the Bitcoin club… (and, by the way, we are auctioning (and a few other names) in the same Heritage Auction. :-)

    • John says

      Don’t get me wrong – is still worth a fortune and also worth seven figures imo. It’s just that “Bitcoin” and “Bitcoins” are better.

  2. John says

    No, I disagree with Adam completely. Shorter is not always better if that’s what he may be thinking – that’s a pure myth. The “top of mind” and “authoritative” term is “Bitcoin(s),” and “BTC” is merely a dry “technicality” of sorts that does not evoke the same whole range of feelings, motivations and sense of acceptance and familiarity.

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