Top 5 Domain Name Wire stories from June

Moniker “wins” three spots on June’s top stories list.

Is there no such thing as bad press?

That phrase probably went out the window last month for Moniker. It took three of the month’s top five spots on Domain Name Wire for highest-trafficked stories. The stories also combined for over 350 comments. It was not good news.

Here’s the complete top five.

1. The new Moniker: Love it or Hate it? – It’s definitely the latter.

2. Moniker CEO Bonnie Wittenburg discusses botched transition – customers are not appeased as they still wait for many things to be fixed.

3. .XXX interview: Lessons on premium domains, marketing and more – This is a great interview for anyone interested in new TLDs.

4. Why Google is becoming a domain name registrar & what it means for the business – It will mean a lot of Google executes.

5. Sorry, Moniker. It’s Over. – I can’t imagine how many domains have been transferred out of Moniker over the past month.


  1. Anonymouse says

    Moved all domains expiring up until November from Moniker thus far, only another 7 months or so of renewals to go!

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