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  • IMHO, the candy company lost out on the opportunity…

  • Shaun Pilfold says:

    June 23, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    @ Abdu. I don’t thing they need it and besides the are called M & M’s not M and M

  • I would never think M and M would buy it. They use to have a reputation of being very frugal. Since it is still a family owned business I doubt that philosophy has changed even if the Mars family is not active in the daily operation of the company.

  • The sale price was on the mark. If anything this was a 700k Domain. Fact is some owners get excited due to other previous LL sales for 3M and 4M and those only got it because one end user had been after it for YEARS sometimes over 5 years of negotiation such as

    Fact of the matter is no matter the combination most LL are between 100k – 500k. Unless you are turning down 1-2M dollar offers consistently over the past 5 years you may not want to turn it down because you may never see it again. I see this time and time again. Before you know it you’re 60 yrs old waiting for that million dollar offer to come back.

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