Is .expert the next “big” top level domain name?

.Expert is in the same category as .guru. How will the two compare?

.Guru continues to lead the new top level domain name charts in terms of number of domain names registered. It currently has about 55,000 registrations and gets hundreds of additional registrations on some days.

Tomorrow Donuts releases a similar new TLD in the Early Access Phase: .expert.

Will .expert rival .guru in terms of registrations?

It’s a tough question. Although .guru and .expert can be used similarly, their audiences only partially overlap. .Guru is edgier; .expert is more professional.

Another big different: .guru costs under $30 at most registrars while .expert is in Donuts’ highest price tier and will cost about $60-$70.

Another wrinkle is that more domains will initially be blocked by name collisions in .expert than .guru. Yet the number is still relatively small at 10,000.

.Ninja is also on the horizon. It’s the edgiest of the three. Rightside Registry is pushing the domain hard and I expect it to pick up a good number of registrations at launch.


  1. says

    the big issue with .expert unlike .Guru, are that the premium domains are REALLY expensive $800 a year, $1,500. $1,500 a year, $800 a year, and for the really big sports fan there is which will only set you back $5,500 a year (All Godaddy Pricing)

  2. Davis says

    You guys are all barking up the wrong tree here. End users will never pay you what you will ask, and wait till you tell them about the premium.

  3. Robbie says

    Just for fun I kicked off whatever came to mind,,,, only one that wasn’t taken was which costs $500 per year, now I got to go mow the lawn, and think about all the money I saved by not buying this stuff.

  4. says

    Take a look at past sales of domains ending in “expert” over at

    I see 31 sales above $2,000 since 2005. That’s less than 4 per year reported.

    With the premium renewal rates Michael Berkens pointed out above — $800, $1500, or $5500 per year — that makes for a 5-year ownership cost for the better .EXPERT domains of $4,000 to $27,500 .

    I count only 9 sales of [something]Expert domains above $4,000. The highest ever reported was $20,000. So — if sold at $5500 per year — would far exceed any evidence of public interest in the “expert” suffix.

    Added to the expense of these premium .EXPERT domains is the necessity to negotiate a purchase for the corresponding .COM.

    The steady-state public appetite for “expert” domains — regardless of TLD — is on the order of 4 per year above $2k. Left to itself, the market might divide those 4 annual “expert” purchases between .COM and .EXPERT.

    But marketing acts like a pump, trying to maintain a higher than normal pressure. So if we see a lot of these premium .EXPERT domains placed with buyers, then that’s probably more a measure of the marketing pressure exerted by the registry than it is a measure of market demand for “expert” names.

    Steady-state conditions are what ultimately count — not transients.

  5. Angelcakes says

    If your planning on ordering this from 101domain make sure your aware of some of there recent problems

    i hope nobody is accepting there lame offer that they have given after trying to take domains off people more than a month after they were registered.

    you are NOT alone if you have told them your not interested in this silly offer.

    if your affected by it make sure you keep a copy of the whois record from google. with this and 101domains public explanation of the serious mistake they made i believe you have all the proof of their responsibility that you need to show that they owe you the domains or should pay you the revised value of the domains to take them back.

    more great tips on this issue to come in the near future.

    do not roll over people.

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