18 end user domain name sales

3D printing company among end user domain name buyers last week.

Afternic and GoDaddy combined to sell over $2 million worth of domain names last week. Here are some that were sold to end users.

You can view previous end user sales lists here.

sa3at.com $14,000 – BinMadi Watches. As best I can tell this is the name/brand of a watch.

Depose.com $11,000 – a CSC client, most likely a law firm.

ApolloClinic.com $2,000 – Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited in Hyderabad, India. It uses TheApolloClinic.com.

3dme.com $6,000 – 3D printing company 3D Systems.

RecyclingSummit.com $1,288 – Plastics industry trade association Society of the Plastics Industry

CornerTheMarket.com $2,850 – Heritage Wealth Management Group, Ltd. in Norfolk, Virginia.

CapitalShield.com $1,877 – Security company Kastle Systems.

HotSauceBoss.com $1,500 – James Wreck, the Hot Sauce Boss outside of Houston.

Home-Solutions.com $3,388 – Home Solutions Property Management Inc. in Fort Lauderdale.

BreastCancerWalk.net $1,488 – Creekside Cancer Care LLC in Lafayette, Colorado.

SterlingRose.com $1,500 – IT services company Sterling Rose, which has been using SterlingRoseLLC.com.

Cloud-Connect.com $1,000 – iTMethods Inc. in Toronto.

LouisianaBaptist.com $1,149 – Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana

RWGoods.com $4,000 – Roman and Williams, an interior design and building firm.

VietCorp.com $1,300 – Cong ty Co phan Vietcorp, which owns the matching .VN domain name.

Bunker.biz $1,000 – New York ad firm Bunker.

RetirementPaycheck.com $1,750 – The Mutual Fund Store

PetSeatCovers.com $1,000 – Wet Okole, manufacturer of seat covers.


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    Those who use mobile phones in the Middle East replace the letter ع in Arabic with the number 3. It means ساعات (watches in English). There is no English equivalent for the letter ع. that is why they replace it with 3.

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