Google appears to have sold domain name domain name transferred.

Hello.comIt appears Google has sold the domain name

The company used the domain name for a photo sharing service called “Hello” last decade. It later shut down the standalone service and eventually stopped using the domain name.

Last Friday it looks like Google transferred the domain name. The domain name whois record showed a change of registrant from Google to “John Murphy” on April 4. The contact email address changed from Google to as well.

Over the weekend the domain name was transferred from brand protection company Mark Monitor to GoDaddy and the domain is now using whois privacy to hide the owner’s identity.

This is definitely one to watch.

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  1. says

    As an update, there’s now a coming soon page on the site:

    Join a one-of-a-kind community of users who celebrate friendship, imagination, self-expression, and authentic engagement in a safe environment
    Engage in targeted social exploration and content sharing with fascinating connections that relate to the diverse parts of your personality

    • Daniel says

      Sounds a bit scammy… or like one of those dating sites that pretend not to be one.
      At least we can rule out that the new owners are HelloSign.

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