New York City sets phases, nexus requirements for .NYC domain name


dot-NYCNew York City has finalized its launch plans (pdf) for the .NYC web address coming out later this year.

The domain name will be allocated in four phases rather than the usual three.

The first phase will be a sunrise for trademark owners running May 5-June 20. That will be followed by a unique “City Government Affiliated Phase” in which governmental organizations can request domains. A 60 day landrush will then start on August 4. Domains will finally become available to everyone on a first-come basis on October 8.

But not everyone will be able to register .NYC domain names. Nexus requirements mandate that registrants be either a person residing in New York City or an entity/organization with a physical address in the city.

A Post Office Box isn’t enough to qualify for nexus.

Interestingly, the registration agreement also mandates that registrants be compliant with New York state and city laws including the requirements for conducting business via the Internet.


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