Survey: Domain Name Registrars in 2014

What do customers look for in a domain name registrar?

Domain Name Wire SurveyThe 9th annual Domain Name Wire survey is open and awaiting your participation.

As always, the survey asks some questions about domain name registrars and why people use the registrar they do.

The survey asks participants to rank eight difference factors commonly considered by customers. There’s an additional one this year that wasn’t on the list last year: availability of the top level domain name options you like.

Although new top level domain names are flooding the market now, there are still many notable registrars who aren’t offering them.

As an extra incentive to complete the survey, I’m giving away a number of prizes.


  1. ChuckWagen says

    Hi Andrew, I was thinking to make one quick edit to my survey, how might I do so without redoing the entire thing?

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