Google Capital invests $50 million in

Company that invested $1.7 million in great domain name in 2009 gets $50 million infusion from Google Capital.

Auction.comGoogle Capital has invested $50 million in real estate auction company

I don’t usually write about fundraising by companies with great domain names. It takes a lot more than a great domain name to build a good business. In fact, what is now was already a fast growing business before it had the domain name.

Still, Real Estate Disposition Corporation’s $1.7 million purchase of the domain name in 2009 was a smart move that gave the company greater credibility. Until then it operated at the domain name

With all of the misinformation and questionable practices in the home auctioning business after the downturn, owning gave the company credibility that simply wasn’t there with

Which is why seeing this ad (pictured) on my local newspaper caught my attention. I wouldn’t have paid any attention had it merely read USHomeAuction.

[The original version of this article referred to Google Ventures. The investment was actually made by Google Capital.]


  1. Domo Sapiens says

    Don’t minimize the importance of the domain :)

    Dot Coms Are The Best Foundation To Build upon…
    but as you said not a guarantee of success.

    Google involvement with this DOT COM based franchise is not but good news…

  2. James says

    Funny, I never associated the domain name with real estate. I kind of assumed it was for selling antiques or consumer goods, having never visited the website. That may be a hurdle for this otherwise fine name.

    I wonder if this news has anything to do with the unsolicited first-ever email I received from yesterday (and yes, the email was entirely in French)?

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