What domain names Southpark, Kraft, American Eagle, and 21 others bought last week

Some big companies bought domain names on Sedo last week.

SedoSedo sold $1.8 million worth of domain names last week. Here are some purchases by end users.

(You can see previous end user sales reports here.)

AEO.pl €744 – clothing company American Eagle

Towelie.com €2,999 – Viacom. This is the name of an episode of Southpark, and a character in the episode.

AccidentSolicitors.com £1,625 GBP – The same company behind LegalBrokers.co.uk

UnitedPrint.pl €1,199 – UnitedPrint.com SE

HotTubTimeMachine.com $998 – Paramount Pictures for the popular(?) movie.

Omega-3.cn $1,000 – EnergyBalance.com, a nutrition company

miads.com $4,140 – a Mark Monitor client

SFP.ch €3,200 – Swiss Finance & Property AG

Taboola.fr $1,000 – content advertising company Tabooloa

IXquick.org $750 – IXquick.com, which bills itself as a “private” search engine

PowerHeartaed.com $820 – Global Med Industries, which sells heart defibrillators

RustbeltReclamation.com $1,800 – Reclaimed Cleveland, which takes items headed for the landfill and turns them into furniture.

HotelAlexis.com $1,000 – Kimpton Hotels

MYNM.com $7,900 – Nieman Marcus. I hope they paid cash or with their Amex.

ToryBlog.com $2,495- Fashion designer Tory Burch

ForTheLoveofCheese.com $8,000 – Kraft

Keepitonehundred.com $1,500 – CTS TV, a Canadian broadcaster. Not sure what it’s for, but 100 Huntley Street is a popular talk show it airs.

Collateral.org $8,500 – Isle of Man Bullion Ltd

JNBank.com $9,999 – Jamaica National Building Society

CharlotteBiz.com $2,388 – Galles Communications Group, Inc., which operates GreaterCharlotteBiz.com

KitchenHotline.com $1,250 – The Kitchen Hot Line dropped the ‘the’ from its domain name.

ButaneHashOil.com $2,295 – WeedMaps.com

AGS.us $888 – Autogroup Services in Forth Worth

EasyMortgages.com $10,000 – Easyhome Ltd in Toronto


  1. todd says

    They started accepting Visa a couple years ago and their profits increased almost 25% from one quarter to the next.
    How to keep your company relevant and profitable? Accept credit cards!

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