39 end user domain name buyers including Lowe’s and Experian

Home improvement company and credit data provider are among big names who bought domains through Sedo over the holidays.

Sedo didn’t publish sales reports over the holiday, so this week we have a doozy. This report includes sales from December 16-29. I’ll publish the most recent report later.

You can view previous end user sales reports here.

Greenbot.com $14,500 – International Data Group (IDG), the media company behind CIO Magazine, ComputerWorld, etc.

Adata.com $15,000 – electronics company ADATA, which uses Adata-Group.com for its web address. The transaction was through GoDaddy.

Jobs.ca $450,000 – JobWings.com Careers Inc, owner of many .ca jobs domains including Retail.ca, AccountingJobs.ca, and ITJobs.ca.

Vivas.com $10,000 – a guy who’s last name is Vivas.com.

Cube.co.uk $11,500 – Box.co.uk, and electronics retailer.

Trineo.com $3,980 – New Zealand Software development firm Trineo, which uses the domain name Trineo.co.nz.

RealEstateReward.com $1,188 – A CSC client

Data-Quality.com $1,200 – Data and credit company Experian. They don’t seem to own the unhyphenated version.

NeoTheme.com $9,000 – Neo Industries, an Australian web design firm that also owns a template site NeoTheme.com.au.

Laptops.de EUR 16,000 – Notebooksbilliger.de, an online retailer.

Firstware.com $1,195 – FirstAttribute, which does work on Active Directory and migration projects in the Microsoft environment.

PrefabDecks.com $3,600 – Leland Industries, a Texas manufacturer of prefab storage buildings.

BestofBusinesses.com $1,000 – Media company BizWest Media LLC, owner of the Boulder County Business Report.

ToysHub.com $3,021 – ecommerce comparison shopping company NexTag.

CarbineStudio.com $2,300 – NCSoft, owner of the Austin video game studio Carbine Studios.

SaudiInternet.com $825 – Saudi Internet

Labels4Less.com $825 – Creative Label Concepts, a seller of labels.

MediaSystem.com EUR 6,900- Mediasystem Elektroakustik & Kommunikationstechnik GmbH in Germany, which has been using MediaSystem.info for its web address.

NAservices.com $3,000 – Northern Air Cargo, which uses a rarely seen .aero domain with NAC.aero.

CanadianSolar.org $990 – Canadian Solar EMEA GmbH, owner of the matching .com version.

BMI.co $7,500 – BMI Financial Group. It owns BMIcos.com. (That’s a big pricetag for this domain!)

3-D.com $5,000 – Philip Kurzenberger, who seems to be in the business of selling 3-D glasses. (Good deal for the buyer.)

BSS.info EUR 1,000 – BSS International Trading, seller of used heavy machinery.

ExpressGroup.com $5,000 – Express Trailers Ltd, which uses the Malta ccTLD ExpressGroup.com.mt.

KatyHomes.com $4,500 and FulshearHomes.com $999 – HomeGuide, LLC, a referral service for real estate agents. Both Katy and Fulshear are suburbs of Houston.

Featured.com EUR 5,400 – HotelBlocks.com, a service for reserving blocks of hotel rooms. For now the domain forwards to HotelBlocks.com. (Seems like a good value to buyer.)

UplinkIT.com EUR 1,800 – UplinkIT, a web development firm that uses UplinkIT.de.

Arista.co EUR 1,200 – Networking equipment company Arista, which owns the matching .com.

c21.co $2,000 – Century 21 Department Stores. The .com is owned by the real estate firm with the same name.

BankStreet.info $1,500 – Investment bank Bank Street Holdings LLC, which owns the matching .com domain name.

Comfortek.com $1,000 – Comfor Tek Seating, a chair company that uses ComfortekSeating.com as its web address.

GizmoMedia.com $2,000 – GizmoLive LLC, which appears to be a startup that hasn’t launched yet.

RemoteSupport.org $1,000 – RemoteSupport.ca, provider of WAN installations support

NYCCriminalLawyers.com $4,995 – New York law firm Raiser & Kenniff, P.C.

Transmail.com $3,000 – Zoho Corporation, the company behind Zoho CRM.

Lowes.mobi EUR 1,800 – Home improvement big box chain Lowe’s.

ReAgent.com $5,000 – ReAgent, a chemicals company with the web address ReAgent.co.uk.

CrowdPatent.com $1,150 – Crowd IP GmbH, a soon-to-launch company for funding patent applications.


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