2013 Top Stories: Demand Media to spin off domain business

Rightside will make some noise in 2014.

RightsideDemand Media has had its share of ups and downs since it was founded in 2006. 2013 was mostly a year of downs for its content business, which includes eHow and Livestrong.com, thanks to Google’s search engine changes.

But the domain name business is still holding its own, and it’s hoping to capitalize on the introduction of new top level domain names in 2014.

In February, Demand Media announced that it was planning to spin off its domain name business into a new public company. That new company will be called Rightside.

Rightside includes eNom, Name.com, NameJet, and United TLD. United TLD is the company’s new top level domain business, which hopes to offer domain names ranging from .actor to .ninja. It also offers registry services to Donuts, the largest new TLD applicant.

Rightside will also manage the company’s own large portfolio of parked domain names.

Having Rightside as its own publicly traded company will help shine more light on the domain name industry and Demand’s (former) domain name operations. It will also provide good insight into the progress of a new top level domain operator as the new domains hit the web.


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