Frank Schilling sets the stage for 2014. More domain parking revenue?

Will Google pay more to domain name owners in 2014? Frank Schilling thinks it’s possible.

Frank Schilling just sent a newsletter to clients, and in it he makes a couple predictions for 2014.

One is that new top level domain names will be a big deal. It’s no surprise that Schilling, who has invested tens of millions of dollars in new TLDs, would say this. But he also argues that existing second level domain name owners will benefit from the added attention on domain names in 2014:

Bringing more diamonds out of the ground does not make the price of diamonds go down. If you have good keyword weight and brandable name inventory the wind will be at your back in 2014.

Hmm. Not sure that’s the right analogy. Bringing more diamonds to market does make the price of diamonds go down. But it’s clear that Schilling thinks good .com domain names are going to be fine for now.

(Oh, and queue comments about AM and FM radio…)

Most surprising to me is that Schilling thinks there may be upside in domain parking next year. In addition to some parking improvements, Schilling thinks the upstream ad marketplaces (e.g. Google) are likely to pay more at some point in 2014.

In 2013 Google made some changes to domain name parking that have resulted in downward pressure. Yet some of the changes will “clean up” the channel, so perhaps this is why Schilling thinks the tide may turn a bit in the coming year when it comes to payouts. Or maybe it’s just a sales pitch.


  1. Billy says

    I could not be more pleased with the parking payments at Internet Traffic in 2013. I have only seen my income go up this year, contrary to what many have said about taking a hit this October.

    I’m not surprised by higher payouts. I have always thought larger payouts were coming because quality traffic cannot be denied of it’s worth and power forever, but I never thought it would be from Google. I was expecting other alternatives like grouping traffic in niches or something like that.

    Google might finally be feeling the pressure from having traffic nipped at by Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc… and now sees direct navigation traffic as more valuable now, which is something I have been expecting to see happen eventually. It appears to be arriving.

    I think Frank is implying that actual new ideas are coming to the parking market in 2014, beyond the changes already made this year.

    Rock-n-Roll !!! Who does not like more cash? I don’t think it’s a sales pitch be we will all know very soon.

  2. John Berryhill says

    “Not sure that’s the right analogy. Bringing more diamonds to market does make the price of diamonds go down”

    Looks like a near miss. It seems to be in the context of new TLD impact on existing domains, in which case it might be “bringing emeralds to market” in contrast to diamonds.

    The overall point, though, is that whatever one’s opinion of new TLD’s, and there is a range of valid ones, the media attention on domain names is something of a “rising tide lifts all submarines” or something like that.

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