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  • Heritage Auctions’ domain name auction tops $1.5 million as sells

    1. BY - Dec 06, 2013
    2. Domain Sales
    3. 4 Comments highlights post-auction activity as sales reach into the seven figures.

    Heritage AuctionsHeritage Auctions’ first ever domain name auction just became a much bigger success.

    The auction has now sold a total of $1.5 million worth of domain names including post-auction deals. That means around $1 million worth of sales have taken place since the auction.

    The most expensive sale is, which was sold by Marc Ostrofsky, the man who made headlines selling back in the day.

    Heritage Auctions did not reveal the sales price for, but Ostrofsky was asking $1 million (plus the 15% buyer’s premium).

    Other domains that have sold post-auction include and initially had a $200,000 reserve price.

    There are still some domain names from the auction available for offers.

    Heritage Auctions is one of the top three auction houses in the United States, and this was the first foray into domain names by any of the major auction companies.

  • Andrew, since the auction ended with sales close to 500k. If post auction deals include, and, then could not have been sold for more than 1m if the total is only 1.5m. Right?

  • Great news for all concerned!

    HA directly,

    The domain industry as a whole,

    Successful sellers,

    Domain owners whose assets didn’t sell (but which now appear as valuable as they are),

    And (let’s not forget) the new owners of some fantastic property.

    It will be interesting to see what sites develop out of these purchased domains.

  • Marc Ostrofsky is not only famous for selling business for a purported 7.5 million which by the way was disputed by the seller who claimed much of it was “funny money” but he is even more famous in domain circles for being one of the masterminds behind what is perhaps the biggest cyber and typosquatting scams of all times internet real estate investment trust ireit.
    The company believed to be a hot commody fizzled in shame after being exposed for their massive portfolio of trade mark infringing domains. As part of his legacy Marc can also be credited with being a founding member of the internet commerce association the association created to protect domainers rights and a SUPPOSED mandate of protecting the rights of tm owners. These facts alone make scrutiny a required part of interpreting any story involving Marc who will always be known by domainers as the king of cyber squatting

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