“Cloud” is not a community, new TLD panelist rules

Group’s definition of “cloud community” is too broad.

Cloud Industry ForumCloud Industry Forum Limited has lost its community objections against three applications for the .cloud top level domain name.

The objections were filed against the three applicants who planned to keep their .cloud registries closed to registrations: Google, Amazon.com, and Symantec.

Panelist Stephen L. Drymer ruled that the community Cloud Industry Forum claimed in the objection is not “clearly delineated.”

The trade group refereed to the community in question as the “cloud computing industry,” and then listed 13 examples of participants. They range from hosting providers to lawyers specializing in the field to entities that represent end-users.

Drymer determined that’s not a clearly delineated community:

“With respect, what Objector is proposing here is effectively a community of virtually anyone and everyone – individuals; businesses; private and public groups; professional, academic and government entities – having anything to do with or any interest in cloud computing.”

Drymer later clarified that it’s not just the generic nature of “cloud” alone that formed his opinion, but the broad and ever-changing community Cloud Industry Forum Limited sought to represent.

I wonder what would have happened had the objector simply said it represented cloud service providers and not everyone who touches cloud services? After all, “sport” can apparently be a community.


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