DomainTools retools website

Company launches new homepage more targeted to security and enterprise services.

DomainTools homepageDon’t be alarmed if you visit this afternoon and see the image to the right.

The company, known in the domain name community for its whois and domain searching tools, has updated its home page as well as some other elements throughout the site.

Whereas the previous home page focused on whois searches and finding domain names, the new one is all about cybercrime, brand protection, and enterprise offerings. You could describe the old design as transactional; the new one is more of a brochure for the company’s advanced services. (You can see the old site design on, which is owned by the same company.)

Some of the look and feel extends to other pages of the site, although the various tools are mostly untouched as of now. The biggest change facing power users right now will be a slightly different navigation to use each tool. You’ll notice that the tabs near the top of the page have been displaced by drop down menus.


  1. says

    Design is fine but they have to stop that annoying drop down on the whois page.

    Every time I visit a whois page the content shifts down because I moused over the products or solutions tab.

    I can’t be the only one this affects.

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