Dates and pricing finalized for NamesCon, a new domain name conference

NamesCon sets dates and pricing.

NamesConDomain name investor Richard Lau is organizing a new domain name conference this coming January, as reported Friday on DNN.

The conference in Las Vegas will be called NamesCon. A location has not yet been named, but dates are finalized for January 13-15, 2014. Early bird passes are available for $325 for the first 50 who register before November 1. Prices will increase as it gets closer to the event, with walk up prices of $925 at the door.

Organizers anticipate 400 attendees.

A handful of speakers have already been named for the conference.

Although the date is very close to when Webfest has been held in previous years, you can expect Webfest to be held later than usual next year. Last year announced the dates in September for a February show, and even that announcement was later than in previous years.

It will be interesting to see if a domain conference in Vegas in January affects attendance at the TRAFFIC conference in the same city in Spring 2014.


  1. M.G. says

    We don’t need this. What and who is that going to be for? It will be first and last NamesCon conference. Richard (Lau) wanna be Rick (Schwartz). Oooh boy: Kia is not Mercedes.

  2. says

    For a name-focused conference, this name is atrocious — unless, of course, the phrase “con artist” is expected to open doors for the industry!

    Yes, of course, other conferences employ the “con” abbreviation. But the domain industry is already perceived by much of the mainstream audience as one gigantic “names con”. So the pun scarcely needs to be italicized.

  3. says

    @DNW — the $325 Registration link has been removed while we explore a RADICAL pricing model. More to follow shortly!
    @M.G. — wow, you flatter me with both references. This show is very different from TRAFFIC but iwe are more of a Tesla….

  4. says

    @JP — We had some other choices but while this name can have a negative spin, it clearly won out on a mini-poll. We also wanted to go with Names rather than Domains as we felt it more inclusive across all areas of the industry (Registrars, Registries and Registrants) as well as to newcomers to the space.

  5. M.G. says

    @RL — Next year is 2014, not 2004. You are out, boy. It is not about how many people will come to your con, it is about what value they get. Nada, Zilch, Zip. Zero. Enjoy your Tesla before it gets burned.

  6. says

    Hey M.G.

    I’m not sure who you are but my attitude is not to pull the ladder up behind me. If that seems like Rick, then yes, you are right, I’m following his lead. I’ve been talking to Rick about this show since before I announced it – I heed his advice and value it. NamesCon is a different show from TRAFFIC and there’s still plenty of opportunity for everyone, I’d say as much as back in 2004, it’s just dressed up in overalls and looks like work.

    Please do come to NamesCon — I’ll buy you a beer and you can give me a personal critique of the show.

  7. Meyer says

    Considering that Richard Lau is putting on the meeting, it will be well attended. Lau does things ‘first class’ so I’m sure it will be worth the time and cost.
    I bet even Rick Schwartz and Howard will attend it.
    I wish Richard Lau much success with the new meeting/conference.

  8. R. M. says

    Whoa there Mr M.G. – pull your nose out of Rick’s ass for a second and get some fresh air. In fact, fresh air is exactly what the domain conference circuit needs too. After many shows, the value of TRAFFIC has become very diminished – that’s about the best I can say for it.

    I just hope that NamesCon can find a way to be different enough to bring the fresh air.

    The simple fact that Richard Lau is heading this one up is the only reason I’m considering attending a domain conference again.

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