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  • What domain names Coke, Dreamworks, Shell and 40 others bought last week

    1. BY - Sep 25, 2013
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    Big names and small businesses bought domain names through Afternic last week.

    Afternic’s weekly sales lists usually only include sales of $1,000 or more. This week the company included lower priced domains on its list, and it’s rather eye-opening. Many of the domains that sold for only a few hundred dollars look similar to ones that sold for over $1,000. Some big name buyers, such as Coca-Cola, bought domains for the low prices, too.

    Here’s the list:

    Working Assets, which recently change the name of its mobile and long distance services to CREDO, bought for $75,000.

    HVAC company National Trade Supply bought for $377.

    Mutual fund company Fairholme Capital Management bought for $377.

    Austin-based Advertising firm GSD&M bought for $1,500. There’s a music venue in Austin by that name.

    Albany, New York law firm Tuczinksi, Cavalier, Gilchrist & Collura, P.C. bought for $377. That’s one letter short of its existing domain name. In fact, it looks like the last “C” may no longer be with the firm.

    Kids app maker Lighthouse Learning, which uses the domain name, bought for $1,500.

    American Substance Abuse Professionals (ASAP) bought for $1,788. This is an improvement over its current domain name.

    Ever-Green Energy Company, LLC paid $2,595 for

    Marketing agency Rubin Postaer and Associates bought for $1,395. This is the same agency that is working on Intuit’s Super Bowl contest. Have you voted for lately?

    Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., a pharmaceutical company, bought for $1,488.

    Investment firm Africa Holdings, which uses, went global with at a cost of $500.

    Law firm Steptoe & Johnson bought for $3,588. It could be for a client, but could also be for the firm’s environmental practice.

    St. Jude Children’s Research in Memphis bought for $788.

    Fibre Technology Ltd, whose products include composites, bought for $1,900.

    How’s this for an unintended typo? Forestar Real Estate Group decided it should buy for $3,500. paid $2,527 for

    Group Health Cooperative, a non-profit healthcare group based in Seattle, bought for $988 and for $1,188. It does not own the .com.

    Eisele Fine Art, LLC in Cincinatti bought for $350.

    Comparison shopping company NexTag bought for $1,200 and for $1,595.

    UMB Financial Corporation paid $1,600 for

    A movie studio paying for the right domain? Dreamworks bought for $2,988. I assume its for a new movie.

    The Coca-Cola Company paid $444 for It must be for a new advertising campaign.

    Council for Learning Disabilities bought for $350.

    MoreGeek Entertainment in Taiwan bought the slightly abbreviated domain name for $812.

    Southwest Diesel & Electrical bought for $250.

    Adviser Investment Management in Watertown, Massachusetts bought for $1,500. It owns the .com.

    The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church picked up for $488.

    Performing arts nonprofit The Silk Road Project bought for $749. It owns the .com.

    Kingfisher Apartments in the UK bought for $625. It has been using

    Encore Cases, which sells lighting cases, computer cases, and other cases often used by theaters, bought and for $750 each.

    BLEC LLC, the company behind Blu e-cigarettes, bought for $2,595.

    Energy giant Shell bought for $2,795.

    Cloud network provider GTT bought for $2,200. They don’t own the .com.

    Central Wisconsin Stone bought for $300.

    IT shop bought for $995.

    Another .ru owner,, bought for $1,795.

    The owner of, which sells parts for neon and fluorescent signs, bought for $1,195.

    Defender Direct, the home services company associated with the applicant for the .home top level domain that tried to buy a trademark to bolster its application, bought for $1,277.

    National Association of Personal Financial Advisors bought for $2,000. A lot of financial advisors work for fees instead of commissions.

    Flag seller SSP Flags Inc bought for $299., which assists with filings for small claims court, bought for $2,000.

    SolarGlide, which sells marine navigational safety products and uses for its web address, went global with for $1,200.

    AHS Plumbing & Sewer Repair in Illinois bought for $777.

  • I am sorry, but selling domains to end users for $377 should be a crime… wtf buydomains raise the bar, instead of flea market selling, shame

  • If a brokers was involved in any of these transactions please name them ? If not, I guess they would have dropped anyway, I would rather have seen them drop.

  • Ok names like are not going to drop, and nobody is doing anyone a favor by selling them for $1200, these are $5-10k brands guys

  • is kicking themselves in the ass right now. How long before that salesman is fired.

    The Coca-Cola Company paid $444 for It must be for a new advertising campaign.

  • Anyone know how to get through to Shell’s domain acquisition team?

  • Much disappointment on this list. Coca Cola got off for 444bux ?! went for 377bux ?! OUCH! I have several 1800 /1888 seven letter domains.None of them is leaving my portfolio for less than 30k.

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