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  • So how is this different from what many of us do? I’ve received bogus emails from them and then even contacted the trademarks that rejected having anything to do with them. If they monetize such domain without prior authorization from the brand they are acting as many affiliates, but they used legal excuses to grab the domain.

    “It then monetizes the domain names for a couple years, sometimes through an affiliate program, as payment for recovering the domain name”

  • We’ve detected typo domains for brands “under Citizenhawk’s watch” that were recently registered and stealing commissions (vs Citizenhawk making their commissions).

    Note the difference between stealing and making :)

    Also, they didn’t win 100% of the cases so in those cases they were simply changing who the brand wrote the check out to, in return for nothing.

    Sure it’s a limited business size but their model could have been better and simpler, and the practice just keeps growing as EPC’s drop for traditional ppc lander income.

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