22 end user domain name sales

A car dealer, a dog poop bag seller, and a church bought domain names last month.

Afternic sold about $1.2 million worth of domain names in the week ending September 1. Here are 22 domain names that were purchased by end users.

Dentl.com sold for a whopping $50,000. The domain is under whois privacy and has been for a while, but briefly changed to the owner of MyDentist.co. I’m not sure if that was the seller or buyer.

Compass Healthcare Marketers bought SkipAhead.com for $15,000.

Earth Rated, seller of biodegradable dog waste bags, paid $1,300 for WasteBags.com.

The group behind TrueGreece.com, a vacation travel company, bought TrueRestaurants.com for $2,000.

The owner of PrimulaFlorist.com, a Singapore florist, bought SingaporeGarden.com for $2,188.

A Coldwell Banker real estate agent bought SantaBarbaraRealtors.com for $1,500.

VC firm Tugboat Ventures bought TugboatLabs.com for $1,277.

Whole Life Pet Products bought Tailmix.com for $2,295.

Internet Business Japan Co., Ltd., owner of InternetAcademy.co.up, bought InternetAcademy.net for $4,188. It does not own the .com.

Resnick Auto Group in Illinois paid $1,095 for ResnickAuto.com.

Now this was a very necessary upgrade: Inside Social, which had been using the awful domain name insidesoci.al, bought InsideSocial.com for $3,000.

Build.com bought Miseno.com for $3,088. Earlier this year the company applied for a trademark on the term for use in plumbing fixtures.

Wireless communications company Cambium Networks bought ConnectingTheUnconnected.com for $1,488.

Stainless steel cable railings are big business. I just got them installed for a fence and it’s not cheap. Inline Design sells these rail systems. It just bought InlineDesign.com for $3,000; it had been using various ccTLDs.

Citadel Insurance Services bought FedGuard.com for $2,588.

First Advisors Capital Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama paid $1,188 for myFAC.com.

The owner of GoSecure.ca bought GoSecure.net for $2,000. They do not own the .com.

Ubicon Banking Supplies in Scottsdale, Arizona bought Ubicon.com for $2,000. It has been using UbiconUSA.com for its website.

Class.ly, an online education startup, bought GraduatePrograms.net for $3,000.

Collaborating.com, a startup that hasn’t formally launched yet, bought Entrepreneurialism.com for $1,159. That’s quite difficult to type.

Watermark, a church in Dallas, bought MarriageHelp.org for $1,335.

Marshfield Clinic, a healthcare chain in Wisconsin, bought FamilyHealthCenter.org for $2,088.


  1. todd says

    A Coldwell Banker real estate agent bought SantaBarbaraRealtors.com for $1,500.

    The C @ D letter is already on its way for this one. The “Realtor” trademark is guarded with pitbulls.

      • todd says

        #2 says you can use the word Realtor when included with a personal name (johnsmithrealtor.com) or with a business name (coldwellbankrealtor.com) and

        #4 says you can’t use the word Realtor when included with products, services, or geographically descriptive terms like the names of cities, states, or places. So examples such as santabarbararealtors.com, MLSrealtors.com, realtorlistings.com, realtorclasses.com, NYCrealtors.com etc…..are all off limits.

          • todd says

            I received a c @ d letter, email, and phone call all within 3 days of registering a domain with the term “Realtor” so thats the only reason I called them pitbulls. Dropped the domain the same day and have not heard anything since. That was a couple of years ago. The domain was breaking rule #4.

  2. John says

    Looks like it was a drop pickup or hand reg back on 06/22/12.
    WayBack Machine has lots of previous years it was used going all the way back t0 99 on and off, so it’s been owned or used throughout the years

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