Interesting: Network Solutions’ invisible pricing

Finding Network Solutions’ pricing takes a lot of commitment. customers who use Network Solutions or are not very price sensitive (or price knowledgeable).

That’s how the companies are able to charge roughly $35 for a one year registration instead of the $10-$15 that most registrars charge.

But I noticed something the other day about its pricing strategy/order flow that is rather interesting.

I was trying to figure out how much Network Solutions is charging these days, so I went to their website.

There’s no pricing listed. I did a site search and looked for links on the home page to pricing information. I couldn’t find anything.

In order to see the annual registration price, you have to not only add a domain to your cart, but you also have to sign in or create an account.

That’s pretty amazing to me. Making someone add a product to their cart to see the price is a lot to ask in and of itself, but I’ve never seen a company force customers to create an account in order to see the price.

I suspect the company has studied its purchase path and found that once a customer goes through this much effort they’re less likely to abandon.

This also gives the company a way to follow up on abandoned carts. Two days after abandoning my cart, I got a message offering the domains at a discounted price of $24.99:



    • says

      If you enter a domain on the home page and it’s available, you probably won’t see that link on the page where you add it to the cart. It’s way down below.

      There are also no links to pricing on the home page.

  1. says

    It’s an interesting pricing strategy. Many who don’t know better just end up paying the prices they ask… Imagine registering a domain (or many) for 100 years and then you decide to transfer it without having read the fine print:

    “The service for 20 or 100 year domains will terminate if you transfer to another registrar the domain name for which you purchased the service. This service is non-refundable upon termination.”

  2. Claude says

    In the last year companies like that they have became almost like scammers with they tricks…
    They offer first registration for $1 but when you want to go they find excuses or will ask you to make a phone or other tricks.
    Malpratices from companies that deserve the bankruptcy
    Onlinenic, register, networksolutions…stay away from those tricky companies

  3. todd says

    They suck. Last year I had a name go 1 day past the expiration date. Only one fucking day and they charged me an extra $25 to renew. Ridiculous!! Godaddy gives me 25 days to renew.

  4. Rob says

    I’ve seen this “hidden” or “hard to find” pricing strategy for many years now, and from many different registrars.

    I usually stay right away from companies that do that. But sometimes I decide to write them a polite email and let them know that at least one unhappy customer has walked away because of it. Unless we give them negative feedback then they will likely do nothing to change it. Then again, they probably don’t care about customers like me… they just want to hit the unwary ones.

  5. Steve says

    I’ve had experiences with Network Solutions that border on criminal. I have noticed in my bill, on numerous occasions, that they were charging me for things that I never even ordered. $3.99 here, $4.99 there (for multiple months) and even $15.99 twice. When I called them on it each time, they would credit back to my account. However, I think about all of those people that do not scrutinize their bill like I do and just pay their Visa or Master Card without even thinking about it. We finally moved our account to a different Hosting company because of these unscrupulous billing practices (or rather, charging practices).
    Our Hosting plan was not due to renew until February. However, they charged us three months in advance of the renew date. Beware of their Auto-Renew policy.
    We are also aware that Network Solutions does not list their Domain registration or renewal prices anywhere on their website. We have learned from other sources that they are around $35 for the same thing you can get for $13 with other registrars. It’s no wonder they don’t want anyone to know.
    Network Solutions is in it for the short gain. And they are gaining a heck of a lot from unsuspecting people. They have no intention of keeping customers, just getting as much as they can from the short-term customers they have.

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