Network Solutions recovering from DDoS

Company faced multiple outtages this week.

Network SolutionsNetwork Solutions customers experienced outtages this week due to a DDoS attack.

The problems appeared to start on Monday. On Tuesday, Network Solutions reported that “On [Monday], some Network Solutions customer sites were compromised.”

Then on Wednesday, the company posted to its Facebook page that it was facing a DDoS “that is impacting our customers as well as the Network Solutions site.”

Later on Wednesday it said the DDoS had been mitigated.

Some customers took to Facebook to question the company’s communication about the downtime.

Adam Hoyle, presumably a customer, asked on Facebook:

1. Why did it take so long for you to acknowledge and inform your customers that there was an issue? 2. Why is there no mention of the issue on your website or on Twitter?

Network Solutions’ Twitter account, which has one or two tweets a day, does not mention anything about the downtime until a July 17 posting saying the DDoS had been mitigated. As of right now, there’s no information on Network Solutions’ main support page about the downtime.


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