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  • GoDaddy gets patent for Geo Domain tool

    1. BY - Jul 17, 2013
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    First patent related to system for generating geo domain names is granted.

    Back in 2009 GoDaddy released a geo domain tool that allowed you to find domain names specific to a location, e.g.

    Last year I reported that GoDaddy filed three patent applications related to the tool.

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has now granted a patent to GoDaddy covering the technology.

    U.S. patent 8,489,746 is titled “Systems for suggesting domain names from a geographic location data”. It was originally filed as “Suggesting Domain Names from a GPS Location”.

    You can view the patent here (pdf).

    Inventors listed on the patent include Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum and a former GoDaddy employee, Paul Nicks, current Director of Product Development for GoDaddy, and Robert Bacus.

    Of the other two patents filed in conjunction with this one, one is facing a final rejection notice and the other is still pending.

    The Geo Domain tool is still online at

  • Robert Bacus being the lead developer that put together what I think is still a very cool (if also very niche) tool.

  • Well I just tried the tool for my own home town Montgomery (also the name of many geo localities across the USA) and nothing came up at all. I know that there are tons of domains for sale with the keyword “Montgomery” in it, so I am not impressed. Maybe I did something wrong, but if so, then it’s not very intuitive. Maybe it should be described in the patent application as ‚ÄúSystems for NOT suggesting domain names from a geographic location data.” But thanks as always for finding these stories Andrew, I knew nothing of this tool prior to your post.

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