[Updated] After 10 years, Johnson & Johnson goes after Johnsons.com domain name again

A decade after filing a UDRP for Johnsons.com, Johnson & Johnson files another UDRP.

Johnson & Johnson[Updated]Johnson & Johnson has filed a second UDRP for the domain name Johnsons.com, which was registered way back in 1997.

[Update] This is not the first time Johnson & Johnson has gone after the domain name. It filed a UDRP in 2003 and lost on the grounds that the domain name was not registered in bad faith.

Although technically the name of the registrant has changed since early on, it’s clear from the administrative contact that the domain name has really been owned by the same person since at least 2001. That’s the oldest historical whois record available at DomainTools for this domain.

So why is Johnson & Johnson suddenly going after this domain after 16 yearsa decade after it first filed a UDRP against it?

The domain name has been parked over its history, and often showed ads related to Johnson & Johnson baby products. Its nameservers point to TrafficClub, the domain parking service originally created by Moniker and shut down by Oversee.net. TrafficClub nameservers stopped working at least a year ago, so the domain name doesn’t resolve anymore.

The company does have a brand called Johnson’s which is uses for its baby products. It uses JohnsonsBaby.com for that brand. The company does not own Johnson.com. That domain is owned by Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., which has a brand called Johnson.

A Domain Name Wire reader pointed out that Johnson & Johnson also lost a case for the generic Tucks.com, a case filed about a decade after the domain was registered.


  1. Donny says

    Yeah not going to happen. Laches, then you have multiple companies johnson controls etc…IF they do win then john sons press can go after them. To many johns in the bathroom.

    It will just make them look bad.. What about presidents family named johnson.

    List goes on. No right will exist and they will look bad as a company..

    Let me think did they not try this once before…lol

    Problem is they can’t say it was registered in bad faith and it looks like it has never had any ads dealing with JJ so case is closed.


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