Ingenious? Network Solution offers Expiration Protection.

Company charges $9.99 to renew your domain name for another year in case you forget.

As points out frequently on its investor conference calls, it believes that it has room to grow its cross selling activities to existing customers.

This latest sales pitch gave me a good laugh.

Network Solutions (owned by is offering its customers “Domain Expiration Protection”, which makes sure your domain doesn’t expire for a least a year if they can’t auto charge your credit card:

When your domain expires, you risk losing it. Domain Expiration Protection will keep your domain safe for up to one year, if we cannot charge your credit card or you are unable to renew on time

The cost? $9.99.

In other words, Network Solutions will charge you for a renewal today, and only give it to you if you fail to renew your domain for some reason.

To be fair, Network Solutions’ regular price is $34.99. It’s not like they’re charging you “full price” for a renewal to get this protection. If one of my registrars tried to charge $9.99 for this service, they’d be charging me more than my typical renewal fee.



  1. Wayne Kessler says

    You sure this is a renewal? It looks to me like you can still control your domain but I don’t see any assurance that the domain actually works.

      • says

        It’s actually just a service preventing it from expiring. The domain does not show a website or anything, but it prevents any extra fees like redemption or the chance of losing the domain before you renew it if you might miss that renewal.

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