Wanna lawsuit? WannaDo battles WannaDo in court, claims cybersquatting

App creator sues event ticketing site over Wannado name and domain name.

Two businesses offer relatively similar services at a about the same time and use the same name: WannaDo. One secures the best domain name for the service.

Wanna bet that results in a lawsuit? Yep.

Wannado, Inc. has sued The Active Network, Inc over its use of the Wannado name and Wannado.com.

The plaintiff is a Tennessee corporation that offers an app on the iTunes store. The Wannado app provides information about local events and is currently limited to Nashville.

The defendant is a Delaware corporation that appears to be based in San Diego but has offices all over the world, including in Nashville.

The Active Network launched an event ticketing service on Wannado.com in February of this year after acquiring the Wannado.com domain name. Now if you search for “Wannado” on Google, Active Network’s site comes up first. The plaintiff’s domain name is the inferior WannadoLocal.com.

Wannado, Inc. says that The Active Network is violating its federally registered Wannado trademark and is cybersquatting on the Wannado.com domain name.

You can read the lawsuit here (pdf).

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